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  1. in theory the F-16 should be better, but I find the Hornet to be easier to dog fight in. Something about the high alpha / one circle fight seems to be resonate better with me.
  2. This is exceeding my expectations. Incredible detail.
  3. My favorite map is getting better. Thanks for the continued improvements.
  4. Hi Monty, Can you share some information about the motion platform? I'd eventually like to get this as well - it would be a nice addition to VR. Many thanks, Derek
  5. Many thanks. These guides are very helpful.
  6. I don't think you're missing anything. This is precisely what I do if I want to take off from the carrier again. I would be nice to have the yellow shirts direct you to a parking spot but I can also understand why this is quite hard to implement. At any rate, I'd like them to prioritize the frame rate hit that the supercarrier has.
  7. I thought Flaps are in half position rather than full. I could be wrong though.
  8. Just another vote for Deka to make a '00 era Redfor multi-role fighter. Similarly happy to pay whatever it takes.
  9. This is something that I wish ED would get on top of. It's such a simple thing to do and would only help them show us all the good work they are doing.
  10. I'd say they would want to bed down the issues already identified. Hard to put a time frame out on this, especially with another patch coming next week and release of A-10C II. I understand your frustration, but on the bright side, the stable version should be in good condition when it finally gets released.
  11. I can AAR in the Hornet, which is the only module I'm playing these days.
  12. I hear you on this. I'm a time crunched gamer; once I've done it a cold start a few times, it is somewhat monotonous and I prefer to get into the flying. If you are going to do a cold start, then you should also hit F2 and do a walkaround as well :) Having said that, for most missions it seems to have cold start as default; in which case I use the automated start and use the time to prep for the mission.
  13. I'm also on VR (Reverb) with a 2070 Super. My FPS ranges between 25-40 on the Supercarrier. and around 45-55 FPS in the air. Deduct around 5 FPS for multiplayer. Probably the worst thing is the occasional stutter. When I don't use the VR, the FPS is consistently 100-120 with almost no stuttering. While I don't expect to ever get to 100-120 FPS in VR, I do wonder if it is possible that the new RTX30 series will get me an extra 10-15 FPS plus reduce (but not eliminate) some of the stutters. Fingers crossed.
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