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  1. Oh absolutely, but at the same time circumstances are different, there wasn’t a blockbuster movie released about A10C pilots. ED may (or may not) see a chance to make money from a “new” module that may bring new people into DCS without the workload or starting from scratch.
  2. But doesn’t the A10C II render the A10C obsolete? That model of upgrade is how I picture us one day getting the E. I know that the C isn’t finished yet and I certainly wouldn’t expect this to happen for at least a couple of years if at all, but the popularity of the Tomcat today has a lot to do with a film that was released over 30 years ago. If the same happens for the Hornet (unlikely I think) then it’s not a matter of it needing to be released to coincide with the hype for the film. Personally I think it won’t happen because info on the avionics stuff is probably restricted, isn’t that the case with some of the stuff in the C we thought we’d be getting?
  3. I’m not the only one who asked the question it seems, almost identical title too. Not me btw
  4. Is anyone else having an issue where the lighting at night is bugged? The cockpit is lit up like it’s daytime and I can see light reflecting on rivers and lakes. I use VR and have the Simplex shader mod installed, could that be the problem? I did a Google search but the most recent post I found was from 2021.
  5. Wags has said they’d love to do it but there very busy right now so haven’t looked into it. There’s hope in that statement and if Top Gun 2 is a smash then who knows. I agree, finish the C first of course.
  6. If the E becomes the new Tomcat do you think that will increase the likely hood of us getting an A10C II like upgrade at some point? For me I think on the one hand an increase in popularity of the airframe would make it seem like a good money earner. But on the other hand I get the feeling ED ran into unforeseen issues with some of the C’s systems being a bit more classified than previously thought. If that is the case it seems highly unlikely we’ll ever see the E. I hope I’m wrong, what fo you folks think?
  7. That’s exactly what I did and exactly what I now do. I’ve set AAR as my new bench mark for putting the hours in to learn the aircraft. I’m finding the Tomcat soo much harder. Past a certain point I can’t see anything but the basket and the fuel line in the Tomcat! I think, despite wanting to fly countless other aircraft, I’m going to be a Hornet pilot forever more. The rest (non FBW) are just too hard for me. I must remember I said the same thing about AAR in the Hornet this time last year.
  8. I own and have flown the Spitfire a fair amount, though I never really got my head around when and where to be using the rudder, (is that called coordinated flight?). Had I been sent up over the skies of southern England I doubt I would have come back, put it that way. I’d totally agree, but look two posts down from yours, the confusion returns! It’d be great if we got some tutorials on tactics/airmanship one day. Are there any purchase-able campaigns that cover that kind of thing? Im going to check that out. In other news, I was trying to do Case 1 last night, boy oh boy it’s so much harder than the Hornet. I just can’t get it on speed for love nor money. Interestingly if I don’t try to get it on speed I can land it, if I try and get the yellow doughnut I always hit the fan tail with explosive results. Are you supposed to have it trimmed on speed like the Hornet? I always that if you weren’t on speed you couldn’t catch a wire? I keep getting the three wire with the red chevron (too fast). Thanks for the advice chaps.
  9. Thanks Rudel_chw I have watched this, but will be sure to watch it again. Though I did read on here that Jabbers had got the rudder inputs the wrong way round when talking about adverse/proverse yaw. Ofc I’ve no idea if he has or not, he knows a metric butt tonne more than me, but it sowed the seed of doubt in my mind of which is the correct way. Im finding it hard to verbalise what I’m looking for, helpful I know. Stuff like how to employ the aircraft in bvr engagements, (I’m guessing flying directly at the target and firing Aim 54s till someone goes boom isn’t what the Navy do.) good airmanship stuff, how to get the most out of the aircraft in general and in dogfights. That kind of stuff. If only Prez would continue his excellent Tomcat for Dummies videos. Thanks for the suggestion Uxi, but it’s easier said than done it turns out. Had a crappy experience recently with a Sqdn that will remain nameless.
  10. YouTube has loads of video tutorials on the different systems/weapons but I’m having a hard time finding anything that covers the more fundamental things that make a good Tomcat pilot. I keep hearing the Tomcat is easy to fly but hard to fly well but I can’t seem to find anything that’ll teach me how to fly it well. Could anyone kindly point me in the direction of a good YouTube video/Book/Cave painting that explains how to be a better Tomcat pilot please? It would be very much appreciated by this nugget who keeps ending up back in the Hornet because it’s easier to fly.
