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  1. Thanks a lot, this is nice website, I ordered it with AirStrike Vietnam i do have the manuals, definitely you will need hundred more documents for simulating it, regarding the sensors, aerodynamic, variants ...
  2. nah, thats really not work as mission creation, its jus a nice mission planning tools, you need to have access to triggers an ... I really love the idea, it is a looooong time i feel the need
  3. May be considering VR ? the new pimax is a good choice with upcomming nvidia 4000 series
  4. I feel you, I am on same concept, and try to do the same with every single module I am flying with, try my best to simulate a battle from date of mission, weapons to the weather (if I can find info). Wikipedia is not reliable source and usually have some errors, however it can be a good start to find other resources and links, if you can conduct a research on every single smart weapons in regards to find Jordanian inventory, you may find your answer
  5. Is there any possibilities for Tiger to receive Firebombs after Hornet in the new Tiger's update ?
  6. It is working fine now, I believe the last update fixed it
  7. I am not sure if HB can/willing to answer to this question now, but I like to ask if we will get the below weapons: AGM-62 Walleye AGM-45 Shrike AGM-78 Standard CBU-87 and CBU-89 Napalm Thanks
  8. Sorry, I was wrong, I guess I read it somewhere (maybe not), but the announcement mentioned only two variants of E and the trailer is base on E
  9. already announced as C,D and E , the E will release 1st, check the official announcement by HB
  10. Raviar

    UH-1 Venom

    where can I get these ?
  11. so i am not aware of it, thanks, how can you cycle through different contacts ? lets say we are flying in two ships tomcat with jester, we have 4 bandits infront in box formation with 10 miles range between 1 and 3, and we want to attack to the trailer group (3 and 4), how can I command Jester to STT lock or priority designate on TWS (hook) the trailer group not the 1st group? or lets say I am flying in port and my wingman is flying on starboard, and lets say jester in my AC lock on bandit on starboard while I need him to lock on bandit on port. how can I command jester to change that ? Thanks
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