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  1. You're absolutely right - hopefully they're developing the tech in such a way that it can be implemented into the AI more wiely. AI air-to-air and air-to-ground spotting based on the criteria outlined in the newsletter would truly make it 'game-changing'.
  2. The news on George/Petrovich target ID is fantastic, especially that it's more in depth than merely instant identification Does this line "the presence of the vehicles in a coalition" mean that if there are also, for example, T-72s in your coalition and also the enemy coalition then it will take longer to ID them? Sounds awesome if so!
  3. You know Razbam isn't making the F-4... right?
  4. What does "reverse engineering" mean in this context? Did Heatblur/True Grit steal one from the Luftwaffe and break it apart for analysis?
  5. I've lost count of how many threads there are asking about this. Don't take this personally or anything, but there have genuinely been quite a few over the last few months, and they contain all the answers you need. Just to get it out of the way, though... - At present, no, he doesn't scan independently. But it is planned (and Petrovich will also receive this upgrade). No details on how it will be implemented, or if we will be able to fine-tune his scanning, just 'it's planned'. - The interior animations will also come later. Edit: The main thread about this is literally seven threads below this, here:
  6. I can't see us getting a direct answer on this - despite how important it is. I think the damage thing... well, I hope that will be dealt with when their new damage modelling system is transferred to the modern aircraft. But the AI accuracy, I mean it's being brought up all the time. I have to assume that the guys at ED play the same sim as the rest of us and are therefore equally aware of its limitations. I've been finding it much more noticeable with the time spent in the Apache this year. As you say, it's hard to explain BMP-1s, let alone -2s or -3s, having that sort of accuracy. I personally despise ZU-23's more than almost anything in DCS. They're notorious inaccurate in reality - but essentially a precision weapon here. I've said it before, and I'll say it yet again - these kinds of things need to be worked out before the dynamic campaign is released. Or it's just going to be a fancy version of the Liberation mod; ie: fun for a while, but increasingly frustrating to try and get the AI to do what you want it to do.
  7. A decent attempt at necroing there
  8. LooseSeal

    ATT Hold

    Yes, I find that if I can get to below 4kts and well trimmed out, then engage it - it will hold an almost exact hover. Even more than that, I can increase and decrease collective and adjust altitude and barely need to touch the controls. Even the pedals! So when we get full functionality along with altitude hold, etc, it's going to make things much easier indeed.
  9. I've originally tried with Casmo's advice on how to do a return to target maneuver with the Hind - and in the Hind it works perfectly. He says not to touch the collective at all while doing it, and no problem. And yet doing the same procedure in the AH-64, it just tries to kill me on the way down. So I'll try your technique. I'm surprised nobody has made a video demonstrating these things yet. Barrel rolls may be 'cosmetic', but return to target would be genuinely useful.
  10. It could be a LOS issue, but we would need a screenshot or track file to judge. Tonight I had him lock a target that was just the other side of a mountain peak - I don't know why he even locked the target, but he wouldn't fire the missile because he couldn't see him - despite saying "engaging". Did you have the VID page up so you could see whether he actually had LOS? George is definitely finicky, but he does usually have some reason for not firing.
  11. I'll have to try this next time. I ended up uninstalling the Marianas and half a dozen modules when the AH-64 came out because I couldn't update (despite having something like 80gb free!). So frustrating.
  12. It's been a year and a quarter since we'd last heard anything? You get the impression there's a blocker or just something not going to plan with it. I'm not convinced the "Dynamic Mission" thing seen in Wags videos has anything to do with the dynamic campaign. Why would it be buried in the ME? Wouldn't it have its own section on the main menu? "Dynamic Mission" sounds more like a one time thing, not a continuous campaign. Hopefully I'm wrong, but 16 months is a fairly long time to wait for an update.
  13. Honestly, this is a fairly frequent question. Answer here:
  14. I'd love ED to do the UH-60, and different variants thereof (MH-60L, please!). It's the one utility helo I want, with the Chinook a close second. ED have said there's another helicopter "in the pipeline", and maybe with dynamic campaign coming a focus on modules with a logistics capability could make sense for them?
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