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  1. Honestly, I do feel that throttle response seems a bit slow. Something to look into.
  2. They're mainly working however the Toe brakes are malfunctioning.
  3. Make me an offer.. I've got Saitek Combat Pros
  4. I think it was only brought in with some of the later block Super Bugs and Upgraded foreign hornets..
  5. I've got a pair of Logitech Pro Combat Pedals, only problem is one of the toe breaks is damaged. Great Condition 200$ shipped. Located in CA
  6. Just use LMAV.. I doubt Infrared mavericks get much use unless it's for light anti-shipping.
  7. I would check that your looking at Legacy Hornets NATOPS and not the Rhino (Super Hornets) Natops.
  8. Looking to buy a Thrustmaster Warthog for a reasonable price. Make me offers.
  9. They might give us the cheek mount just like they gave us the LITENING pod
  10. Freeroamer


    Also we need the CATM-9X
  11. Noticed a Mistake on 283 of F-14 Guide where you state that the GBU-10 is 250LB warhead when in-fact it is based on Mk84
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