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  1. Did you read what you just wrote?
  2. This issue has been going on for a couple of months now. Everytime I try to join a server with more than 3 people, my game crashes or times out and, if Im streaming on twitch, my PC just restarts. This issue probably does not have anything to do with hardware since I am running a nice rig. Can someone please help me? Thanks :)
  3. "Bad" is a really relative term to use. I can manage to get quite a bit of AA kills with the harrier and Im not that good so try training a bit more.
  4. Practise Practise Practise. Thats it. If you are not good at maintaining speed and altitude try to fly really near the refueler maintaining a relative speed of 0 between each other. Do 3 flights a day and in a week you will be able to do it.
  5. It is better to invest time and effort on 1 clickable aircraft than in 4 FC3. Change my mind!
  6. I have a very good performance with 16GB, gtx980TI FTW and i7. I get about 120 fps. It all depends on the other componets of your pc
  7. I think its allways better to invest time on clicable...
  8. Please specify weight l, runway and fpm
  9. Happens to me on harrier. I think that its normal
  10. With the f-18, f14 and f-4 its not happening soon. Fc3 are allways easy to fly but mans fly clicable :p
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