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    Sadly still Warthunder, but more and more getting bored with it
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    Planes, Philosophy, Music, Literature, Modelling, Gardening.. i would say life in general
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  1. Thanks a lot fellow pilots...helped a lot...merry xmas
  2. HI with that discount thinking of the Sabre...worth to get and fun to use? Merry xmas
  3. Hmm..looks more like a try to make miney in between the serious modules. Milvis shows how it works
  4. So that means the " normal " price will be 80 bucks ?
  5. sorry but you will not hold anything in your hands :pilotfly:
  6. Sorry sir, it was an IF sentence.. ok? Keep in mind the difference between : if and HAVE :pilotfly: but may be they can combine dcs with farm simulator ? that may bring a ton of new programming companies.. imagine all that carrier landings with harvesters or strafing raids with massey fergusons ...:-)
  7. I understood his message pretty well... and if u think red bull toyplanes will save dcs...look outside..f4 f14 and maaaaaaaaaaany other mil planes allready populate in very well quality realy good sims... soon the question may be ; why dcs if i can have it somewhere else quicker in the same qual...
  8. I would say Bogey hits the nail exact on its top.... thus farmers tiy plane in combination wirh the produced hype is jzst a bad attitude vad sugn an an awful marketing... if i want to dly civ planes i use the existing winderful sims wirh the overwhelming variety...better take care of bugged models and improve them...customers would aopreciate it much more
  9. Agree..the lack of buttons is horrible... and that you have to mod the spring, cause otherwise it is a little bit like in a fitnes club for your hand... hope that soon there will be another sidewinder IIfeedback but up to date :-)
  10. Because they produce already for a well growing and well established market..no need for a A320 on caucasus lol
  11. If i enter a steakhouse i want for shure a steak and not a carot salade..if i enter a digital combat simulator i want combat simulations and the fitting aircraft... otherwise call it aircraft simulator and bingo.. but who needs, there a wonderful civilian sims already with growing amount of stuff much faster... maybe it would be better to focus onto the main aim ?
  12. OK please explain, which reason for a flying farmers spraygun is in a Digital COMBAT Simulator ? Only for interest
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