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  1. The real problem is the un availability of graphic cards.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I will refer to the above posts and get back.
  3. Thanks for the guidance. Please guide a little more on the virtual audio. How to install. What is OBS?
  4. Hello everyone. I was doing some hit and trials with SRS communication. Is there anyway that we can make our own voice a little radio ish while recording with shadowplay. For example, I am in cockpit. I can listen to others with radio effects. But what about my own voice? shadow play is recording through my own mic and sounds really UN radio ish. Help required in this regard. Thanks
  5. First of thanks again for your help and guidance. As regards Mirage and SU33 etc not engaging the target, I did some experiments. If the AI detects that the Threat is greater than its capability, then it will not engage the targets. If I remove the Avengers then in that case it will engage the tanks. If there are avengers in the target group, it will bug out. The AIs simply do not want to commit suicide. Hence, it is NOT a Bug. Also, with enroute task, I have added the orbit command and the AI now engages the target. However, in my opinion with "search and engage", if there are enemy units present, the AI should not RTB and should search and engage without the "orbit" or "switch way points" command. Rest is ok as it is. Best Regards to all who have shared the knowledge and helped.
  6. Thankyou so much for your help in the matter. The JF17 and A10 are working now as per mission plan. However, Mirage and SU33 and some other Aircrafts type(with rockets and iron bombs) still not willing to attack the target. Is it due to the inferior weapons? Can you please check it with Mirage and SU33? I have removed the default "CAS" as you told and only assigned at the waypoint. As per my humble opinion, all aircrafts should follow the waypoint command regardless of the type of weapon given to them.
  7. Thankyou so much for the insight. I understand that the default CAS or CAP has to be removed otherwise the AI will never reach the waypoint and start prioritizing targets on its own. It seems to work but for a certain Aircrafts like JF17 and A10s. Aircrafts like mirages and SU33 are still not attacking the assigned group.
  8. Thanks for all this useful information. If you can kindly see the above mission files and let me know what I am wrong. Thanks.
  9. OK these are three mission. There are 3 AIs in each mission with the following waypoint commands: 1. Search engage in zone. 2. Engage group. 3. Search and engage group. You can check the behavior of all three Aircrafts. One has Mirages as AI, second JF17 as AIs and third A10s as AI. Sample MissionMirage.miz Sample MissionJF17.miz Sample MissionA10s.miz
  10. Roger I Will send you the mission file as soon as possible.
  11. That's Affirmative. I have tried different Aircrafts on CAS mission and given them proper loadout. There are enemy ground units approx. 20 NM away. I have given them way points and assigned "find and engage in zone" also tried "engage group". However, at the very start of the mission they turn towards the S300 which is approx. 100 nm away. Tried various aircrafts, various coalitions and perhaps every trick in the book but they behave the same.
  12. Basically this behavior is not correct. When set to CAS, they should follow the way points and engage the ground units as instructed. I have tried everything but they simply ignore the ground units nearby and move towards the SAM S300 system which is located 100 nm away. The SAM that far away is not even a threat. Yes, if set to SEAD, then it is ok to move towards the SAM where ever it is placed. There is a difference between CAS and SEAD which the AIs dont seem to understand. This is a major bug and should be fixed.
  13. Noted. Thanks for the insight. Will try and get back.
  14. I made a mission and and on a way point tasked the aircraft to search and engage enemy in nearby zone. No matter what Aircraft type, they do not follow waypoints and instructions. They start moving towards the S300 system located some 100 nm away which is not even a threat. When set to CAS, they should engage the ground units as instructed in waypoint and should not go for the SAM 100nm away. On SEAD task it is understandable if they ignore the command and go for SAM but on CAS they should not prioritize the S300 and ignore the nearby ground units. Hence AI Aircrafts not following waypoints and waypoint instructions. Its very frustrating.
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