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  1. Firing the hellfire from gunner position with AI pilot. I lase the target with right hand first detent then while holding the laser on I fire. That's all fine except I use my HAT switch to direct the TAD and that doesn't work while I'm using the assigned button to continue lasing. The AI pilot drifts a little meaning I have to constantly let go of the laser button to move the TAD then lase again. Is there a way of toggling the laser on so I don't have to hold down the button?
  2. Yea I'm finding the gunner controls to be a bit tricky to set up sensibly. Just when I have a system that makes sense, I find I need to change it all.
  3. I really like it. The monacle being in view is a nice touch but I haven't made my mind up whether I'll play with it like that or select it off (it sort of spoils the view a little). In terms of flying the machine, ED (and the other devs) always impress with how they can make aircraft feel so different from each other even though I'm sitting at a desk with a cheap HOTAS. I've got the Hind, the Huey and the Apache. The Hind is an absolute pig to fly and because of that, I just don't play it very much, it's a great module but I find I don't like it because it's so uncomfortable to fly. The Huey is nice and easy and the Apache sits somewhere in between what with it being a bit more twitchy but at least once the force trim is used its nice and stable. Haven't touched the weapons yet but as it appears to be pretty much a rotor A-10, I suspect I'll enjoy them too.
  4. Thanks again, For anybody else who might come across this thread here's the only other answer I've possibly found through discord. I'm running DCS stable and it's possible the Skyhawk is only working on beta at the moment.
  5. Hi Rudel, The file A-4E-C.dll is in the bin folder as per the file path above. My AV has not quarantined the file. I wonder why the procedure can't be found. Any other ideas? The only other thing I can think is I transferred DCS from one hard drive to another some time ago (by just moving them over rather than a fresh download) and then changed the shortcut directory to use the location on the new drive. However, all my saved games work just fine, the ability to control the A-4 is the only issue I'm having.
  6. Hi Rudel I've attached the most recently modified log file (unfortunately it's titled old, I don't appear to have a plain .log available). I've got two zipped folders titled dcs.log-20200310-094750 and dcs.log-20201021-053735 but these haven't been modified since october 2020 and one of them is larger than 5mb and can't be uploaded to the forum. Greatly appreciate the help, skyhawk module looks great, just a shame I can't figure this issue out. dcs.log.old
  7. Thanks for the input but I've already done that. I've done the installation as per the instructions. I have no previous versions anywhere on my PC. I have installed the correct redistributables. For clarity. The module has installed, the icon is there, the aircraft is available in mission editor, the music is there in the menu...it has installed, I just can't actually fly it, only watch it flying around. I know the stated fix for that is redistributables but I've already installed those and restarted my PC.
  8. Hi All, I've downloaded and installed the A4E-c mod as per the instructions that come with the mod. I have no previous versions of the skyhawk installed. I have never installed the skyhawk to anything other than the saved games/mods folder I've also downloaded the correct redistributables and restarted my PC. I run a 64bit system and have both the x64 and x86 redistributables installed. The mod appears in game but when I access missions I can't fly the skyhawk. Also, no missions appear in the tutorial section despite there being some in the mod file. I haven't found a solution in the forums yet that works. It's worth noting my saved games folder is on my C Drive with my windows install but my DCS folder is on a separate SSD (I don't think this should really matter but does it?) Thanks
  9. Oh man the AAR, 20 minutes it took me to get onto the basket in the turn only to have my wingman collide with me...flew the entire mission no acceleration and the AI smashes into me half way through the refuel. Any chance of having the tanker do a longer straight and level segment in future campaigns please? I don't normally have such difficulty with the basket but the F-14 is so twitchy.
  10. Just finished mission 1, man you know how to make a good mission even without combat. I was all over the place trying to get on speed AoA, kept finding myself pitched up to 25 degrees, had to throw in the autothrottle in the end just to take some of the load off.
  11. Roger dodger, cheers for that. I'll give it a go, I'm not having much luck with anything I've tried yet. What's odd is even if I reduce the graphics to low the performance is still worse than it was on high on the previous patch, although it does improve a bit.
  12. Hey, If I restore the saved games folder to its original name after the repair will it undo any potential benefit. I'd really like to keep my control inputs etc as they take so long to redo. Ive tried deleting metashaders2 but it made no difference. I haven't yet tried deleting the fxo folder. Just to confirm, I should only be deleting these from the saved games folder right? cheers
  13. Hey All, Since the last update I've had a massive performance reduction. No change to graphics settings, I've gone from 90-100 FPS to as low as 45 FPS on the caucasus map, particularly in the F-14. I've tried the usual tricks with no improvement. I'm running: RTX 2060 (temps good about 71 degrees during play) i7 9700k 32GB RAM Samsung EVO 970 SSD with 700GB free space remaining Anybody else getting this?
  14. So I decided to do a free trial of the Mosquito. As good as it is, I own so many modules I'm trying to be a bit more picky about what I buy...but then this happened and I nearly bought it on the spot. Immediately after take off I get a heap of white smoke out of the #1 engine. No worries I think, here's an opportunity to shut an engine down and try out the asymmetric flying. I bring the #1 throttle back, retrim the aircraft and swing around in my seat to flick the applicable fuel cock off and pull the engine shut off. Here's where it gets interesting...the ergonomics of old aircraft (or lack thereof) and my lack of knowledge of the system. "Left engine, left fuel cock, right? WRONG!!!!" I've shut down the wrong engine, I now have the aircraft near fully trimmed toward what was supposed to be the live engine but I've reduced power on the #1 engine which is still running. I'm rapidly losing speed and I'm at relatively low altitude. No time to retrim I'll just need to bring up the power and try hold it with the rudder pedal. That merlin is powerful though, no way I can maintain directional control at low speed with full trim toward the dead engine and high power on the live. Stall, spin, crash...lucky it's a game. I'm reminded of incidents where real world aircraft have ended up in accidents due to incorrect use of fuel feed (or other such error that lead to shutting down the wrong engine). The way this game can bring out the human factor side of flying is awesome. Just for fun though and given we're all into aviation here: Given I've now shut down the wrong engine and there is no hope of maintaining control, what would have been the better action to take instead of trying to wrestle with the aircraft?
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