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  1. Squadron: [GRC] Grim Reapers Competitive Timezone: 17:00z - 21:00z Maps: PG, Caucasus, Syria, South Atlantic
  2. ODDBALL By Bear Inspired by the Halo game mode, this is my interpretation of it for DCS. Objective: Score more points than your opposition in two 12 minute halves and have fun with 2 fox2’s and guns. The Match: The 1st Half begins 3 minutes after the mission loads or sooner if both teams indicate they are ready using the F10 radio options. Each half is 12 minutes long and no points are earned after the first half horn or fulltime sound. Halftime statistics are shown for 1 minute before the server automatically loads the next half. The 2nd half begins 1 minute after mission load. Teams remain on the same Coalition for both the first half and the second half. The airbases change between halves. Scoring: Taking off before the round starts will give 100pts to the opposing team per illegal takeoff. Killing an enemy aircraft in the Scoring Zone (SZ) earns 5pts for your team. Fratricide will deduct 10pts from your team score. Getting the first kill in a half will make you the Ball Carrier. You will trail coalition colour smoke as the Ball Carrier. Killing the enemy Ball Carrier makes you the new Ball Carrier. The Ball Carrier will also earn points the longer they are in possession of it and dependant on where they are in the Scoring Zone. 10pts is added to the Team with the Ball every time the Scoring Bar is filled. The High Scoring Zone (HSZ) is centred on Bulls/WP3 and is where the Ball Carrier earns points the quickest. There is Black Smoke indicating the centre of the Scoring Zone starting when the round is active. The Warning Zone (WZ) is the band on the outside of the Scoring Zone and the Ball Carrier earns points much slower. In the event that the scores are tied at the end of Full Time, the first legitimate kill in the first half will determine the winner of that match. Limitations for Ball Carrier: There is a Hard Ceiling of 20000feet MSL. Breaking the ceiling as the Ball Carrier will Reset the Ball. The Ball Carrier will get a notification message when they are in the High Scoring Zone or when they enter the Warning Zone. Flying outside the Scoring Zone as the Ball Carrier will Reset the Ball. Firing a Missile as the Ball Carrier will Drop the Ball. Limitations for All: Firing a Missile from outside the Scoring Zone or anywhere above the Hard Ceiling will self-destruct the Missile and may cause damage to your own aircraft. Landing in the Scoring Zone will explode your aircraft. Use of Jammers is prohibited. Ball Available/Ball Reset/Dropped Ball: The ball becomes available when it is Reset or Dropped or the Ball Carrier crashes or ejects. The player who gets the next legitimate kill becomes the new Ball Carrier. Spawns/Repawns: All aircraft are hotstarted and ready to go. Pilots do not have the ability to rearm, refuel, change tail number or change skins. On spawn, look to the short side of the runway before taxiing forward and taking off down the middle to avoid potentially crashing into a spawning teammate. Players may respawn. Players may change aircraft types at their own discretion. Aircraft Available per Side: 4* F-16CM bl.50 (2* Aim 9-M) 4* F/A18C Lot 20 (2* Aim 9-M) 4* JF-17 (2* PL-5EII) 4* F-14B (2* Aim 9-M) 4* M2000c (2* Matra Magic II, Eclair M 6/0) 2* AV-8B N/A (2* Aim 9-M, Gunpod) 2* AJS37 (2* Rb-74, Gunpod, Dispenser Pod) 2* F-5E-3 (2* Aim 9P5) 2* A-10C II (2* Aim 9-M) 2* MiG-21 Bis (2* R-60M, Countermeasures Pod) The number of aircraft are deliberate to ensure diversity and Broad-Based Aircraft Economic Empowerment Skin Packs: High visibility skins have been made specifically for Oddball. Although not a requirement, they are highly recommended. All aircraft have these skins on them and if you do not have them installed you will not see them. HighViz Red and Blue Skinpack-I: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321797/ HighViz Red and Blue Skinpack-II: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321798/ The Oddball 6v6 Event: Razbam, DCS World Events and Bear proudly invite you and your team to take part in the first event. Event will take place on the 9th July 2022 between 17:00 and 21:30 GMT. Briefing at 16:15 GMT. All matches will be run on the latest DCS World Open Beta with the Caucasus map. A Double Elimination with ‘if match’ competition ensures all teams get at least 2 matches each. The ‘if match’ will only be played if a team that reaches the Finals without any losses, loses that match. The 1st Placed team will receive 6x South Atlantic Maps for DCS and get to play in an Exhibition match against a special Razbam Team the weekend following this event on the South Atlantic map. Every match takes 30minutes (24mins flying time), with a 10-15minute break