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  1. Or better Is there any plan to support the F104 in simshaker? I know it's a mod and usually mods are not supported but the F104 is really nice with a great FM and it is a real pitty the jetseat doesn't work with it. Just asking....
  2. Good Evening I was trying to make my jetseat work with the F104 mod. The F104 is not supported by simshaker for aviators, so I tried it in sound mode, but unfortunately for some reason only the left side motors work, all the right side motors are not moving. I know it's not a hardware problem because when I test the motors in usb mode or when I use any other supported aircraft in usb mode everything works as expected. Any idea why ???
  3. I am happy I was somewhat helpful. very weird, I experience what you experience as well but on my rig the problem is with surge. anyway… sway or surge or others, it doesn’t matter, if you continue adjusting your motion cueing software you will definitely find a good setting as you are already doing. enjoy it!
  4. This is my experience with motion. I have a very small 4dof motion platform (racing cube) And it’s true one can never reach even remotely the feeling of flying the real deal with these machines. Nobody is trying to replicate the real g forces but a motion platform is going to give your brain additional cues. Exactly like a jet seat does or a butt kicker does. Vr fools you in thinking you are there but your body doesn’t move in accordance with what your eyes see. Now imagine seeing with your eyes that your aircraft is climbing and at the same time feeling with your butt that the aircraft is really climbing. Same goes for a roll. Now imagine yourself down the runway during take off and you see your cockpit shacking due to the asphalt irregularities and at the same time you feel these irregularities on your entire body. Same goes for landing where you can feel your wheels touching down. Once again, a motion platform simply adds additional cues to those given by Vr and fools your brain even more. I also use a jetseat for vibrations plus a butt kicker mounted close to the rudder pedals. Those vibrations from the butt kicker transfer not only to my feet but to all the structure and I can feel them on my hotas stick and throttle. thanks to this I for example can feel a cold aircraft slowly coming to life during an engine start. On top of all this I installed a harness tensioner on the seat so when g forces increase I will feel a progressive yet very strong push against the seat. Again, this is not how it works in real flight where at a g onset you will indeed feel a push against your seat but less push against your harness but in vr it works because it tricks your brain. Is it necessary? NO I was enjoying DCS even before but motion makes me feel even more as if I am there than just vr. Sorry for the long post,I agree with those who say that it’s not remotely close to the real deal but that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to give your brain additional cues to trick it even more. Sorry also for my English, obviously it’s not my mother language.
  5. I also stop the motion after being shot or if I am about to do a forced landing or any other crazy thing Your motion cueing software seems to be working really well. I will definitely keep an eye for your review and on motion systems website.
  6. Very nice machine! I am definitely interested in a review and obviously I am wondering how you installed seat, hotas and all the rest so I can’t wait for your review actually. And also I am wondering how the motion software handles the movements. Does it simulate angles or forces? Too many questions….I know I will wait for your review Dcs is amazing but on motion it’s on another level
  7. i Had a look at the motion systems website. those are very nice platforms over there. What model did you go for? I am also contemplating a new platform. I haven’t decided which type or brand yet. For what regards your jerky motion from stand still, I can’t help you much since I don’t know the software you use but as I said, I strongly believe the problem lies with surge. For what regards motion compensation I use a vive tracker mounted on the platform. It works quite well most of the times. The tracker gets confused quite easily under strong vibration so it doesn’t particularly like Jetseat or butt kickers but if they are properly set it works even with them. I hope you can fix your problem and as I said if you apply brakes and add just a bit of power before releasing them you should see an improvement on the motion from standstill.
  8. Hello @MadMonty I also have a motion platform, it’s a four dof but I think I am experiencing your same problem. This happens only when you start moving from standstill right? I believe this has to do with surge. As I understand you use proprietary software with your motion platform, instead I am using simtools so I don’t really know how your software works. But you could try this… First try to temporarily disable surge and see if you still have the problem. If the problem is gone then surge is confirmed to be the issue. You could try to apply a bit more smoothing to the surge axis (again, I don’t really know how the software you use works) one other thing you could try… before starting to taxi, apply brakes, add a bit of thrust and only then release the brakes, this should alleviate the problem i hope this helps
  9. For what regards the hand tracking of the hands yes I think it's also the chair that blocks the camera but in my opinion this is because the hands are rendered too high compared to where they should be so you need to lower your hand a lot to be able to reach the side consoles and this is why the hand tracking is lost because you continue lowering your hand and at a certain point like you said the chair or the hotas will mask the tracking. And as you said a calibrating functionality would be great, this would solve all these problems or simply a reset vr hands view function similar to our current Vr view reset. With the VR view reset we have in dcs now we can not only recenter the view but moving forward or backward and recentering we can have our cockpit closer to us or further away. It would be great to have a feature that works in a similar way for the hands only. Would be great to know other people thoughts , ideas on this..
  10. I finally had a chance to try Leapmotion with my pimax 8x I just tried the F16 and I am easily able to push with my finger all the ICP pushbuttons, all the MFDs pushbuttons and basically every other switch on the main instrument panel, so this is very good. For what regards the left and right consoles I am unable to operate most of the switches. I almost have the feeling that the hands are higher in the 3D world than where they should be, so I am loosing the hand tracking before I can actually reach the switches on the consoles and the shadowing created by the stick and throttle doesn't help either. I know this is work in progress and I am not discouraged at all,I am quite positive this will be amazing with a bit more development. Also many times my virtual hands take control of the aircraft and there should be a way to deactivate this feature. But all in all great potential.....
  11. I have just bought the hand tracking module for my Pimax 8kx after reading this thread and seeing the progress being made by Ed on this subject. I haven’t tried it yet since the module arrives on Sunday. I am not expecting it to be perfect and probably not even usable at this point having watched other user’s videos but it’s very promising and I also agree there must be some kind of on/off switching of the hand tracking to avoid any interferences with the physical flight controls and the fact that they won’t be placed exactly where they should be. great work Ed, keep it up!
  12. Thanks @Col. Kernel this answers my question
  13. I finally tried this mod and I think it's amazing. I have always found DCS colours to be too saturated. Reducing colour saturation gives a more natural color look to the scenery in my opinion. I have a problem though, every time I make a change I get a message saying that I don't have write permissions for the DCS\bin folder so I need to reapply my settings every time I restart DCS. Is there a way to fix this?
  14. +1 I would love to be able to properly do a walk around
  15. Would you be willing to sell the Pimax without the 2 base stations? and if so, at what price? i might have a friend possibly interested but he has base stations already
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