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  1. After last update got unable to place any kind of ship! Was creating a new mission and got surprised when all planes that was placed on the ship started submerged and the ship just vanished :megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol:
  2. I can't dim or turn off the cockpit lights, just turn them on.
  3. After last update, the D2M stopped working perfectly and just warns friendly launches. Missiles fired from enemy jets are not being shown... the direction neither any sound alarms plays.
  4. Great job!!! Clapping loud my hands here!!!!
  5. humm... trim.. i didn't think that! I was retesting the fbw and AP and was not working. i will try this tip! Tks! could you explain the number 5 again? didn't understand what u said! I try to keep the target locked and right in the center of the hud.... but.. when the missile is almost hitting it, the radar miss the lock (and the missile too. )
  6. Hello my friend! Sorry.. i am new in this forum... mistakes happens:thumbup: I am using the OPEN BETA version! i will look for the bug section! thks
  7. 7 - INS BOMBING The bar starts going up and if you hold the trigger it releases the bomb imediatelly, missing the target!
  8. 1 - INS POSITION UPDATE Not working. The REC and VAL button lights up but the waypoint position doesn't change. 2 - V/UHF RADIO NOT UPDATING CHANGED FREQUENCY What happens is... imagine that you set 127.500 manual and preset 1 is 133.000. The key is to PRESET position, so the frequency is 133.000. if you move the key to MANUAL position, it should update to 127.500, but, the frequency STILLS ON 133.000 Mhz... to correct the bug, you will need to change the numbers and come back to 127.500. The same happens if you move the key from manual to preset position. You will need to change the channel, for example, preset 2 and come back to desired preset! 3 - DECOL LIGHT TURNS ON AFTER LANDING None procedure turns it off. Autopilot neither FBW tests... the solution is to Just take off again. 4 - Radar with difficulties to find contacts, especially the ones above you. 5- Super 530 loosing target exactly 2s from impact.
  9. Hello my friend. It's simple! Now, MAGIC and cannon are not selectable from PCA. You need to go to controls and ASSIGN A BUTTON to CNM MAGIC CNM AA GUN CNM NEUTRAL (PCA SELECT) The CNM NEUTRAL "exits" from the MAGIC or AA GUN mode and comes back to normal PCA. It's needed to select later a bomb or AG MODE.
  10. Hello! I have 24GB o RAM and i was playing a small MP mission at this moment and noticed a huge usage of 23GB of RAM on caucasus map. What's going on? My system is W7 pro x64.
  11. Hello ED! I am having trouble with dcs. It happens with all planes, including third party ones. I don't have trackir, unfortunatelly it's too expensive here, so i use mouse and joystick and many times the camera seems to be sticky, at least, on mouse. it's hard to move it inside the cockpit.
  12. Hello HB! I am trying to do the first lesson - pilot start up, but the buttons HYD Transfer PUMP and EMERGENCY FLT HYD stop working in the middle of it, and without action, i can't continue the lesson! Please solve this!:(
  13. hello Magic! Was a comparative between them. I tried to say that the mustang seems to be carrying less ammo than spit, and, in fact, it (mustang) carries much more. In previous version, 2.5.3; it was carrying much much more ammo than now. I could easily shoot down 3 or 4 planes before the ammo finishes, now, 2 planes are too much... keeping the same precision. Could be an error in previous version, like, carrying more ammo than the real version, but now, it's notable that the total amount of ammo changed.
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