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  1. draconus's post in windows 7 64 bit with 4GB ram was marked as the answer   
    Not enough. Here are minimum specs:
  2. draconus's post in Alternative To Replay Functionality was marked as the answer   
    1. Tacview
    2. Live recording
    Other than that cinematics are done with many short tracks.
  3. draconus's post in My Thrustmaster F18 Hotas does not work in the F15? was marked as the answer   
    I'd like to ask you to do that again, @JON3Z, and upload the screenshot.
  4. draconus's post in Comms menu, move location on screen… semi solved was marked as the answer   
    This works for me:
    window:setBounds(screenWidth - menuWidth - 500, 0, menuWidth, height)
  5. draconus's post in Marianas CTD all the time. was marked as the answer   
    Mods are loaded with DCS from here:
    C:\Users\Jordi\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\CoreMods/
    C:\Users\Jordi\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods
    Just move the folders somewhere else.
    Set uppper and lower limit the same to 32000MB.
  6. draconus's post in How to buy J-11A? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it's like a hidden gem, a bonus type of Su-27. Not even one built-in mission afaik - you have to use custom mission or make one for yourself. No info about it in FC3 or Su-27 module descriptions - pity - someone might look for it and appreciate one.
  7. draconus's post in Cockpit Fire? was marked as the answer   
    not modeled in any aircraft afaik
  8. draconus's post in Changing Frequency to a second Tanker was marked as the answer   
    You tune your aircraft radio freq first, then use PTT button to use that radio to transmit to the Arco, which you choose from the comm menu tankers list.
  9. draconus's post in I can't see FPS in game was marked as the answer   
    Game radar indicates you have a game mode or game avionics turned on.
    Lctrl+Z is default for time accel - it might be a keybind conflict.
  10. draconus's post in Offline Access - Unexpected Outages was marked as the answer   
    @Wolf359Grace period is exactly 72h without having to authenticate again. If using mobile internet/sharing is not an option and you don't want to be surprised just stay in offline mode. It saves the authentication for as long as you want it.
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