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  1. When I try to add a waypoint in the TSD for "Outpost Pershing TOC", using 40RDP22256054, from the kneeboard, the waypoint on the TSD is off the map. What am I doing wrong? I've only just taken a look at this mission and haven't even taken off yet, though just as well I came here as there appear to be other issues
  2. Thanks, but unfortunately I remain none the wiser. Sorry if I'm being a bit thick. What is a "contrast lock"? "the tads still moves with the target but at the offset you set with the thumb force controller". Isn't that what LMC does? I didn't mean to imply otherwise, sorry if it came across as if I did.
  3. Love it. If only I could pronounce it. I am convinced that ED have an employee whose job title is Head of Schildbürgerstreich Opportunities; he appears to be quite a busy chap, as examples of his work can be found all over DCS. See also: "What?! Having a button in the controller options so you can set the afterburner position on the throttle axis? How ridiculous. Over my dead body. Nobody could possibly want that."
  4. Bump. Not sure why this is in the wishlist forum. Since it's the only post I've found that mentions in Image Auto Track/Offset in the title, perhaps the post should be moved to the main forum where are more comprehensive explanation might be forthcoming?
  5. Yes, I know it's been requested many times before. And yet, years have gone by and it's still not there, and people have to waste their time shaping throttle axis curves. Come on ED, this should be near the top of the list. Please... Have mercy...
  6. I've only just noticed a "messages history" optioon in the ESC menu. Firstly, thank you very much for introducing a much-needed feature. However, it seems to me that this window should be availble in-game, unpaused, from a specific binding, and it should not be necessary to go the ESC menu.
  7. To my understading, there are different kneeboard file locations: the default kneeboard (route and airfield charts) custom player aircraft kneeboard files (that the user can add under saved games / kneeboard) a mission specific kneeboard (in the miz file) It seems to me that the kneeboard could be improved considerably by allowing these to be user-selectable from the kneeboard by default, e.g. by having extra tabs / icons added to the kneeboard. It is highly incovenient for the user to have to click their way through tens of pages to get to the pages they want. Also, please, please, please could you allow the kneeboard commands (next, prev page etc) to function whilst the sim is paused? Thanks for listening.
  8. So why waste your time and mine by saying it again?
  9. How about something like this? - When the switch is made (in-game) collective position is not changed and the physical throttle position is ignored, a discrete up or down arrow is displayed (e.g. next to the ihadss throttle indicator) indicating to the player in which direction he needs to move the physical throttle so that it matches the in-game collective. Once they match the indicator is removed and the physical throttle is reactivated? Optional of course, and would avoid forcing the player needing to have the controls display turned on all the time. P.S.: IMHO, cyclic trim settings should just transfer w/o any input from the player, as in OP request.
  10. As far as I can tell it has the following effects: If on: when switching from pilot to cpg, George automatically takes over flying and flies the aircraft whether the George interface is displayed or not. Selecting "request aircraft control" will deactivate George, and allow you to control the a/c, assuming you've mapped the CP cyclic/collective/at/trim. If off: when switching from pilot to cpg, George does not automatically take over flying. You have control of the a/c, assuming you've mapped the CPG cyclic/collective/at/trim. Hiding or showing the George interface does not affect this - you must use "request aircraft control" for George to start / stop flying the aircraft. i find that when I switch back to pilot when George is flying, that my controls (TM Warthog) are resynched and George's trim settings are lost causing a loss of control. Since i like to switch between the positions quite often I prefer to disable the auto handover option. "Request aircraft control" appears to mean "make the CPG controls (in)active", and the cyclic can be seen to be (un)stowed when it is used. With the cyclic unstowed the George interface can still be used, and he replies to commands, but doesn't actually fly the aircraft.
  11. Of course not. But it's an unavoidable necessity for single player. I'm suggesting a way that I think it could be improved. I may or may not be right, but if no-one says anything other than "it is what it is" then how can you expect anything to ever improve? Indeed, and that is the sort of (emergency) situation where the CPG cyclic and collective would be used, as I tried to argue above.
  12. Thanks for replying I'm only suggesting an option to keep the 3 main pilot axis bindings (cyclic, collective, anti-torque) and perhaps the force trim hat functions active in the cpg position. Just the basic functions for flying the aircraft. Everything else would stay as it is. From your response, I get the impression that you think i'm suggesting something far more drastic. I see very little need (esp in single player) to use the CPG HOCAS and think forcing the player to use it to fly the helo from the CPG seat is needlessly cumbersome, and does not reflect how the helo is flown irl. Sorry if i'm misunderstanding you, as I agree with everything you say; but I don't think any of your points above conflict with the point I'm trying to make.
  13. Which is perfectly fine. I, however, would like to switch between roles as often as I like, with as little fuss as possible, and have so far found the current mechanism a bit clunky. Hence my suggestion. The use of the C key in this way would suggest that the CPG often takes control of the helo for normal flying tasks, which I understand to be unrealistic.
  14. Still trying to set up controllers and work out how things work; sorry if I'm getting things wrong or misunderstanding in what I write below. I wish to fly single player only. Initially I noticed that if I swapped from pilot to cpg (no george) and back that the controls trim would reset and I could lose control of the helo. I worked around this by disabling the ai auto handover (in special), and this is what I'm using now. Now I'm playing around with George. So I start a mission as pilot and am flying, and switch to CPG and "turn on" George (by using binding "george ai show/hide"). I would've expected George to then take control, but it doesn't unless I hit "request aircraft control" which appears to enable/disable the controls in the CPG seat (i.e. the cyclic is (un)stowed). My understading is that the CPG using collective / cyclic controls is very unusual IRL, so this behaviour doesn't appear optimal to me. I think there should be an option to carry on using the pilot's collective and cyclic axes (and pedals, and trim release) when in the CPG seat. I think I would've preferred for George to take/release control of the helo whenever the AI controls are displayed in the CPG seat, and I should not have to use the "request aircraft control" for this, and go back to pilot axes control when George is not displayed. Separately, keep the option to use the CPG collective/cyclic as an emergency and very rarely used option. Again no doubt I'm missing and getting things wrong, and appreciate it's inherently difficult to translate a 2-pilot into single player, but I am finding some of the choices not quite optimal. Hopefully I'm explaining myself correctly (though I'm finding it tricky to do so). *** Having said that, many thanks for all the work on the module, which is even at this early stage quite outstanding ***.
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