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  1. You know what is worst for me, lack of news from ww2, i am waiting and waiting and it is nothing, i feel like it is no progress.
  2. Do you mean posts about how "Nick Grey is the best person to determine true to life FM and engine and systems simulation of ww2 planes, yes i agree with that, this is definitely not why ppl leave DCS ww2, topic is about why and where ppl went gone from ww2.
  3. I can add that we can latch throttle with rpm lever, this helps in dive situations
  4. Very important thing is to not rev engine below 1000 rpm during warm up, and avoid like hell revving engine with throttle closed completely, only instance when you can do it is landing phase when you have to reduce power to minimum to slow down the plane. Second thing if your mission is set with high outside 20C or more when you start engine open up oil cooler to max, oil will get hot in hot summer days, and second thing use max rpm and do not go over 52" at take off. Make sure that mixture handle is in proper position "auto rich". Or just follow P-47 manual, you can use original manual it will work too, read start,pre-take off, take off parts and you will be fine too. If you are going blind on this, you will miss some important things and your engine will quit very often.
  5. Ponny has convergence at 1200ft at least according to manual. 600m is almost 2000ft which i doubt that dora is set for this range.
  6. I use 2 switch on worthog hotas where switch do not go back, when i push it it stays so i have to move it to neutral position
  7. The only strong side of Anton is firepower 4x 20mm cannons will shred everything, but someone will have hard time against AI, even AI mosquito pulls stunning aerobatics in fight. In RL or on MP server when you are fighting against ppl, performance of your plane does not translate to win ratio. On MP server you can jump on unaware pilots, AI do not make such mistakes
  8. No they will use only main tanks, sice dcs is fueling outer tanks first there is high chnce that main tanks werent filled not as much as you though.
  9. Include track. But first thing, what rpms setting are you using for that flight? I use 10lbs at 2850rpm and i didn't encounter any problems.
  10. I think Yak-52 is pretty common plane, i will try find some real aerobatics recordings, but i don't have yak-52 as module to compare.
  11. In p47 you can adjust boost via turbo rpm not like in p51 via throttle valve so there is no waste at lower alt. From what i have seen p47 has flat power staring SL to very high alt. At 52/2700 sl-2000hp same at 10k and 15k and so on.
  12. Exactly MP is just absolute pressure in intake manifold. When you climb higher, air temp goes down so power goes up. I just realized with another thing when engine revs high supercharger revs high as well so if you uses low MP it is pointless to waste power on high revving superchargers. This eat engine power as well. So what happens with power if you move rpm from 2700 to 3000 at constant MP is even more complex. One thing is certain if your mp is no more then 46 you don't need more rpm then 2700. If you have time take p51 reach level top speed at 46/2700 and then increase to 3000 sea what happens with speed
  13. Ammount of MP does not mean same power. At SL P51 develops 1490hp but at critical alt for low blower power increase to 1590hp for 61inch and 3000rpm. At 20k ft it will make much less because at this alt high blower will be engaged and at 20k we can expect something like 1200hp ar 61/3000 don't remember exactly. Another thing we can't generalize here because diffent planes has diffent forced induction systems and those behave diffent. Power/alt chart for Bf-109 looks different then for P-51 or P-47. P-51, Spitfire and Mosquito will have similar looking power charts only difference is in alt where supercharger speed changes and power outputs.
  14. It is more complex, for example lets take P51. P51 has automatic boost which start working at MP higher then 41 or 42 inch of MP. Out side of this range when you increase rpm less air fuel goes to cylinders so you get less torque but the power remain about the same. And this is simulated in DCS. Set 30inch and start playin with rpm you will notice that MP goes down when you increase rpm and vice versa. Now things are quite difrent when MP is above 41 inch. From this point pilot do not have direct control over throttle valve. If you flying at 46inch oh MP and 2700rpm and you increase RPM boost unit will open throttle as well to maintain ammount of air fuel mix introduced to cylinders so torque is about the same but power goes up. What i said is truth if power curve of the engine tops out at around 3000rpm, but things may have be different. Full Power chart for v-1650-7 is needed to determine it, could be possible that engine power tops out at 2000rpm and this additional 1000rpm above max power point is only to allow engine to take high MP like 67inch, then things will be quite different. Unfortunately we have only rudimentary power charts, so we know what power engine makes at 2700rpm and 46inch or 3000rpm and 61inch but we don't know what power engine makes at 3000rpm and 46inch.
  15. Problem is here, that Bf-109 is on spot at take off behavior, it does exactly as bf pilots describe it, increasing rudder authority from prop wash would ruin that, take off in bf-109 would be pice of cake. I remember pilot saying that if you are not prepared for nose swing in bf-109 when tail lifts it will turn in to the grass how it would be possible if rudder from prop wash could wing plane at 0 speed with ease. That thing make no sense for me.
  16. Bf-109 400% mass of Extra 300 Bf-109 128% length of extra 300
  17. That is tremendous area in Extra 300 compare to weight and size of warbirds. Bf-109 is the best 5 times more power almost same rudder area no wonder it is hard to keep it streigh on take off, and every time when tail lifts bf-109 wants to turn in to grass.
  18. Variable constant speed propeller has couple jobs main jobs. 1. First noticeable improvement is at take off, it allow to start with very low pitch at initial roll and with higher pitch at lift off with constant optimal engine rpm. This improve take off performance a lot, you should experiment with P-47 which has fixed pitch mode, set minimum pitch and try to take off you will be amazed how quickly you have to retard throttle to avoid engine over rev. Early spitfires has fixed pitch prop with 2 positions low pitch and high pitch. Pitch was set optimal for take off but whole take off not initial run, so first pilot pushed the throttle but engine could not get to max rpm which was 2800 rpm, so boost for initial roll was limited due to low rpm, when plane got some speed pilot could advance throttle more but after take off when plane got some speed he had to throttle back or switch prop mode. Pilots later found out that they could set intermediate position between low pitch and high pitch setting. 2. It allow plane to be operated at wide range of speeds 3. Is related to variable speed, this allow fuel consumption reduction and increase engine life time. Running engine at high rpm low MP expose engine to high rotational forces which are not required for this MP. Running engine at low rpm / high MP induce very high peak pressure during combustion which can cause detonations to happen, this kills engine from inside so no indication from oil or coolant temp until it is over. Ofc due to a lot of noises in cockpit knock/detonations are impossible to hear by the pilot.
  19. It is harder because AI does not care about cooling, and it will hand on prop all day long and you will cook your engine 100 times, above alt where AI can;t pull vertical loop of death it sucks and it is very easy to beat, still AI will dive and try drag you to lower alt to be able enter loop of death tactic but i always stay high and drop on this stupid ai. Things could changed, Last time i went after AI was 1-2 month ago.
  20. I found out, that AI tend to enter vertical loop tactic at lower alt so at alt where AI is no longer able to do it i can beat AI much easier. I haven't flown against AI 1 at least for 1 month, things may have changed.
  21. What i noticed about flaps, when i leave flap handle in lowered position and i drop gear down, flaps will retract abit depends on speed, so once i deploy flaps i move handle in neutral so when i drop gear they wont retract.
  22. Cowl flaps half open, i though they should be full open. Check 12:00 overheated oil ?? 100 C am i see this right. In flight keep flaps lever in middle position, this way oil pump has lighter work.
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