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  1. Theres a big thread about this already https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=239207 Red
  2. I’m on here all the time,, must admit I did see original post,, but once I see your obviously an analyst,, all those pie charts and graphs,, scroll on by Red
  3. Four of us flew F18s last night & no problems, we could all see each other on D/L Red
  4. Dont hold it down, press once and you will see LTD/R, which means the laser is firing You should pickle first, wait 8-10 secs, then fire laser
  5. DCS Debrief has excellent Videos on the subject https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERjcJzbzHmoBVPJpqn9RjQ Red
  6. Lat long is hundredths of a sec Precise is thousandths of a sec Precise has 8 digits Also when in DATA page click on A/C and you can change it ,,bottom right osb If you have selected and boxed the precise button you can see it change from DCML to SEC You can change it to feet by going into the UFC Watch Redkites Vid Hope this helps
  7. I have roughly the same problem, Frame rate is fine with S/A page open, its when I switch on the counter measures from off to on or standby that the frames drop dramatically.. can someone else test this, and see what the result is,, cheers Red
  8. Thanks kaltokri ..was driving me knuts Red
  9. I have the same problem, but if I right click I have not the option to restore, is there any other way to bring it up? Red
  10. I stand corrected, I have been flying flight sims for 30 odd years, mostly WW2, this is where I have obviously seen it, but just happened to be watching Fighter pilot podcast where Jello explains it at the 3.50 mark Red
  11. Funny if you look through it, it will line up with the hud reticule Aircraft have had these since the implementation of reflector sights,, nearly every aircraft had a steel back up sight in case the bulb burst,,,Spit doesn't have one cos it could carry spare bulbs Red
  12. Its the backup A/A gun sight, incase you lose the hud Red
  13. Drop the flaps at the right time and you dont need to push it forward, half flaps at 190-200 full flaps 180-170 kinda works for me. try dropping at a lower speed and you will figure it out, Red
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