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  1. Trim still wroks fine here. I tried the instant action cold start mission, using manual startup and autostart. No issues with trim. Someone else needs to verify this using a non forcefeedback stick.
  2. I come back here to correct myself from the post i wrote before. It's one thing to be 'the wise guy' and writing how it should be done, but actually showing how to do it is another thing. This time i have tracks . I fired up DCS and shot some approaches. So before someone starts accusing me of spreading missinformation, here are my final remarks: 1st of all when passing the inner marker at 12 units of AoA you need to decrease speed (320 to 290) and terminate descent to get just above runway without touching down. AoA in this phase goes from 12 to 15-18 units (sometimes up to 20) and should be held there untill mainwheel touchdown. There is no tailstrike danger - i believe that happens at 25 or so (did not test) but 20 AoA is still very safe. Cutting power to idle is not necessary when mainwheels are still in the air, but right after touchdown (easier to keep NW in air, you loose some runway length tho). Next thing is aerobraking. Most effective when holding 20 AoA after main wheels touchdown. The nosewheel will drop down itself without adjusting the stick back to neutral. Place it there only after all 3 wheels are on the ground. That happens at around 200 kph. You can force it even lower (in the 180 range), with more progressive back stick pull to maximum - movement of the elevator must be carefully synchronized with nosewheel droping down in the deceleration process on main wheels. 6 tracks attached (checked that they're not corrupted). MiG is loaded with full cannon ammo (for roll stability), fuel at touchdown is 600-700 L, brake parachute was not used. All landings made at Nalchik airport, 3 in calm condition without winds and 3 with extreme crosswind and added turbulence. Made in DCS Open Beta version I hope this helps anyone. MiG-21-landing-1.trk MiG-21-landing-2.trk MiG-21-landing-3.trk MiG-21-Xwind-landing-1.trk MiG-21-Xwind-landing-2.trk MiG-21-Xwind-landing-3.trk
  3. It is absolutely possible to do it every time, but you need to understand why it is a hard thing to do. There are a couple of things to consider: 1st: main landing gear of MiG-21 is positioned way back on the airframe, behind center of gravity of the plane. So when you touchdown and the main wheel tires make contact on ground, there is some friction force. Combined with gravity force / vertical descent rate on touchdown, the result is the whole aircraft wants to 'trip forward' and slam the forward wheel on the ground. 2nd: the plane must be flown by the book! It is one of the hardest aircraft to master and its no wonder they only allowed the elite pilots of all military pilots to fly it because it can easily get ahead of you. What i am trying to say is dont exceed maximum landing weight. 800L maximum fuel without stores is the limit for landing. Not only there is danger that the tires may blow but the added above maximum weight is problematic - described in 1st point. So how do you do it then? Well once you practice enough it becomes easy. I usualy do the standard approach, established on final leg at 370 kph, about 320 kph / 80m altitude crossing inner beacon keeping about 12 units of AoA on indicator, slowing down to 280-290 when coming above runway, establish level flight 1m above runway, keeping 280kph and 12 units of AoA and then cutting the throttle to idle. At the moment the main wheels touch the ground i pull on the stick and keep the nose up (about 10 AoA) untill 240 kph and then slowly stop the pull and bring the stick to center to let the nosewheel settle on the ground. If i slam the NW at touchdown on the ground i consider it a bad landing. The key is good throttle control to keep correct speed and AoA and to establish a 0m/s descent rate 1m above RW just before touchdown. Practice makes perfect. To end this wall of text, here is a link to a short video of polish MiG-21's landing on a highway (i believe it's from a polish movie: Between earth and sky): Well, they're not the bis version so i dont think they have SPS installed but in principle its the same. Note the elevator movement - the impulsive pull on the stick on touchdown, and not even they can keep the nosewheel in the air everytime. Happy MiG-21 landings fellow virtual pilots. :joystick::book: :)
  4. Thanks for the replies Hope this bug gets fixed soon as it makes one of my favourite modules unflyable. If that happens well before the next beta update, i hope you offer the fix here on forum - like a file download and manual replacement (if it's possible).
  5. All force feedback effects seem to be missing since updating to the latest open beta version. I have tried the default keymapping for FFB on/off (Ralt+Rshift+J), but still nothing - no center force, no FFB trim. Tested only in multiplayer & cold start so far. Other modules work fine. Can anyone else confirm this ?
  6. Same problem here. If i bypass the login and go offline it loads up without problems. dcs.log-20200220-193435.zip
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