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  1. Can't fly my modules offline Why can't I fly my modules when I want to fly offline in singleplayer? Knowing that this sim is made for people who mostly play singleplayer and most singleplayer games/sims can be played offline, somehow this thing tells me that I don't really own the modules if I don't log in, which makes it somehow like a cloud gaming thing. I remember flying in singleplayer even if you are offline, now you totally took the modules away if one plays offline. What would happen if your servers fail or you simply decide not to keep the servers alive due to unexpected/expected reasons? Do I even own my modules this way?
  2. Since I am the owner of my account and the keys of the modules, am I allowed to sell it completely, together with the separate email used for it?
  3. 2020 and up, taking into account that a single weapon can't be completed in 4-5 months.
  4. +1 This should have been implemented years ago. Like, its just voice communication. Meanwhile, a guy has done something what ED clearly didn't want to.
  5. After loading into the server and being able to scroll the plane list. dcs.log-20181025-153613.zip dcs.log-20181025-160735.zip
  6. It's in early access, please don't expect any updates. You got wings, a hook and landing gears, what else do you want in early access?
  7. Just tested it, ver 22877 and everything works fine. A\G mode, Gun CCIP.
  8. There is a thread that I have red a couple of months ago, addressing the same issue with the TGP.
  9. Just make the weapons not collide with trees and problem solved.
  10. Add deadzone to roll axis, it is simply too sensitive.
  11. You get 2 versions. Latest plane by ED, which in its current state is worth not more than 30$ is sold for 80$. Unlike the F-18C, F-14B will come with pretty much all the weapons and systems. I am sure all future modules (jets and helis) will cost the same, 80$. As long as they most of the systems and weapons, pre-order is fine.
  12. What is the point of the poll then? Can customers get what the want? Don't wanna derail this topic.
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