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  1. By popular demand, this could be huge for VR
  2. could you guys increment the range of visibility of fires? specially at nights
  3. As the question said, are the maverick D working correctly on 2.7 version? I find that in the currently implementation it is very difficult to lock targets specially moving targets. Thanks.
  4. yeah, definitely, this is why it is the most exported plane ever.
  5. I was thinking in buy one but after this, I will wait for a fix.
  6. do you know if the wheel input is analog or encoders? what happens when you pressed two buttons at the same time? could you dim the backlite ? Thanks.
  7. Icebeat

    ORION! Pics

    throttle without detent?
  8. HP has licensed Valve lenses but Valve lenses are significantly bigger and are canted outwards by 5-degrees
  9. The thing is, The Valve's Index doesn't have this problem, the Image consistency is the same across the screen. I think they are only using valve speaker but not the lenses.
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