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  1. I have the Wacom Intus and I can't get the pen to write I can use mouse to write when on desktop but, at no time will pen work VR or desktop anyone got any suggestions
  2. When I use the 64 in the front seat the George AI interface is to low in fact the entire HDMY is to low i just see a bit of it. I had the same issue with HMD in the 60 but by changing a line (6) i was able to move it up to center of my view as seen below. Is there a way to do this in the 64
  3. I know the C-130 is not an official mod but, I really like flying it so, does anyone know if the Logitech Pro yoke will work with DCS
  4. Leap Motion : Any one have issue with no hand tracking in DCS Leap Motion says it it installed and working properly as I have it but, with the Aero and DCS there are no hands showing and does not work. I have the Special option for Leap Motion checked and nothing
  5. I have the same issue but in revers. I use the Varjo Aero and the IHADSS is low and the George AI I can read at all its so low when in the front seat. I need to grab headset and force tilt it down to see it at all right eye or both eyes
  6. Just saw a post in the Varjo discord that this is the line to use "D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe" --force_steam_VR and it worked for me not the one BIGNEWY posted
  7. Target is "D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe" --force_enable_VR --force_varjo_VR Start in is "D:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta" These are the lines in the shortcut
  8. I have exactly like you show even re pasted it from ur post with same results
  9. does not work for me get this error when I try This is what I see when I go to properties
  10. Had to reinstall Wacom and VRK and know it does not write I see the + but nothing when I try o write ??
  11. Will they work with VPC ACE Interceptor Pedals if yes I would like to order the dampener please send the info thanks
  12. Can someone tell me how in VR you can get it so when you move the gun you can stay behind it. As it is now the gun traverses properly but you sty in the same position not following the gun Thanks
  13. logged into fly the Argo mission and when I got to Batumi the C-130 was not parked next to the crowd it was by bldg. to the right of the crowed. There were AH64 were it should have been and I could not get the trigger to work on loading the VIP? Bug or do I need to redownload the campaign
  14. Found it I had it as eagle dynamics should have expanded that to DCS open beta thanks. Is there a way to uninstall and do a clean reinstall
  15. I installed and set the paths properly but there is no build version nor can I select one
  16. I am extremely bad with computers and changing things so on fear of getting the (what a dolt treatment) I have OvGME how to I make this to work with it
  17. I am making progress I can final load mission but what does this mean
  18. When I load DCS it gets stuck on this screen and just started to-night log is included dcs.log
  19. Same issue stuck on the opening screen with the clouds dcs.log
  20. When Im down laod i then Copy and paste tech to Users/UserName/saved games/ Dcs.openbeta /Mods/ » folder : and it looks nothing like the file tree shown in read me When I open the mods folder it looks completely different
  21. I used a set of the Logitech pro for the 18 and other fixed wing no issues but I now only fly choppers and not the best for the so I will be selling them
  22. Does any one use leap motion in DCS id so how does it work https://www.ultraleap.com/
  23. Its defiantly you. I use a warthog stick and have no issues flying and I use no curves, as to the Multi crew that's not an issue with PC it's ED that broke the code. One thing to check on your cyclic settings is that you do not have any form of force feed back on
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