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  1. They also don’t have a system which locks you out of controlling the aircraft till you centre your sticks but you know …..
  2. If you look at that video I made, I set dead zones to see if it made a difference and it didn’t at all
  3. There’s been lots of posts that accurately describe the problem in this thread.
  4. I’ve flown the hind since early access myself. Resetting trim fixes a situation that comes about because of how the autopilot yaw is implemented with the little rudder pedal buttons on the real aircraft. Whether that issue is brought about by pilot error is irrelevant it has the ability to recover from it. The real aircraft would not enter that state anyway so it doesn’t matter if the real aircraft has trim reset or not. With the hind there is a problem and there is a mechanism to solve it. With the apache there is a problem and no mechanism. If the realism of having a reset button when there isn’t one on the real aircraft upsets you or that you have no problems with how the trim is implemented then just don’t bind the button
  5. I wasn’t really complaining it was more a question of if they were there was there something that I needed to do in mission editor. I’m getting good enough results (or bad for the ISIS guys) I even had one poor unfortunate souls hightailing it down the road trying to get away but that was just with the disperse under fire command. It would be great if they could dive for cover though.
  6. This is what’s getting me, it’s not a trim issue it’s a loss of authority issue. You can trim by the book but the same as the 24’s yaw hold you can get tangled up with the rudder and the only way to get the authority back is is to trim reset or it will start spinning. It is definitely not user error in terms of central trimmer as we are pulling the stick back to centre, if we weren’t then the controls would jump in the direction they are being pushed. Although the central trimmer mode does definitely lock you out of the controls if you don’t centre, I’ve had that in the 24 until I changed it to default. This is different it’s a loss of authority, it’s more like the situation in the 24 with the yaw stabiliser/yaw autopilot. If we were to talk about real life would they really allow an aircraft that reduces your control authority without a button to stop it in an emergency? In a sim game what’s the problem with having a reset button. It’s not trimming back to a neutral position it’s a way to regain control authority after you have lost authority because the way the trim is implemented in the sim
  7. See the video about the bump in the controls when pressing trim
  8. I was looking at how much torque I was using when I was losing anti torque authority. I was pretty much always at 100% or over, I reduced my wieght before takeoff which has given me a torque overhead and a little more authority. I am still getting a bump in the controls when I press trim which I’m looking at. Flying correctly and trimming regularly as we all do in other helicopters isn’t going to stop us crashing in an emergency situation where we need full opposite pedal in an instant which is real life if you think about it. They would never allow a helicopter to fly that locked your controls without the ability to release them instantly
  9. that’s it you can pretty quickly run out of authority especially after spirited flying. You can’t get that authority back without a reset. Yeah 2 hrs flying and my shoulder needs a break, started to hold the stick lightly at the bottom to relax my arm.
  10. I spent a good 20 mins setting up my navigation points etc. is it possible to do this on battery power or external power? It’s hot and I can’t carry that much fuel
  11. Hi Was the more realistic infantry ever implemented? If it was how do I make them run around and take cover in mission editor, would it still be the disperse command? And also the insurgent “isis” vehicles and technicals we saw in the videos
  12. Set your rudder trimmer to the third option it’s doesn’t register any trim. You then you can have independent control of the pedals on transition but you are able to force trim your cyclic. The only downside is that you need to keep on the pedals at all times, but I prefer it that way anyway. I fly all the other rotary wing like that.
  13. It’s a great bird to fly without using trim, but it’s just not practical to use it without trim.
  14. The problem for me isn’t the way it works, it’s there is a bump when I release the stick to centre. The crazy rudder and spinning at transition stuff is because you need to deflect the pedals fully the opposite way to centre it. You approach slowing down trimmed and your anti torque is trimmed half way to the right. At the point of transition you need to adjust your pedals but you can’t because the trim is locked to the right and there is no reset like there is on the hind. So you spin. You can use the third trimmer option on your pedals and then any cyclic trim you set won’t affect your pedals, but you just need to constantly be on them. I prefer it that way anyways
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