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  1. I know you're look for real world liveries but I'd really like to see a USMC livery for flying off the Tarawa. I know those already a good one in user files. Unfortunately the vast majority of real ones are just OD green with a different unit patch on the side.
  2. Enjoying the module so far but havent been able to do a deep dive on it yet. Two quick concerns I have are performance. I get loads of stuttering on a high end rig in VR. Also it seem impossible to do an autorotation in it. I've never flown an apache but I two days ago I spent the whole day doing autos for my yearly 135 ride. And this aint right. I know it early access so that fine. but the nose drops and cant be kept up and blade rpm just plumets with collective all the way down. When i cheese it and get the collective down early i can keep the nose up and maintain blade rpm for a little bit but eventually my speed drops, the the nose drops, then blade rpm decays.
  3. Could we get a bit of an update on where the Mirage stands? I know a release window is out of the question but maybe a list of things left to do to give us an idea where we’re at?
  4. Assets are slow enough in arriving I wouldn't even think about asking for more modern versions of WW2 ships. I hope we get them at all in a reasonable time frame.
  5. I don’t see the appeal of FFB. Would it be cool for ww2 stuff? Sure. But most of our planes with hydraulics and fly by wire don’t offer that much feedback anyway.
  6. S-3 Viking module? I know it would never happen, but I like weird planes.
  7. Jester986

    F6F Hellcat

    Pretty sure it has the hook...
  8. I don’t know what black shoes means but yea that was kind of my point too. If I can’t look it and easily tell it’s different from the Forrestal or the Super carrier group what’s the point of doing it?
  9. I’d prefer to see the Forrestal upgraded to super carrier module status. I’m not so picky that a simple reskinning would be a problem for me versus taking the time the remodel the differences between ships in the class. But if we we’re going to get new carriers CVN-65 would be cool to have an early Cold War nuclear carrier. Another good option would be one of the British carriers that operated them.
  10. Awesome! And 2022? So July 2023. I'm just kidding not trying to throw shade. Just there are always delays.
  11. My vote for the next Variant would be a Naval variant. The more the merrier but the only other country specific variant I might expect would be a Royal Navy version. I'm not sure the other countries would sell enough F-4 DLC to be included if they're sold separately. The Brits have a pretty strong presence in DCS to probably justify their version though.
  12. Yea, until it gets to A-4 or T-45 level I’m not interested in Mods.
  13. Yea, I’m a helicopter guy and I can’t say I’m super hyped for it. It’s already preordered and I’m sure it’ll be an awesome module. But it’s a little modern for my taste. I’d be more into an A model with steam gauges. Hopefully we’ll get a Blackhawk or chinook to escort with it soon. Ish.
  14. Well the J-10 would be epic, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. It’s probably going to be an AI.
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