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  1. Totally new PW attempt from me. Thanks to Roughmaster for his engine surround at the fuselage join. Didn't need to adjust that. It's perfect. New exhaust petals from scratch. New textures, Normals and Roughmets. 64th AGRS Livery NOT mine. But I did at it to my What iF VF-84 livery. I will re-release that with this update.
  2. Thank you sir! I've offered them to HB. If they want to include them in the base release. They can. It's a 4 ship. MODEX 200 201 205 210.
  3. I made these for a guy. All custom weathered per modex.
  4. Getting Ready to upload. Been working on this one for a while now. Thanks to PorcoRosso, RoughMaster and Either Texac or WatermannPC for the use of the gear and engine details and some missing panels which they put out many moons ago and for making this product better! This is a representation of a Blk.40 F-16C. As such I've added missing details. Corrected the Fuel pressure releif valve and panel on the Right side Fuselage. I've added Fuel Cell Stiffeners and some intake blisters from the 36th FS jets. I've also added the missing Hollywood lights and the missing ventral position/anti-collision light (which is working, but had no texture). I've also corrected the intake lip. I've also added custom Normals and some damage/wear to the skin and AAR receptical. While the real jet is a little bit cleaner, I wanted to give it a little usage since it was painted back in 2017 and it's now 2021. Custom pilot suit and patches!
  5. ***DOWNLOAD LINK*** Thanks to Jocko417 for his updated paint kit. I have created these USAF representations and updated my old originals with the new 4k paint kit. This final rendition I have updated the externals, weathering, dirt and added some much needed and missing gun grime. I've edited the aluminum grain to be less scratched and a little more smooth than my originals. I'm much more satisfied with the outcome of the line units external skin. There are 4 line, and 4 new jets. All custom Roughmets and weathering, some custom normal effects in places and other custom effects. Enjoy!
  6. Totally new Roughmets for the SE-DXN. I sent the SPEC file version to HB already. But this is getting ready for their PBR upgrade! Hope to get this into the core sim at some point.
  7. That is the 3 in 1 Lod file. It's for farther out ranges. The standard mip maps apply for closer in.
  8. I made these for someone. But I do plan on making an earlier full color set of VF-31. Probably circa 1988. These are from 1991.
  9. Made these for a guy... VF-31 1991 Med Cruise. 200 201 205 210
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