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  1. You've got a year at best, minimum.
  2. Not sure if this is what you're asking but it's in the subsection steerpoint section of the waypoints upper category. Steps: 1) Hit WP on CDU panel as highlighted below the window 2) Hit LSK 1L "Steerpoint" 3) Type in altitude desired in CDU 4) Drop desired altitude into LSK 2L (as highlighted)
  3. #1 There isn't anything in the news letter about it being completed and ready for release. Therefore, it sounds like it's "still being worked on." #2 If we don't push, ED tends to let things languish. #3 I was directly addressed and so responded to my point.
  4. How has this not been fixed yet.... The community has done more in the past day for the A-10 than ED in the past 6 months to solve this issue.
  5. I'll give it a look and let ya know if I still have the issue. Edit: It would appear to have been fixed. Although I feel like the switching of gain/level from white to black hot is weird in that getting a good image for one completely messes up the other. I also think that bhot and whot are still reversed but need to test a bit further. The eye gouging default brightness seems to have been reduced significantly.
  6. Yup, all are welcome to give it a go. All details needed are in the "how-to-play" section. Any weird bugs you notice, please speak up as it's in its fledgling form. Cheers, Thump
  7. Thump

    One (1) Developer

    A year's worth of waiting for a radio and months worth of waiting to correct a broken LITENING pod? There's patience and then there's neglect.
  8. Figured I'd throw this in the wishlist section. We're looking at coming up on a year since we have had any semi-meaningful progress on this module. Would be cool to be able to fly this thing at night again without frying my retinas.
  9. Nope I am not with ED, but both BN and NL said no devs are working on the A-10 currently. The one dev they did have on it was moved away from the A-10 months ago without any expected return date. So it's a bit more than just an assumption but more like an educated estimation based on their words and the lack of any progress with the A-10 since the December timeframe, the release of the Apache, and the current updates being seen by the Hornet, SC, and Viper. *The only real assumption is that in a few months, the dev will return. It could very well be longer until that status changes.
  10. Because it does not have to be this way. Simple as that. I don't buy a computer sold to me as having a Graphics Card and then later having to pay separately for that circuit board's transistors. ACLS was sold as a Hornet feature independent of the SC. It doesn't matter if ED is small. And the fact that you're willing to excuse "evil marketing" (your words, not mine) is problematic to say the least. You also received a full product at that point. The Hornet and SC are still EA and not released. So your analogy does not work.
  11. Don't need it, don't want it. I do want something that was made a selling feature of the Hornet on the Hornet forum for the purposes of making the Hornet more enticing to buy. I really don't see how a community can be so anti-itself and choose a business over a better (and as advertised) total experience.
  12. *Stares in (currently broken) Tomcat ACLS for all three carriers.*
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