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  1. Hi, I've seen the runway coordinates happen when the TDC axis is noisy. Basically the game is seeing the TDC "move" and then moving the waypoint. This can be fixed by adding a small deadzone to the TDC axes.
  2. From what I've heard the SC comms weren't supposed to be on the Tarawa, but they snuck through. Hence them being removed, it's a shame. It was nice to have some relevant communication. I agree that a more basic comms interaction would be nice to have, than the current ATC comms which are useless.
  3. i think the helo escort ones are the default, unless they've been removed.
  4. This would be an excellent feature. Good catch Swift!
  5. With Tacan boxed you can set up an offset by clicking TO/S on the right hand side of the MPCD EHSD. Then on the UFC enter a BRG - bearing in degrees Then a range in nautical Miles. You will now have a TACAN offset set up, it should a appear like a tacan beacon symbol on the EHSD with a few bits missing at the "points". (sorry if you already knew that bit, just trying to be helpful) If you were doing a CASE 2/3 you could set up your radial relative to the ship using the TACAN offset. You could use it for marking the initial for an overhead break. For marking 7DME or whatever after take off. A radial to fly away from the boat in CASE 2/3 launches.
  6. No sure if this is a bug, but when you set up A2A TACAN with a wingman and then go into the tactical phase of flight. When entering A2A or A2G modes the TACAN distance is removed from the EHSD, therefore negating the point of setting up to A2A TACAN for TACFORM type stuff. Might be something worth asking of an SME for clarification?
  7. When you have OL2 boxed in EHSD to show you waypoint flow and have the MPCD in "night" mode the sequence line is still really bright. Same is also present when the courseline is enabled for tacan/waypoint/targetpoint etc. in night mode
  8. Hi guys, When using GBU-12s or MK20s if you select the FUZE option on the ODU then press FUZE again to cycle back to INTV/MULT/QTY etc it doesn't cycle back but stays on the last fuzing optional page. Seems like a frivolous bug, but it can be a quite annoying in the right situations. Regards, Atomic.
  9. I've had this issue, specifically when using the HOTAS TPOD shortcuts. I've spoken to TeaCypher about it and he has been unable to reproduce so there must be some other funky stuff going on. I'll try and get a short track sometime. My mode of action was : using SSS to switch between CCD/FLIR in TPOD mode.
  10. Hiya, It's a known bug, if you use the tpod-HOTAS commands like SSS-left, -right etc it works.
  11. Hello, I was doing a VL on the LHA, HUD in VSTOL mode, the H2O switch was in the Landing poisition, the H2O light was on the righthand ODU and water was being used, but I saw no indication in the HUD of water being used. Usually I'd expect something to be hexagon'd (either J or R) and a "W" to be in the bottom left hand corner of the HUD. Maybe this is a separate bug, as intended or related?
  12. Hi all, So last night me and a buddy were doing CASE 3 approaches on the LHA, he kept telling me my lights were on even though the master switch was in the OFF position. After some trouble shooting we found that the AUX like on the nose gear remains on with master switch in OFF position. I don't know if this is a bug, feature. Kind Regards, Atomic.
  13. I've also had this. Thought it was just me. Was looking forward to binding encoders to it.
  14. Hi Windows Defender just tried to quarantine this file (attached screenshot). Don't know whether to let it or not. Cheers, Atomic
  15. Hello, The FFAR rockets attached to the jet in mission 1 are no longer usable to the harrier, although they spawn in they do not appear on the stores page and are not selectable via OSBs. You are probably already aware of this, but I thought it would be worth noting anyway. Keep up the good work!
  16. Thanks for creating such a fun campaign. Currently on Mission 7 - having fun figuring out how to accomplish the task. Regards, Atomic
  17. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to have a look. I've opted for a full re-install as the errors seem to be growing. Hopefully it fives it. Regards, Atomic
  18. Hi I built a mission in the editor. Fairly simple triggers that I want to test. When I try and fly it from ME, or the missions menu it CTDs me. I had a look at the logs, but I don't really know what I'm looking at/for. I've upload the miz file and the crash dump if someone could have a look for me. Many Thanks , Atomic. Bosnia CSAR v0.1.miz dcs.log-20200920-152831.zip
  19. Seen this also. Thought I was going bonkers
  20. Hi Flappie, Thank you for taking a look for me. I've also experienced it on and off with the caucasus, but reinstalling that map isn't an option unfortunately without reinstalling the whole game. My game install is on a separate SSD to my windows install, but all in the same tower, on the same motherboard. Since this latest update my memory usage is way up so maybe it's something to do with that. I'm running an i5 7600k (stock clock), 32GB 3000mhz ram, 1070ti, DCS on SSD. Should I delete the Zlib file and do a repair? Or am I going to end up with a completely broken install. Thanks, JackHammer
  21. uninstalling and reinstalling the PG map via module manager seems to have fixed it.
  22. Hi I keep getting a crash to desktop when loading into PG missions. Tried MP, instant action and it crashes when the loading bar gets to persiangulf.ng5 or something. Log file attached. I'm going to try and uninstall and reinstall PG to see if that helps. Peace out. Atomic dcs.log-20200820-195332.zip
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