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  1. Hello there everyone! I am building a new rig, Ryzen 5 3600 (Basic, I know.) 1TB NVME, and 32Gigs of Ram! But, a tradeoff for a few months is that I'll be rocking an Old 780TI until I can upgrade it a few months down the line. How should I expect it to run? Maybe low-med settings? (Medium textures due to low VRAM of course), but other than that. Do any of you have any experience running this GPU in today's sim age? Thanks.
  2. Normal Startup for DCS F-16C. Everything works as usual (except for what is already bugged), unable to cage Artificial Horizon.
  3. It has GOT TO be one of these in my HONEST OPINION. AH-1H Cobra, AH-64 Apache, or THE BLACKHAWK SERIES AIRCRAFT
  4. I'd be down for some AC-130s maybe, C2 would rock though!
  5. Everybody keep looking at that unofficial roadmap ;) who knows, it might be there! It might not... I have my eyes on the AH-64D, though... Maybe even a C130 if ED likes us (ha)
  6. Not wrong. They do fly SD ANG jets. But CA ANG pilots also fly these jets.
  7. Hi there, community! I am currently figuring out an interview with CA ANG Pilots flying the F-16Cs leased from South Dakota. Hit me with your Q&A Questions! Current questions we already have gotten What is it like to be some of the last ANG Pilots still flying F-16s? Is there much of a rivalry between you and the F-15C pilots of the Guard? How many of them fly commercial simulators in their free time. Do they use DCS for entertainment or training? Why doesn’t the March Detachment use F-15Cs like the rest of the guard instead of the F-16s?
  8. Fighter Pilot Podcast I think spoke about it, along with maybe the Alert 5 Podcast (not sure). Wags said if a 3rd Party wanted to, they could.
  9. CALIFORNIA VIPERS! https://aircraftprofileprints.com/1252-thickbox_default/f-16c-fighting-falcon-144th-fw-194th-fs-ca-87-301-2010.jpg
  10. F-16 Oscillations and Pitch/Yaw Problem Aircraft will go into a heavy left - right oscillation when using slight rudder sometimes. And sometimes will pitch up and down uncontrollably (which I do not have a video of) but, the aircraft will go full pitch down and full pitch up, blacking you out, and it does this for about 10-15 seconds at least. Here is the left-right oscillation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n1YRG4sXbs
  11. Make sure you have your Master Arm on! Also, for gun, search "Second Trigger Detent" and assign your button.
  12. I would post a gif if this was on disco- Hold on https://tenor.com/view/popcorn-watching-gif-5457118
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