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  1. I have the F1, very happy with it so far. I find more modern jets to be really great weapon platforms that just happen to be in the air. The older jets give me a better sense that I'm actually flying.

    I gather that what we have with the F1 is a single "CE" model, with possibly another three varieties yet to come.

    Will each of these four need completely separate control Bindings? I guess nobody knows yet, but is there any precedence in other modules for shared control bindings between multiple varieties of a single module? All that comes to mind for me are the "general" controls (e.g. active pause), but they might be implemented differently than module-specific controls.

    (I know the JoyPro application can manage this kind of thing but it didn't "click" with my way of doing things)

  2. Yeah, I don't think there's a black&white objective answer to this question.


    For myself, I prefer the Hind. I find that with more modern airframes  (KA50 / F16/FA18) I find myself letting the aircraft fly itself while I spend my time with my head stuck in a set of MFDs. But with the Hind I spend more of my time flying. But that's just my preference.

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  3. Heh, interesting comments, thanks.


    It's a good point that the countries using an aircraft will generally have the labels in their native language, so to do otherwise is putting ourselves at a disadvantage. I'll certainly feel less guilty about that.


    And it looks like people are mixed on the question of HOTAS mappings. Vive la difference!


    I'll draw the line though at inverting the throttle of the F-14 throttle to match Top Gun. 😀



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  4. Just looking to get people's thought on realism, and to see if I'm an outlier...


    One of the strengths of DCS is the realism it reproduces. I like to keep flight models etc on high realism. But there are two particular areas where I sacrifice fidelity in order to make things easier jumping between modules.


    1. Cockpit languages. I don't know if the KA50 was ever produced with an English cockpit but I fly with one. The MiG-21 might have been, but I'd imagine not a lot. I don't fly often enough to remember what all the switches do in all modules, so I tend to revert to English cockpits].


    2. HOTAS controls. I keep controls consistent between my modules, rather than how each aircraft had its controls configured in reality. I'd never remember otherwise. So although it pains me, in the Hind I use the trigger for guns rather than to activate the microphone. Likewise, I always use the hat on the side of the stick for CMS, even though I know in the F/A-18 it's really used for weapon select (and I think sensor select in the Jeff?).


    So for people with many modules, do you do similar? As the number of modules grows, it becomes more and more necessary for me.


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  5. This is my favourite helicopter module. I can't say whether or not it's better made than the others, but I do think it's most fun.


    It's got the balance right for me - assisted aiming and enough firepower to rain hell on ground units. But my time is spent looking out the windscreen, not at a simulated screen/MFD.


    I was worried that I'd end up depending too much on the Operator (2nd guy), but in reality he seems to be mainly used for firing guided weapons. It still feels like I'm the one in control.


    The Hind is well recommended!

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  6. 2 hours ago, Blackeye said:


     Do you have FFB (force feedback) enabled in the (general) options?


    That's it!


    I had FFB enabled in the "Misc" settings, because I used to use a FFB stick from time to time. I haven't used it in many months.


    Disabling that option fixed trimming in the Hind. I don't know how you thought to suggest that.


    It's odd, I don't remember that option causing issues with any other modules. I wonder if it's something ED needs to correct in the Hind? Anyway, it's a quick and painless fix for the user.


    Thanks, I'm very grateful!!!

  7. Thanks Blackeye, that rules out a large number of potential sources of errors.


    When I press the trimmer button on my HOTAS (or "T" on the keyboard) I see the trimmer button on the left side of the Hind's cyclic being depressed. I assume that means the control mapping works.


    I liked Grennymaster's thought that there may be an "always on" control mapped to "reset trimmer". I don't think that's the case here (I unmapped all control mappings for "reset trimmer"), but it may be something similar that's causing problems.

  8. all Good suggestions, thanks. But no luck.


    I unbound the "trim reset" control, set the trimmer mode in the "special" screen to the second one, and made sure the 3 stability buttons (Yaw, Roll, Pitch) were on/green.


    The results were the same as in the track/video above. No trimming.



  9. Hi,


    I'm feeling a bit stupid here. I have the latest DCS Openbeta, version

    HOTAS springs so it centers

    In DCS "Special" options - trimmer mode set to "Default" (see attached image).


    I can see the trimmer control mapping is correct - when I depress it, the on-screen trimmer button on the stick depresses. I also tried using the "T" key, the results are the same.


    So I hold the stick off-centre, press and release the trimmer button, then let the stick return to centre. No trimming occurs.

