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  1. First place to start is removing any mods you have installed (if any) and running a repair. If that fixes it and you do use Mods, then slowly reintroduce them until you get the issue again. That will help you track down the cause. If you prefer using mods while running DCS I would recommend a mod manager to avoid this issue in the future.
  2. If the stick works the same as the nub, try getting rid of the curves and adjust the y saturation on both axis' down to the 25-30 range and see how that feels.
  3. I'm with you Lurker. While I might eventually buy the F-4 somewhere down the line in the far future. I would have gladly bought an F-111 day one.
  4. Check to see if the historical filter is highlighted at the bottom of the editor screen. Looks like a clock. If it is and your mission date isn't set up for the time period it will block the tomcat from being available.
  5. I'll have to take your word for it then Grimes, but I distinctly remember this being an option usable for aircraft. I used it all the time, specifically to avoid having to use triggers for something as easy as a start time for a group or single aircraft without it magicking itself into existence. I guess i'll just have to accept the extra headache involved in dealing with triggers. Thx.
  6. When did that change? Aircraft used to have the same option. It was so much easier to set a start time and click a check box than messing around with triggers. Very disappointed if that was removed. It complicates things way more than needed.
  7. Where has this option gone? My airfields are starting to look mighty sparse until everyone teleports into existence...
  8. I can't remember their exact names right now but there is a "general" blue and red coalition that do exactly this. Combined Task Force Red and Blue I believe. Should include all assets currently available in the sim.
  9. In this case no, It doesn't require any of the newer cards. That's the beauty of it. Since it's already pre-calculated it doesn't rely on real time ray tracing technology at all. It gives the look and feel of ray tracing without the performance overhead.
  10. The reflections are still there. ED introduced a new technology with the update to 2.7 called predictive ray tracing. It essentially allows the sim to pre calculate when a reflection should be shown based on a couple of different factors. So, no more permanent baked on reflections unless the right lighting conditions are met to allow the reflection to be seen.
  11. Rudder pedals are definitely not required. They are, however, highly recommended if you plan to put any large amount of time into helo's in DCS. They will save you some very sore wrists in the long run. If you decide to go that route, you don't really need anything fancy. I use a cheap pair of pedals from Thrustmaster and they get the job done. I think they cost me maybe $60.00 usd. Had them for years now.
  12. Purchased modules can only be transferred from Steam to standalone, not the other way around.
  13. They can be. Random failures are an option if one chooses to enable them. For the aircraft that have them you can even set the probability that the failure will occur. Even without them enabled, some people will still go thru the checklist and run checks because they like to simulate it. It's nice to see it work properly for those who decide to take the time to do so.
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