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  1. Procedures are easy to follow thus you have detailed tutorials. BFM/BVR otoh is not so simple to explain because it's not as easy as "if the enemy does you do that" - it is very situational. There are tons of videos about that, there are plenty of forum threads and also real CNATRA docs if want to dig in. So read, watch, practice and repeat. Don't expect a tutorial that turns you into an ace in an hour showing some magic tricks. Yes, you can still trap a bit overspeed but you risk a bolter or hook damage.
  2. FC3 aircraft have mostly the same bindings list which would be the probable reason.
  3. You don't disengage NWS in the Eagle unless you're ground crew.
  4. My Jester works fine meaning he does report tally on bandit during merge, so does report the speed. When I have a bandit in front of me or locked, he stops reporting positions.
  5. Look at the vertical line on the radar, like here: or just the number in the center of the HUD circle (do not allow it to be more than 70).
  6. Seriously? The only problem would be cell range - so you can text any time but it'll be sent later when you're in range. IF military pilots used mobiles of course.
  7. Yeah it's a kill. Usual WIP AI stuff. Just save a track and report: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/423-ai-bugs-non-combined-arms/ Impossible due to #5 in EULA (which you agreed to).
  8. So, we don't really know what is requested here. Is it some kind of artificial (thus unrealistic) stick-rudder interconnect system or just the need to operate rudder from HOTAS alone (for which there are already options for).
  9. Axis was always available for flap lever. You can set it however you want even without lua edits and you won't achieve anything unrealistic. Why would they need to force/lock anything?
  10. But I say they still should react but with consistency, also when we don't shoot, because they should not know - only expect. If I had TacView I would've watched - that's why I asked what was your findings. @AH_Solid_Snake But the test shots or long shots vs bombers are still fine - just manuevering fighters are harder to get because they are low sometimes and they, well, maneuver.
  11. Yeah, locking means focusing the whole radar power on the target, acquisition. Maybe you lock them with some Tpod? Are the helicopters airborne? At least screenshot or a video will make things clear.
  12. Keep in mind the repair process (or any DCS update) will bring back the potentially bad worthog profile - thus my advise was to check if it fixes the issue first.
  13. Already possible by editing some lua's. Or use Voice Attack which disables the Jester menu completely. 1. +1, already reported 2. Why? For training purposes? 3. already wished for but Jester is about to be redone a bit they say
  14. ...but your screenshot shows "all but axes". Also please show devices hidden on the right side when in pilot F-14 axes view. One last idea is to temporarily remove (make a backup first!) the default profile file for TM Warthog in the main DCS folder (not saved games) \mods\aircraft\F-14\config\input\joystick - it might be a bit different folder structure or naming, but you got the idea.
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