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  1. Kinda agree on this topic… its been a decade! Also, there should be an option where if a human controller is on the frequency, no need for the AI ATC or AWACS to make calls… Just sayin…
  2. Man... there's my Dyslexia again... Sorry...! You're absolutely right! SEPECAT! Interesting thing I remember: I saw a few Saudi or Kuwaiti Jaguars coming back during Desert Storm having the Sidewinders mounted ON TOP of the wing... must have been a ME add-on?
  3. There is actually an important difference between “little” and “no warning”. Any Fox 3 shot in TWS will not go “Pitbull” (active) until it is at a pre-determined range, so its normal to not have an active missile warning until that moment. And that depends on your aspect of the missile (if you’re going head-on at Mach 2 with your hair on fire you will probably just get a one-second impact advisory; cranking/notching turns the missile active a lot earlier!). So to sum it up, it’s normal…
  4. Colleague of mine and former F-16 C/D instructor in the Chilean Air Force completely confirmed this is in fact real… He tells me if engine isn’t sufficiently turned by the time Fuel-on is selected, the N2 will not accelerate and it will hung start. so, yeah, thanks ED for the realism!
  5. Absolutely... Perhaps a little more detail... I was in an F-14A on AlpenWolf's Cold War Server, with an A-10 running errants on the other side of the map...
  6. It was blinking... but then, it was still blinking when I got close enough for AAA to get me...
  7. Hey Everyone... so, was bombing a little with the Cat and I tried to designate a AAA defended target by distance to attack it from altitude... So, used Computer Target mode and VS Low and VS high to move the diamond, but PAL does not "lock" the location... Something broke again? Edit: Type was an F-14A with 12 Mk-82's... in Normal/CCIP mode all bombs released on target as scheduled...
  8. Awesome, Alpi! Great Briefing and great Scenario! Any chance to move the Comms Tower at Saipan a little off the airport movement area, like not next to the Runway? Not all of us are pro-pilots (yet) and a simple go-around could be disastrous... Like, on the other side of the taxiway next to the Terminal? Or even better, just South of the Runway at the Airport border fence...
  9. @Mustang I also was not compleatly clear when I asked my question but I greatly appreciate your response! I also have 2.7 installed and was curious about the performance difference between this and fHolger Shaders in 2.7, if there can be any comparison... I'm a starving airline worker at the moment and still have to make it work with a highly overclocked 4th Gen i7 on a CV1...
  10. I do so too, any news on this? Any performance difference between them?
  11. Well, they did this experiment: This needs to get fixed, guys! Thanks!
  12. Not sure if this is on the Wishlist already, but I’d pay big money to get the Jaguar in here! https://fb.watch/4eAuDSDPwl/
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is Vulcan API still a thing or not? Been at least half a year since any updates were published... any news?
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