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  1. [quote=Gimbal;3838412 -Getting the aircraft level is a pain, or even just descending and ascending, I'll be going down at a decent vert-speed, touch the throttle a little bit and now oh look I'm descending faster, or even climbing, or anything but what I want to do. -The same issue for maintaining a speed, this is a little bit better but coupled with the altitude issue it's just extremely hard because if I touch my speed or even breath too hard the aircraft is going to do something I don't want it to do. -The on-speed AOA is really confusing, maybe I'm looking at it too much from a hornet perspective, but I can't find any resources that explain it. "It says I'm slow so I'll speed up, annnd not I'm at +30 degrees." . This aircraft simulation by Heatblur is nothing short of incredible! The F-14 is more of a stick and rudder bird than any other modern fighter in DCS. To get the aircraft level first start with the Horizon display and the vertical speed then look at the HUD to see what that gets you to hold level. Now - understand that every speed/power change is going to require a different pitch position to hold level. For landing, the F-14 has a high pitch angle on final requires full speed brakes and DLC engaged. Make sure you understand what DLC is and how to use it. It should be mapped to your controller. Pay attention to the E bracket in the HUD for speed adjustments instead of the AOA lights. It will give you a much better indication of the trends. Then once you are trimmed up on speed, make only very small adjustments to the power and use the DLC to help control your glidepath to the runway. If you are getting a lot of wing rocking, you need to unload the elevator and trim more. Also, learn how to use the rudders to stay coordinated. Think - step on the ball to keep it centered. Lastly, have a little patience - if you think controlling speed on landing is difficult, just wait until you start dog-fighting. Under standing "corner speed" and learning how you are going to have to keep coordinated and manage small pitch inputs along with power is going to be a whole other learning process! Oh yeah - Don't forget to - Have fun! It's just a game after all!
  2. I'm having the exact same problem, and I'm running the open beta, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I also highly recommend MFG, http://mfg.simundza.com/ I live outside Chicago and had no problem contacting, ordering or recieving any shipments from them. (I also have their rudder pedals which are second to none!)
  4. I fly for a living and have over 40 years of real world flying experience in various aircraft. DCS is an incredible simulation that offers the most real world experience I have ever seen outside of the real multi-million dollar simulators we use in training at work. The stick forces that I have experienced with various FFB joysticks I have used do very little to add to the realism. In my opinion, extending the stick will do more to add to the realism than anything I've seen so far.
  5. Reading some of the "disappointed" and "complaint" threads here I have to admit brings a chuckle and a smile to my face as well as some fond and very exasperated memories of flight sim software of the past. How quickly we forget just how lucky we are today! Never before have we seen software released to the public in it's Alpha state that works so well with so few problems. It's too good really! And it's ED's fault!!! Anyone remember the frustration with the various Falcon releases through 3 and 4? I can't tell you how many times a Beta or Release version of that software completely crashed our computers and all but fried some of our hard drives. Of course those complaints led to the developers of Falcon, the Janes series and others to simply put their coming titles on continual "hold" status with us waiting week after week, month after month and year after year on the next "release" downloading for hours or days on an old modem and installing the software hoping upon hope that we would at least get to the start-up screen before the BSOD (Blue or Black Screen of Death) locked up our computers for hours. Your not really a seasoned flight simmer unless you've spent hours slogging through the DOS prompts trying to recover your machine after the latest new release of Falcon nuked your computer operating system. What the developers of ED have accomplished with DCS is simply astonishing! Software released in it's "Alpha" and "Beta" stage in a state that has for the most part caused people to forget what those labels even mean. And to top that off, we get almost weekly updates to both the software and product news! ED "WHAT" pray tell are you guys thinking? DCS has provided more fun, entertainment, consistency and reliability than most software has been able to accomplish in it's final "release" versions. Sometimes you need to revisit the past just to realize how great the present really is. ED with the DCS series has "Spoiled Us with Excellence" There is simply no other way to put it and from time to time we all need to not only remind ourselves of that, but also be extremely thankful for the quality they have achieved and that we've come to expect. Thanks guys!
  6. If you're not interested then take your comments elsewhere. This was simply posted as information for those who may not be aware.
  7. Milan has just made available extensions for the Warthog joystick you can check out the details at this address - http://mfg.simundza.com/blog/ I just got a set to try with my Wheel Stand Pro and this is a fantastic add-on!!! Really makes a difference in the handling - much more realistic. Check it out Ron
  8. Turning on "Easy Communications" in the options menu fixed it for me
  9. Sure - It says "We are working as hard as we can, no one wants this out more than we do so we can take a breather. As DCS world becomes larger with more modules it becomes more complex and with increased complexity comes more issues that we must deal with in our effort to give you a product that is not only up to our standards, but one we feel you deserve. Thank you for your patience." At least that's my translation of it.
  10. Guys the simple fact is that many things in aircraft in real life are just simpler in execution than what can be represented on a 2 dimensional screen. What ED and the DCS team have provided us in a personal computer simulation for the price is simply amazing but the truth of the matter is, even many of the multi-million dollar full motion simulators the airlines use aren't able to realisticly replicate every aspect of flight.
  11. I think it would be fairly easy to get a couple of metal straps that you could configure to fit both the holes you have drilled now and the MFG's mounting holes. One other possibility would be to contact the ThustmasterPro folks and get a new baseplate from them. Best of luck with you setup
  12. The MFG's have 4 holes already drilled for mounting. I only needed to use 2 holes to secure the MFG's to the base plate of the ThrustmasterPro Wheel Stand. The base plate was quickly drilled and the pedals mounted as you see here is a few minutes. They are very secure and are not going anywhere. I really love this setup.
  13. Mine arrived this morning - Super easy set-up and calibration and easily mounted onto my Thrustmaster Wheelstand Pro base. About all I can say that hasn't already been said before is WOW!!!!!!! These things are a game changer! I can't say enough about how great these pedals are and I've been using SimPads for several years - My SimPads have been great, but I can't believe what a difference there is between those and the MFG's. Absolutely incredible product, well worth the price and the wait. Thanks to Milan for such a great product.
  14. I have both the Thrustmaster Warthog and the G940. I also switch out the sticks depending on what I'm flying, however, I never use the Logitech throttle or rudder pedals - I continue to use the Warthog throttle and my old SimPad rudder pedals, (at least until my MFG's arrive)
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