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  1. I could have wrote this post word-for-word. The Viper was always my favorite but the Hornet came out first. When it came out I figured I’d buy it and start learning it and that would make the Viper easier to learn once it came out. But then when it came out it was so incomplete that I figured I’d wait until it was mostly finished, but at some point I realized my heart had been stolen by the Hornet. I’ll eventually learn the Viper but I don’t know if I can ever give up the Hornet’s nose authority. You can practically point its nose anywhere. And yeah, the three larger MFD’s vs. the two smaller ones are nice to have.
  2. There are so many campaigns that aren’t focused on realism, and basically this one is the only one that is. At least for the Hornet. Please don’t dumb it down, Raven One is the only Hornet campaign I can play without rolling my eyes straight out of my head. Please keep up the realism, it is appreciated.
  3. The leading edge extensions really look bad (at least in VR) from the cockpit. Super blurry and low-resolution. Seems like an easy fix but I may be mistaken.
  4. Oh hell, I forgot about that. I’ll check that tonight when I get home from work. If I went through the whole delete and reinstall process for something that stupid I’m gonna be pretty pissed at myself.
  5. So I finally upgraded my computer to this one, installed the Oculus software (Rift CV1), installed DCS, plugged everything in, booted up the Rift, booted up DCS... and it booted up to the desktop. I could hear the audio through the headphones, and I could see the normal Oculus Home view through the goggles so I know the Rift works. I tried everything I could think of to no avail, so I’m now re-installing DCS. Just in case the same thing happens, what could the problem be?
  6. Damn, and here I was thinking the G2 was the way to go. I assume the Index has your seal of approval? Or are you using something else? I’m still using an Oculus CV-1.
  7. I’ve noticed some issues in multiple missions lately with the launch crew not acknowledging my presence as I taxi to a catapult, taxiing to a different catapult seems to address the issue.
  8. Am I the only one noticing that the AI has some new tricks up its sleeve? Flying a couple of my own dogfight missions which I’ve flown over a hundred times apiece I’ve noticed the enemy AI pulling maneuvers and using tactics they’ve never used before, including F-15’s just plugging their blowers and extending like they know I can’t keep up in my F-18.
  9. I bit the bullet and did a complete re-install yesterday. I haven’t had a lot of time to check it out, but the little bit of flying I did yesterday seemed pretty consistent performance-wise to what I had before. Way too early to know for sure yet, will know more over the next few days.
  10. I guess I can safely assume that this update will basically brick my 1060. Which is what I was expecting. I wish it was possible to upgrade my system, but apparently the 3000 series cards will forever be unobtanium. I wish I hadn’t listened to everyone in December 2019 telling me not to buy the 2080 super and hold out for the 3000 series cards.
  11. Yeah he actually nailed me in my second play through, I think because I was on his right wing. Started over and stayed on his left wing, same distance, and it didn’t happen.
  12. Yeah this campaign really has spoiled me. The realistic missions and scenarios and ESPECIALLY the realistic comms make this campaign stand head and shoulders above the rest. I hope that, with more and more actual fighter pilots taking interest in this sim, that will lead to more involvement with real fighter pilots in the development of campaigns. It’s going to be damn near impossible for me to cringe my way through the dialog on other campaigns now lol.
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