  11. Brilliant. Thanks again zildac
  12. Thanks for the reply zildac. Ive got a spare computer but I doubt my internet connection is up to the job. When I download a game on steam I get about 12mb/s, my isp says it’s 40mb/s but I’ve never seen anything download at that speed. But more importantly I’d like it to be on at all times for a group of ppl to join whenever they want, I can’t do that with my spare laptop and crappy internet
  13. Apologies in advanced if this is an oft repeated question, but how much does it cost to rent a server for DCS? I’m in the UK so here or EU is what I’m after. Thanks in advance
  14. Was it not the case in earlier versions an AWACS would be automatically there but now you have to purchase it and give it a route to fly? Could be that?
  15. No worries, I didn’t think you were being rude. Update: Well I was wrong about the ATFLIR causing roll when you have an Aim 120 on the other cheek, but fire even one of your Aim 9s and the FBW system dose not compensate for it. Does the A10 have something up it’s sleeve to counteract asymmetrical loads? I seem to remember it does but it’s been a long time since I took the Hog for a spin.
  16. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you! Subscribed and very much looking forward to more of your videos, bravo sir. edit, DCS and 40k content! (Battle Fleet Gothic at least) = me a very happy chap
  17. I don’t know if it would, though it seems plausible to me. If you have an asymmetric load the fly by wire doesn’t help much, still needs trimming out. Though I could be (and probably am) wrong, I don’t think fly by wire = straight and level flight at all times. As an example if you have an Aim 120 on one side and the Tpod on the other then there is a bit of roll, both on the F16 and F18. I find it more subtle in the Hornet (due to the Amram counter weight) but it’s there. Anyway as I said, if it’s correct as is then super dooper, if not maybe it could be added. Seeing as I’m here I thought I’d add that the issue with buildings not rendering in the Tpod is pretty bad. I have view distance set to High and, off the top of my head, at anything above 20 miles away those poor little tanks look terribly exposed.
  18. I am a pilchard! just been back through the book and the dumb bomb drop was from 10k feet and CCIP was not mentioned. “Steep dive” lead me to believe it was CCIP but as mentioned here that could just as likely be AUTO. The 13k ft attack was in fact a guns run, start at 15k and pull up at 13k. That is pretty impressive and I deffo couldn’t do that in DCS! Can’t make out targets in VR from that height. So I’m an idiot haha! Apologies and I’ll get my coat…
  19. Could be, I’ll try and find it today. I was reading the Osprey publishings Hornet units in OIF part one. My memory is not the most reliable
  20. I was attempting to hit targets, such as trucks, with CCIP and not go bellow 12k ft. But I can’t make out ground targets above 10k ft so was hoping the tgp would help me. Read recently about Hornet pilots in OIF doing CCIP drops and staying above 13k so wanted to give it a try, didn’t say what the target was mind.
  21. Has it always been this way? I mean I assume it is supposed to be like this (which is a bit of a shame) but was this possible when the Hornet first came out? I remember CCIPing onto the target diamond years ago, or was this with the Harrier? Anyway, thanks for the answers chaps
  22. Been trying to use the tgp whilst dropping mk82s in ccip and beyond scoping out the target area before rolling in I can’t see it as being able to help. I thought I could get the target diamond to mark the target for me so I have something to aim at as I roll in but this doesn’t seem to be the case as it forces Auto bomb mode. Is this just the way of things or am I missing something?
  23. There is a mod that will make them black and white, might help. Sorry don’t have a link but shouldn’t be hard to find. As for the cut off text on the right ddi, it’s how it’s supposed to be. (Same for the colour of the ddi’s) I don’t know if you can edit the colours with lua file editing, might be possible but I have no clue.
  24. Thanks for the speedy reply. Though I do understand that the devs strive for authenticity, and we very much appreciate that, this particular issue raises an interesting conundrum when it comes to the authenticity of our Hornet. I for one would back what raus suggests for MSI etc. just my 2 pence worth.
  25. Well said sir Do you know how the team feel about improvising a bit when it comes to these features and implementing some of raus’s suggestions re the docs used? Would be great to know one way or the other.
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