    Then I try: hold the stick off-centre, press & hold the trimmer button, let the stick return to centre, release the trimmer button. No trimming occurs.


    I also tried the second of the "Special" modes for trimmer control. It behaves the same for me.


    Track file is attached (It's small).

    Also a quick 30-second video of me failing miserably to trim : click here


    Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Maybe some electric system not initialised?

    mi24 special.png

    mi24P trim.trk

  10. How do stealth aircraft operate during times of peace?


    I assume a stealthy aircraft is (almost) invisible to all radar, both military and civilian. Flying unseen must be a risk, especially but not only in civilian airspace. I know there are transponders - while those broadcast an identity, I don't know if they provide a location. Then there's the datalink-type stuff, but that's only useful to whoever has matching equipment. Certainly not civilian operators, and I imagine a small minority of military operators.


    Separately, I assume a military wouldn't want civilian air traffic control personnel becoming accustomed to exactly how stealthy these aircraft are, and the situations/ranges in which they start being detected.


    So are stealth aircraft somehow configured to be less stealthy at peace time? Perhaps having stuff mounted under the wings even when it's not needed? Or is safety managed in another way, with this type of information being less secret than I imagine?


  11. Just in case anybody else is puzzled by this in the future... Thanks to Ice41 for spotting the jetwash.

    This mission starts with a line of F16s and F15s ready to take off. Approximately 35secs after each one passes in front of the player's F16, there's a dose of jetwash that's strong enough to disrupt INS alignment. That's despite the runway being 200m away.


    I've tried holding steady using both chocks and the parking brake together, but they're not sufficient.

    The only solution I found is to wait until all other planes have taken off, then start INS alignment.


    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!

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  12. 1 minute ago, SpaceMonkey037 said:

    Don't bother with paring brake, put on chocks before you do anything else. Really stupid that DCS doesn't spawn the F-16 with chocks as this is common practice IRL.



    Yes, that 's a good idea too, thanks.


    This is what I like about the DCS community - so helpful.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, ice41 said:

    Something is moving your plane after the canopy closed, like really strong gusts of wind. I think that's affecting the alignment.


    Ah, that could be it - there are planes taking off nearby, maybe I'm somewhat in their jetwash.


    I'll give it a go tomorrow and set the parking brakes earlier, thanks - I appreciate you taking the time to give me the great suggestion!

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  14. Hi. I'm not putting this post in the "bug" section because just it's me doing something stupid. Can somebody please point out my error? It's INS alignment in the F16.


    I think I'm following the same cold start process in the two attached tracks...


    "day startup.trk" is a cold-startup in a mission I created. The INS alignment proceeds as normal. I stop recording before completion of alignment, because there's no need to sit through minutes of it. It works fine though.


    "night startup.trk" is me applying the same startup process, in the mission that comes with the F-16, "The Night Life". I again set the INS alignment mode to "normal", and confirm the initial position/alt in the same way. INS alignment freezes and does not proceed.


    (Flying the F16 in DCS Openbeta


    Day Startup.trk

    night startup.trk




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  15. How frequent is it (in the real world) to separate the halves of a split throttle and have them at different levels? Is it only done in the case of an unusual problem with an engine? I'd guess that for minor asymmetric thrust problems, maybe trimming would be a simpler way to even things out.



    The question came to mind because looking at some throttles, there are hats and buttons across both halves of the split throttle, which I imagine might be awkward to use if the halves aren't together.

  16. We're speculating on revenue models, when we don't have visibility of the ED's figures. I don't know what models would or wouldn't work for ED, but I do have my own priorities:


    I want to "own" the thing. Legally I don't think we can own software, but we can "own" the perpetual license to run it. It's not the same, but it's as close as we can get. I think the "simulations" software category ages pretty well. I still use a certain combat aircraft sim from the late 90s, a certain WW2 submarine sim from 2007... I "own" them and can install them regardless of what happens to the companies that developed them. Whatever ED decides to do in the future, I'd like to be able to return to DCS in 20 years time and complete some of those more difficult campaigns. There may be fancier sims by then, but quite possibly no other way to fly a MiG-19 or Viggen.


    Price is important to me, but somewhat less so. I own almost all of the modules, although there are some I rarely load, and a few I haven't loaded yet. If they were more expensive, I'd be more choosy and only buy those that really interest me. So ED would not earn any more revenue from me, and possibly less.


    I'd guess though that ED is well capable of evaluating their own situation and is following the course that best suits their ambitions.

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