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  1. My bad, seems ED has added them later. I have the Hornet since day 1 and can remember having to set up everything. So the correct answer is like QuiGon said, Hornet has binding for TM Warthog :)
  2. Hello and welcome! Regarding controls: AFAIK there are no (good) bindings out of the box for the TM Warthog HOTAS. You can look up some in the user files section. Or just watch Wags , where he explains and sets up his TM Warthog HOTAS for the Hornet.
  3. this is a good tutorial (series), but it does not use scripting. The link is just for looping routes for units, but Suntsag has many good tutorials for the ME. https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Simulator_Scripting_Engine_Documentation Here is a good starting point for scripting. Also try MIST and MOOSE Hope this helps...
  4. I have not tested this, but i think this should work: On the last waypoint of your carrier, open up the "advanced (waypoint actions)", then for TYPE choose "Perform Task", and for ACTION choose "go to waypoint". The "To Waypoint" value lets you choose the waypoint the carrier should go next. It will then go to that waypoint and perform all tasks and routes as it would be the first time for the carrier to reach that waypoint. Here a YT video, this is for ground units, but it should work for carriers too:
  5. I have done this a year ago, simple process. Copy your main DCS folder (not the "saved games" one) to your SSD, then edit the Shortcut you use to start DCS to fit the new path. The last step is to edit a registry key, i think this was for the updater. I can't remember the exact key but maybe this post helps (btw, i googled "moving dcs to ssd" there many good infos) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=118796
  6. Some modules come with bindings for the most common devices out of the box. The A-10C, F-14 and F-16 had bindings for the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, i just edited them a bit.
  7. You can also export your settings from the controls menu. This function allows you to export the settings per aircraft and per device (e.g. A-10C Joystick would be one file, A-10C Throttle would be another file). I use this function to backup my settings from time to time...
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