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  1. This is 100% how i feel this wont be popiular and i dobt care if the tech addicts get their newest jets but itll just end up mostly blufor and no redfor i wish dcs would be dcs ww2 and then focus (not solely do but emphasis heavily) on 45 to 89. and also on working on filling the roster out on the red side. Its possible we could get a original su24 or mig 25 and mig 23 27 etc. We wont see a realistic su35 or su57 anytime soon. We wont see a modern chinese only plame anytime soon. Even the latest us ones.. whereas 60s designs and 70s operational periods.. (i admkt i love the planes too) we could get a6s f111s f4s, tu16s su24s (i really want one of these) su22, il28, mig 23 27, along with many many analog european and warpac airframes. The mi24 id being done. What better to complimemt tham the already promised yrs ago ah1? Imagine them filling the rosters out much more so than now. Almost none of the planes I named are pure niche except maybe the mig25. The rest can do a variety of roles and would fit reasonably well in dcs as for the f14 a its the definitive model. They never completely replaced As until.the f14 retired. They were in use by far the longest. i also am at 5 previous f14 pilots saying the compressor stall thing is exagerrated andnhas taken a life on ofnits own. As virtual pilots we wont pay in blood for our mistakew and i think the ppl with the worst luck will figure out how to avoid the problems in a few flights. Just like flying the me262 in ww2 games - people.always are destroying the engines the first few flights then learn to put them basically all the way up anfnleave them.. and the problems drop drastically. same with the f14. Once ppl get out of the B habit of slamming throtyles back and forth and keep thenspeed up, and basically fly her on mil power or AB anytime youre planning on maneuverinh hard.. i doubt we.ll see the provlems ppl see. Someone else mentioned "garbage tf30s" ill point out they arent garbage at all. Theyre merely bonber engines put on th.c e f14. In fact I think they actually may be able to make tbe plane go faster...? Anyways ill be glad to see her. Ill be even more glad when they fix some glaring details like the A and B throttle indicator. The B thorottle is all wrong. And i really really think HB needs to recogbize that jester has to be ablento do lgbs even very basically.. or if not they ought to pay the guy who made the mod they tried banning that let you do it from the front. I also have said this a zillion times - when you habe many contacts and are STTing different ones or theres a lot going on sometimes jester wont say you locked a friendly or w.e. regardless considering the IFF button is very prominently placed in your face in the RIO pit it leads me to think IRL the button was important (duh) therefore I think there reallt needs to be a jester > bvr > iff interrogate. I dont care what happens under the hood- its a game andbthe game knows if thats enemy or not. I dont code but to me this seems like more a matter of just the time implementing it. The lgb issue i can see being a lot more complex of course though. finally why not? I mean this is awesome. Its gonna take longer but I thought wed get one A. We are getting 2 US a models ans an iranian model. Thats awesome to me minor details or not further this means we will be closer to seeing our promised Forrestal (Im still convinced ED told HB not to release forrestal for awhile.to make money off SC. I get it though i dont like it) and more important to me a6s. Ai a6s... a6s first of all hold a special place in my heart. Theres strongly worded rumors that the ai a6 is a step to hopefuly an a6 module. I pray for this. The A6 and F14 may not have beem designed as a team but I cannot think of a better pair of planes for almost all roles. Ea6s jamming, a6s bombing low level at night. F14s escorting. I mean both planes got tge range and speed and massive ordinance. itll be even cooler if someday A7s are added.to the fray. Imagine if in a few years we have flyable a6s a7s and su24s and mig23s/27s. Id be so stoked. Maybe su22s.. j really want some redfor planes to come with it. But even if not.. id theu get a6s and a7s our carrier complement for the 70s would be near complete and thatd be awesome
  2. Does anyone have some freetime.to help a fella out? Ill help you out in return
  3. Messrs Success! I have to wait for VE nut I got a REALLY strong comp Once dcs is done fresh installs all arnd Now this is a BRAND NEW COMP. Please I beg of you to help me make at least one or two camps work - but now miguel at least it wont be as chaotic as far as a mess of directories. I hope i figure rhis on my own; doubt I can. Please help - Ill update later issues if any
  4. I fixed it but im en route to buy a newer better comp and vr. Its crilly risky.. i cud fck mtyself financially. But you only.live once Probably around 2k total I wanred to study and reseafch more but this was the breaking pnt Better its virgin - you know the crazy clutter of my files? This way i can start anew and install more neatly. That said I expect fully to encounter issues. Ill try installing and updating then Ill let you know issues if any.. gos forbid. And thanks! I normally would be loathe to buy a pc store comp setup but the cyber power comp was names a good comp for pc gamer. Ill ask questions there but its like 1300 in store. Some mods.. im sure taxes.. and the oculus.. will put it at 2k im sure. If no vr i need to ensure itie s capable then ill order one and wait Ill also see if theybuave one refurbished Basically i may not be able.to sim.or game at all anymore in 6 months 12 months top unless a miracle. Ill leave this to my son. Maybe sell my old laptop. Idk. But.. i mesed my life up and will never be a combat pilot. This is close enough for me. So i will indulge myself. I dont wannt sympathy im.explaining why out of my 5k dollars innthe world im about to spent almost half on a toy. That said the gvot is giving me pandemic assistance. Barring a disaster the price should be recouped - by govt assistanxe - in 2 weeks.
  5. Mssrs. I fixed it.. the comp Ive had enough. Im en route to purchase not my dream comp but a stronger one. I amso plan to get VR. So please.. bear with me on install. I want to retry installing to flanker thing This will be a virgin install - i have somewhat high hopes. Hopefully this will clear the mess miguel21 pointed out of my directories (years of self attemprs at fix. Seriously noone until you guys would help and i begged)
  6. Well guys comp crashed hard. Redownloading.. everything. Im devastated. Lost a lot of.. sentimental stuff besides the annoyance. So i may slmewhat scarce unless i get this working today simehiw Dambit i got to enjoy hotas for 1 hr. :(
  7. Its possible. It didnt work for me but i was givennexplicitninstructions onnthe forum anyone can read I suspect most my dce issues are personal to me and not common.. And dce *makes* dcs for me.
  8. Obviously i can see it not being a priority. However go dogfight and have to fly towards the sun Llterally every airforce uses them. Theyre already in other modules. Its a bit silly not to include them.
  9. In settings i can give buttons dual functions as is nornal I start a mission and everythings been erased!
  10. It has a rudder in the stick.. and theres a nice big almost slider buttonnin front of the damn throttle. Manual says i csn map it. No dice. Anyone know how? Axis 5??
  11. Damn and editing the flanker i somehow mistyped jjf17. I guesss maybe theres no dash in game OMG GUYS Even though its cheap - 33 bucks and not the best my HOTAS came early! IVE NEVER HAD ONE! SO EXCITED!!!
  12. Sure. Expect them in 5 momente By the by any idea what could.be going wrong with flanker? It seems a similar problem - it doesnt 'see' what is there
  13. Wont let me email .bat What shall i do
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