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  1. Wow! I've worked with Dave Kinney, I know him, I trust him, and he is a fellow Marine. I have only learned about the F-35 DCS project recently and while I am confident that there are challenges, I have confidence in Dave and his crew as I have worked with him on a project before. I've been out of the commercial entertainment flight sim business for awhile since Lock On shipped and I have to say, looking at some of the comments on this forum, that nothing really seems to have changed. The majority of flight sim users are decent, respectful, and enthusiastic. They are the ones that make it a pleasure to work hard to produce a product. Do the math and figure out the percentage of the total number of users flying DCS products, or even all combat flight sims, and compare the total to the number of users participating here and on other forums. If you don't have confidence, don't like the decisions being made, don't like the choice of aircraft, whatever...then don't buy it. But, as in most things in life, there are the naysayers, the nitpickers, the critics. You guys are entitled to your opinions, feelings, doubts, whatever. But to accuse someone of being a scam or a liar without any proof is complete horseshit. I know for a fact that Dave Kinney served in the Air Force and then in both the Navy and the Marine Corps. Shame on those of you who accuse him of lying about his service. I understand that some jackass is saying he can't find a record of Dave working on the F-22 or the B-2. Well, no kidding, do you have access to all the personnel records? Besides, he was also a contractor. He is a fellow Marine and, frankly, I trust him more than just about anyone else that hasn't worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Those of you making fraud allegations, let's see your credentials. Many of you "critics" don't know jack about making a flight sim or running a business. Go ahead and share your opinions, but take a look at some of the things you are saying, really. As I was saying to Wags earlier today, there are things I really miss about making commercial flight sims and there are definitely things I don't miss. Had I known about the KS effort earlier I would have put in my money. As it is, the project will continue without the KS funds, great, I wish Dave, his crew, the folks at ED all the very best. I look forward to judging the F-35 DCS product on its merits and will pay cash for my copy. Semper Fidelis, Carl C. Norman
  2. RIP My Friend I am shocked and saddened at the passing of my good friend Jim Mackonochie. It was in 1995 when Jim who, while working for Mindscape in the UK, first brought the possibility of SSI publishing an Su-27 Flanker simulation developed by a Russian developer named Eagle Dynamics. I was working at SSI on wargames and simulations and met Jim who was incredibly enthusiastic about both the sim and the developers. That was the beginning of a great friendship and working relationship. Jim went on to continue to work on Flanker 2.0, Lock On: Modern Air Combat, and the continuing line of outstanding simulation products created by The Flying Collection/Eagle Dynamics. Jim was a passionate professional who appreciated good friendship and was definitely one of our best Ambassadors in the air combat simulation genre. I have had the great pleasure to have experienced the hospitality and kindness of Jim and his family when I've traveled to London. I have many fond memories of being with Jim at his home in London, at Duxford attending Flying Legends, at E3, in Moscow at Eagle Dynamics and "out on the town", and in San Diego. The world is suddenly less colorful and a bit less interesting with the loss of a man like Jim Mackonochie. Rest in Peace my friend. For Jim, the Royal Navy Man: Si vis pacem, para bellum / If you wish for peace, prepare for war Semper Fidelis, Carl C. Norman
  3. The stick in the A-10C is very similar to the F-16. The right throttle is the same as the F-15E.
  4. There is lots more to the story, but it's not something we're going to be discussing in public. Suffice it to say that some of the technology being used for Lock On and DCS is being used to train USAF pilots and Sensor Operators. There are more realistic HOTAS available, particularly for the A-10C, but some of the training can be managed using CH and Thrustmaster gear.
  5. Outstanding stuff. Skillfully done. My compliments. Merci. Cheers, Carl
  6. Congratulations to my good friends at TFC/ED for the start of the DCS Series! It's been a long time coming, but the future of combat flight simulations is here. I wish all of you much success and I can't wait to fly what you are developing. Warm Regards, Carl
  7. Come on Matt, admit it: You and Igor are trying to dominate the world and this is just part of your evil plan. Soon all of us will be subjected to your domination. Admit the conspiracy! :D Just kidding. Best of luck to you and all my good friends at TFC/ED with the start of something great: DCS. Cheers, Carl
  8. The true measure of who has the larger "johnson" would be an aerial combat engagement. Thankfully, that doesn't seem likely. But, none the less, I would put my money on the Raptor, any day of the week. There's plenty that is not being discussed or demonstrated at airshows regarding the capabilities of this outstanding aircraft. As for the Hollywood narration and music, it's amazing how many laugh at our nature and culture, and yet the sales of American videos and music overseas continues to know no bounds.
  9. The A-10C saw its first combat recently in Iraq. It dropped JDAMs on an insurgent position.
  10. May God have mercy on your soul. Good luck, EB-1.
  11. Chill Just my opinion, you folks can take it or leave it as I won't be upset either way: Everyone should just chill out. These online flight sim brush wars are cyclical and they really don't help the community at all. Everyone gets into hissy fit mode and then types things they shouldn't. If you don't like the product, don't buy it. If it is a stand-alone or doesn't have all the features you want then don't buy it. If you feel you've been slighted then use your most powerful response, don't buy it. If you feel that you are so important and so critical to the community that you have to sling your ill will about one forum on another forum then perhaps you need to really chill out and realize that you might really be taking things and yourself way too seriously. If you are a moderator and you have been banning people for spitting on the sidewalk then maybe you need to chill as well. It's a tough job being a mod and you have to eat a lot of crap, but you knew that going into the job in the first place. If you really think that the guys at Eagle are just out to get your money then you really haven't been paying attention. There are easier ways to make a buck or a ruble. I would recommend that the mods and Eagle let things cool down for a few weeks and then reconsider all the bans they have made. While I am sure most of them were totally justified, it doesn't hurt to give some folks a second or even third chance once they have had a time out. Hey, just my opinions, I could be wrong. So, you don't have to "buy" anything I am saying either. Have a nice day.
  12. Whoa! Student Naval Aviator (SNA) flying in back on an instrument hop, very lost, very flustered, inadvertently keys XMIT instead of ICS to tell Instructor Pilot (IP) he is less-than-optimally situationally aware: SNA: (broadcasts to world) "Sir, I'm all ****ed up." Whiting TWR: "Aircraft using obscenity, identify yourself." (short pause) IP: "My student said he was ****ed up; he didn't say he was stupid."
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