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  1. It's a wonderfull bird and IMHO you have a to fly her more , a lot to discover all her subtlties
  2. Thx Slick but i've already read this topic. I can set myself in front of the reticule. That's being said, i feel lower in the pit, this confirmed by the 3D pilot : my head sits in my chest... And take a look at the external view: the pilot's head, his eyes are clearly ABOVE the reticule's glass so this pilot can only see the bottom of the reticule's circle or nothing. That is exactly what i wanted to note as an imperfection and for me it's a bit a problem to be sunk in my seat. That said: big thx for your reply ^^
  3. Hello, My gunsight isn't in front of my eyes: it position is not aligned and lower ( i only see the down part of the sight circle). To correct this ( and obtain a full circle in front of my eyes), i have to recenter my position in the cockpit BUT i feel way low sitted. In fact when i look to my pilot in external view, his head is way above of the reticule glass, the line from his eyes pass above the sight glass ( for me, in this position, the pilot has to lower his head to aim). For me 2 solutions: 1° the upper position is correct, eyes above the reticule glass, pilot position in external view is correct but you have to lower your head to aim and shoot... 2° If i can see the complete ring of sight then the pilot in external view is way to high sitted. Thx for your help ps: I use a VR headset
  4. Tirpitz like with a "jaw's sentence" as title? ^^
  5. Great news for this bird ! Thx a lot Baltic
  6. Could you give me/us the HB's Discord please?
  7. Hi, Since many monthes (years?) our beloved Viggen is sitll in EA. Is it planned to be out of EA soon? What is missing? Crew are still involved in making this plane more complete? Thx
  8. Thx Mike, a little love for the Viggen makes the fun ^^
  9. Spirale


    I have the same question. The minimum level of sound is way too high.
  10. Alphajuliet told me that it's how it is in the real jet. Normal but not very intuitive ...
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