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  1. Is there a way (yet) to output to the intercom?
  2. https://github.com/birgersp/dcs-gws/tree/master/docs
  3. Love the rewrite here @gromit190As a feature request, I'd like to have the possibility to execute a user-defined function upon the task group/force's arrival at their assigned destination.
  4. Yes, that's the destination assigned to the TF. Time between advancement or repositions. You should really read the manual. All this stuff is described in detail inside it.
  5. I agree that the Mi-24 isn't intended to be an Eastern bookend for the 64. We're positioning the Mi-24P as a CAS platform in BSD. It's of course great at other mission roles as well, but nothing comes close to the Mi-24 for CAS. There's lots of stuff the AH-64 can do that the Mi-24 just can't, but when it comes to CAS, the Mi-24 is just way out front in every regard.
  6. After tackling TROOPS IN CONTACT! it's time to go after convoys. This script puts troops into selected vehicles in your convoys, and when engaged, they will get out and fight back. Example: First release published on github. Full instructions, the script, a static template and an example mission to which you can add your own aircraft, configured as you deem appropriate. https://github.com/Fargo007/TROOP-TRANSPORTS
  7. For me, noticeably better. It's superior in frame rate by a decent bit. Reverb G1, 2080ti. And I only fly RW so we get kicked in the balls on this the most. But this owes a bit to the fact that it's a mostly unpopulated area so you're not flying over dense, huge cities.
  8. That was just the artillery but I got the original, thank you. They do fire when modified as you have shown. What they don't appear to do is detect newly spawned assets, until they either move or fire. Still experimenting.
  9. Can you link please to the one you have that still works? The one we were using most certainly doesn't anymore.
  10. You have an old template that doesn't include the HMMWV tow unit, which needs to be named TRACERMARK.
  11. We had a great one that worked well up until an update broke it entirely. It appears ED changed how infantry works such that they can no longer rotate (e.g. a turret) These made the Huey and Mi-8 absolutely lethal, as they could set ambushes up for armor columns where the TOW teams would smoke-check the armor as soon as they came over a hill.
  12. Sorry about that, I didn't realize they were in there. southatlantic-TROOPSINCONTACT-nomods.miz
  13. Here ya go. There are a lot of helicopters there so you can either modify them to suit or delete them and just add your own. southatlantic-TROOPSINCONTACT.miz
  14. I'm loving it so far, knowing it's in an initial release condition. There's so much potential here, but it's a great and needed departure from what we've got so far. Bravos to the team that worked so hard on this. Your work is very much appreciated.
  15. I've actually already done it. I will neaten it up and post it here if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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