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  1. it has 14 metoer! ef2000 could really carry so many missle?
  2. if you want to be familiar with the battle method of ef2000,i think jf17 and f16 are good,jf17 and ef2000 all need higher altitude to get more shoot range, f16 tell you how to drive in bvr battle
  3. Will we get one boost-up button?
  4. holy shit, i love it!although i'm chinese,but,forget j-10ce and pl15,pick ef2000!
  5. nthere


    because ed pursue so-call "reality”
  6. thanks your work!it can provide a version of non-air-refuel model?
  7. Now Viper only can have 6 120c,it is not enought
  8. angbody want to agm158 back?compare with jf17,i feel 16 need to call back his attractive!!!
  9. and tws exist bug,some time will display wrong position on HUD,and seem like not coherent,it often miss target compare with 15c's tws,and 16c's stt not acuracy as 18,it is weird
  10. 120c disappear after shoot 4sec is normal?
  11. I have 2 version DCS,steam and standalone,but standalone version can not update , i try to use powershell and update icon in start menu,all is useless,it tell me version 384 is updated,but it is wrong,i move all doc from d disk to e disk,it just work well once,and then ,not work well anymore.somebody can help me?
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