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  1. I’m hoping for something weird. That no one else would bother to make. We’ll get the 104 and 105 eventually. But it’s unlikely we’d ever see a T-33 or the interceptor version F-94 which in my opinion is the most beautiful jet ever made. Probably not a great business case for it but I didn’t know the G 91 existed until IFE announced it and I’ll still buy that.
  2. Even though I’ll still probably never see them in DCS I’m thrilled to see some odd ball choices being considered. F-102/106, T-33/F-94, and F9F are all fantasy aircraft I didn’t think anyone would consider making. Just because they don’t win the poll doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make money
  3. I’ll take my warning or suspension for this one… Sorry bignewy ED and DCS certainly have plenty of things worthy of criticism. I’m still upset about the Yak being abandoned. But complaining about module announcements is childish and whiny. More developers brings in more money for ED. This lets them focus more on core development. It’s a good thing. Of course you can whine as much as you want. But there’s no real justification to complain until someone takes money for something. That being said I’m excited for recent announcements. Sure they may be years away. Whatever. I think the Skyraider is awesome because it is HUGE. If you’ve never stood next to one it’s hard to understand the scale of this single engine radial. It’s good to know we’ll have some unique planes coming that I never thought we’d get, like the C-130 and F-100. It’s nice the see the move away for boring Gen4Blu4 JDAM slingers.
  4. I’m surprised we haven’t seen any WW2 modules announced. Yet. But In anycase the Skyraider will be great to have.
  5. I don’t mind them announcing but your right. People need to manage expectations since this stuff is far away.
  6. My guesstimate would be 12 ish months for this and the c-130. This teaser showed no battle damage and no cockpit and I saw a few things the Dev would probably want to clean up on the exterior before release. So I could see this being more than 12 months but less than 24.
  7. I’m going a different direction with this. This will be the first module that actually carried torpedoes. Please give it Torpedos! Imagine it flying off the 25th of May looking for the British fleet in the Falklands (with all due respect to the late queen). Or even a WW2 1946 (first flight was in 1945). Is it a fantasy? Yea, but it would be fun. Give us torpedoes!
  8. What evidence would you have for that? I’d love to see that be the case but given Cuban ace saying he’s now officially a DCS dev it’s probably going to be the Yak-38.
  9. I hope for one too. The Mosquito is a good module but I was disappointed ED made it the fighter variant. Not a great bomb load and not a great fighter. I think they were nervous about making a pure bomber.
  10. I’d really love an older one but I’m not going to complain about the J. Hopefully it’s successful and opens up new options for DCS. If we’re lucky we’ll see a H later.
  11. I got some insider information on the AC-130. The AC-130J is too secret for them to get enough information on to do so they would have to redo the module as the H to make an AC variant which would pretty much be a whole new module and a separate purchase. Can’t quote my source so take it with a grain of salt.
  12. Definitely a day one purchase for me. Hopefully one of the additional variants will be an older model. I love steam gauges.
  13. Some suggestions I could get behind were the T-33, the 104, and F-101. But I think the CASA-212 would be a great choice. It’s Spanish built and with the coming dynamic campaign logistics will be important. Gives us a new mission type. And it’s just a cool plane.
  14. I know you're look for real world liveries but I'd really like to see a USMC livery for flying off the Tarawa. I know those already a good one in user files. Unfortunately the vast majority of real ones are just OD green with a different unit patch on the side.
  15. Enjoying the module so far but havent been able to do a deep dive on it yet. Two quick concerns I have are performance. I get loads of stuttering on a high end rig in VR. Also it seem impossible to do an autorotation in it. I've never flown an apache but I two days ago I spent the whole day doing autos for my yearly 135 ride. And this aint right. I know it early access so that fine. but the nose drops and cant be kept up and blade rpm just plumets with collective all the way down. When i cheese it and get the collective down early i can keep the nose up and maintain blade rpm for a little bit but eventually my speed drops, the the nose drops, then blade rpm decays.
  16. Could we get a bit of an update on where the Mirage stands? I know a release window is out of the question but maybe a list of things left to do to give us an idea where we’re at?
  17. Assets are slow enough in arriving I wouldn't even think about asking for more modern versions of WW2 ships. I hope we get them at all in a reasonable time frame.
  18. I don’t see the appeal of FFB. Would it be cool for ww2 stuff? Sure. But most of our planes with hydraulics and fly by wire don’t offer that much feedback anyway.
  19. S-3 Viking module? I know it would never happen, but I like weird planes.
  20. Jester986

    F6F Hellcat

    Pretty sure it has the hook...
  21. I don’t know what black shoes means but yea that was kind of my point too. If I can’t look it and easily tell it’s different from the Forrestal or the Super carrier group what’s the point of doing it?
  22. I’d prefer to see the Forrestal upgraded to super carrier module status. I’m not so picky that a simple reskinning would be a problem for me versus taking the time the remodel the differences between ships in the class. But if we we’re going to get new carriers CVN-65 would be cool to have an early Cold War nuclear carrier. Another good option would be one of the British carriers that operated them.
  23. Awesome! And 2022? So July 2023. I'm just kidding not trying to throw shade. Just there are always delays.
  24. My vote for the next Variant would be a Naval variant. The more the merrier but the only other country specific variant I might expect would be a Royal Navy version. I'm not sure the other countries would sell enough F-4 DLC to be included if they're sold separately. The Brits have a pretty strong presence in DCS to probably justify their version though.
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