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  1. Aim higher than TM, at least for HOTAS: eg. Virpil, VKB, Winwing, Realsimulator.
  2. Asus doesn’t have a removal program for it? Not surprised to find out it’s another broken program from them.
  3. I have to wonder how many real life Apache pilots secure those things with a hair tie before they take off.
  4. So then why the need to gimp the Apache’s capabilities? Just have some fighters take them out. (Which is also not like real life. Apaches may not be so likely to fly if there are dangerous fast movers around. And it wouldn’t be quite as easy for fast movers to take them out, even if they did)
  5. You mean the same servers full of Red Fighters, that can pick off choppers with relative ease?
  6. The airfield they chose was and is still in use, just not the runway they picked.
  7. I would have thought having an Apache module would actually help sell the Kiowa, especially for multiplayer.
  8. DDR5 is still a questionable value. And then there’s the imminent 5800x3d .
  9. In this context it doesn’t matter. Controllers don’t have a duty attached to them.
  10. I wish fallout9 would reply, though. It's a QOL thing for prospective customers that should be easy for VKB Americas to do.
  11. The official cut off is $20 CAD. (that hasn't even kept up with inflation) Unofficially Canada customs/Canada Post may go somewhat higher than that. If it's through a courier, they collect taxes and duties in any case, in my experience. I believe what your seeing is brokerage. (ie taking it through customs and paying the taxes and duties, as applicable.)
  12. Your shipping methods say simply “DHL” and “FedEx”. One thing you can do is include the service level beside it ie. “Saver”, “Express” or whatever it happens to be. That way, people can look up the brokerage, so there are no surprises.
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