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  1. Yes, waiting for ED to put in the ability to "see" friendlies (non AI) on the TAD/HMCS that are on Link16 (non A-10).
  2. We've seen since the last update that the TACAN in A/A mode will only give us bearing but no distance.
  3. Yep, we are having the same problem with AA TACAN since the last update.
  4. Does the jamming capability upgrades on the ALQ-184 for the Viper carry over to the A-10 as well?
  5. On our server we have a TON of waypoints loaded into the jet. Most times, I'm able to change the steerpoint/waypoint by just typing either the waypoint name in the CDU and putting it LSK1R. However sometimes when I do this, the current waypoint selected in the CDU does not appear on the HUD. I have my rotary knobs on the auxiliary avionics panel set to MISSION and STEER. Is there some step I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ATTACK!
  6. Don't think there are any controls for the lighting on those devices. It bugs me too.
  7. I've never used that function before but I can imagine it would be useful while making gun runs at night and you can't see your target very well through NVG's. Something I'll have to test out on my next night sortie.
  8. According to the A-10 field manual: The GUN UNSAFE light comes on when the gun trigger is released if clearing cycle is not completed within 2.5 seconds. Live rounds are in the barrel and the gun could fire. The GUN UNSAFE light is powered by the DC armament bus. CAUTION: The trigger should not be depressed when the GUN UNSAFE light is on. Doing so may cause serious damage to the system and aircraft. I've never had this happen to me before. Could it be that you "slapped" the gun trigger? Hope this helps.
  9. It's been my experience that the wind has to be pointing in the direction of the runway you intend to make a instrument approach on. If the wind is set to zero, ILS will not work.
  10. My Squadron mates and I all noted the engines sound different and a lot better since this last update. It wasn't mentioned in the release notes. Anyone else notice this?
  11. @Snoopy Think we will ever see the remaining HMCS & TAD symbiology that is missing such as seeing non AI friendlies?
  12. I switch to isometric view (INSERT key). I put the crosshairs on the target and then switch to binocular view. As long as you don't move your line of sight, your laser marker and smoke grenades will be on target. Bad thing is, it won't work on moving targets.
  13. Now that the F-18 has TXDSG functionality, can or will the A-10 be able to share SPI's over datalink? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Agree. It would be awesome if it was modeled. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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