between each round. As the tournament progresses, there may be longer waiting times between rounds. Insufficient players in a match will not delay the match starting time, a team no show by 1st round start is a forfeit. Multiple practice servers running Oddball will be available for 1 week leading up to the event and on request. All matches will be played on DCS World Events servers located in Germany. Servers have a max ping of 350. Teams may only have 6 players join the server during a match, RIOs count as players. Players may only play on 1 Team and may not join a different team if their team is eliminated. Players may not share DCS Accounts and trial aircraft are not allowed. Breaking rules, unsportsmanlike conduct or cheating may lead to disqualification. Organisers decisions are final. Prizes are not exchangeable. The winning team captain shall PM the organiser with their list of their six chosen non Steam user accounts and corresponding email addresses to receive the South Atlantic Map. Players banned or blocked may not take part in this event. Depending on the number of teams signing up, teams will be randomly placed into a single Group or Multiple Groups. In the event of multiple groups, the winners of each group will play each other. A double ‘if match’ may apply here. We reserve the right to amend, add or remove certain rules prior to this event commencing via public notifications and the right to handle exceptions and unforeseen circumstances during the event if necessary. E&OE. Team Captains must be available on our Discord (https://discord.gg/47c6eMJg) during the event. The registration fee for this event is US$ 30.00 per Team of 6 players payable in advance via PayPal (Details sent to registered team Captains) Closing date for entries is 8th July 2022 at 23:00 GMT. Registration requires: Full Team Name: Eagle Dynamics Team Short Team Name: ED Team Captain: TheCaptain Captains Discord: TheCaptain#1234 We agree to the rules: Yes *Order of Events: 16:15 GMT Discord Briefing 16:20 GMT Live Team Draw for Groups, Matches and Schedule 16:30 GMT Questions and Answers 17:00 GMT Round 1 17:45 GMT Round 2 18:30 GMT Round 3 19:15 GMT Round 4 20:00 GMT Round 5 20:45 GMT The Final 21:30 GMT ‘if Match’ *Times may be adjusted depending on the number of Teams and Groups. Streaming: Information about streaming will go here, it's still being finalised. Conclusion: We expect respect, discipline and punctuality at all times. We look forward to bringing this event to you and trust you will enjoy it. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have.
  3. Squadron: [GRC] Grim Reapers Competitive Timezone: EU/US 1800-1900zulu Maps: All
  4. Leagues: 4v4 and 6v6 Squadron Name: [GRC] Grim Reapers Competitive Discord/Guilded: [GR] Bear#3251 / Bear Contact person: Bear
  5. GR Competitive Discord Contact: Bear Pilots: [GRC] Signore - USA [GRC] Penguin - UK [GRC] SeanB - USA [GRC] TRok - USA [GRC] JohnyyG - Germany Jets: F16,FA18,F14b
  6. Squadron: Grim Reapers Timezone: Sat/Sun 17-21z Aircraft: 14,16,17,18 Maps: All
  7. Did you find a solution? I have not had problems running a dedicated server until the last update and now I only see it on the LAN and there is no flag of my country on the list. Noone from outside can see it. My ip in the bottom corner shows as an ipv6.
  8. League: Gold Squadron Name: Grim Reapers Teamspeak/Discord: https://discord.gg/hYA3BN Contact person: [GR] Bear Aircraft Selection: J-11A, Su-27, F15C, F-16C, JF-17 Pilot Roster: [GR] Signore (gmt -7) [GR] Squirtle (gmt-5) [GR] Alomancy (BST) [GR] Bear (CET) [GR] Leighton (gmt -6) [GR] Kingston222 (BST)
  9. So I guess the only way I can solve it for now is to get a 64 btn card and assign discord stuff the the high numbers so there is no button conflicts, until discord sorts it out.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Turns out my issue is not with DCS but actually discord and probably windows 10. My assignments in DCS are not the conflict. Essentially, if I assign Btn 5 of the Button Box to PTT in Discord, when I press Btn 5 of the throttle quadrant, it also activates PTT. Same allies to Toggle Mute. Changing the buttons on the button box always finds the same button on the throttle.
  11. Maybe theres an easy solution, but Ive not come across a solution yet. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle and Stick, Saitech rudder pedals, 2 Thrustmaster MFDs and a Leo Bodnar custom button box with 18 of the 32 possible buttons assigned. The problem Im having is that for example Btn 8 on custom box is the same as Btn 8 on the Throttle quadrant. There is a conflict with some of the buttons, but not all of the buttons. Changing usb ports doesnt remove the problem. Am I missing something simple? Any idea on how I can fix this?
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