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  1. So, few points: - The Vikhr circles are indeed offset and alternate left/right depending on which rack will launch. This is due to the fact that the vikhr is a beam riding and is looking BACKWARDS to the laser, not forwards like an LGB. That's why you see it twirl around so much when in flight. That it's looking backwards, it needs to intersect the beam for it to start tracking. Because the launch racks are parallel to the centerline of the airframe, launching the missile "into" the beam helps in it catching/guiding earlier. - The auto-turn-to-target it not an auto aim measure.. It'll get the helo pointed roughly in the right direction, but it's up to the pilot to fine tune to launch. That means that you'll have to re-aim after each shot, because the reticle will swap left/right each time. Hope this helps
  2. The throttles are basically like a suspension fork.. Inner and outer "tube" which slide into each other. You could glue some thin shims in the sliding interface.. But, fwiw: I just ingnore/take it for granted
  3. yea it's standing the challenge of time Still love it! Thanks for the typenumber - I'll keep a lookout on the great fleebay Cheers!
  4. Ah eBay yes off course. Haven't looked on there for a while... And indeed, that is the config I'm looking for. Do you have a search term I can look for? Typenumber perhaps? I'm looking to get several eventually, so you keep yours Thanks for the offer though! (OT: the AHCP-XL is still very much in use )
  5. Sexual chocolate... Q: Where did you source the locking toggle switches? I want to get some locking ones with a different config which are not available from the NKK ranges..
  6. You could implement three physical switches maybe and bind them all to the ejection command?
  7. It's been a while........

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    2. 159th_Viper


      I've got 'Days won' in my profile. Anybudea what that is about?

    3. MTFDarkEagle


      @setup: thanks dude 🙂 Long history with this pit and really like it...

      The seat chassis does need a rework, and I'm currently redesigning the hole thing, just because 😛

      This particular seat is a bit annoying, in the fact that the four mounting pounts underneath are all at different height levels... But, those are all problems which are workaroundable 🙂


      LOL Days won... Apparently, when I hove my mouse over it, it says: "The number of times 159th_Viper had the most number of content likes for a day"..

      So 37 times you were the most liked character on here hehe 😛

    4. 159th_Viper


      Lol I see hahahaha. What will the forum genie think of next?

  8. Thanks dude! Yea I'm quite happy with the new design so far. Started this redesign a few years ago when I was living in Singapore for work and had to find something to do in the evenings Mostly triggered by the fact that the current center section is not very sturdy, and if the rudder pedals need to be removed (for whatever reason) I'm screwed because then the entire section will have to be disassembled... So the new design for the center section will consist of three reasonably easily disassembleable sections. In terms of size and ergonomics, my current pit is already nearly perfect for me. It's aimed to be universal (i.e., tubeliners, combat aircraft, helo's, ...) and comfortable. The only thing not universal are the Warthog panels. The AHCP-XL is still serving me very well!! Still very grateful for that one dude! Love it. (and yes, the backlighting still works ) This new pit has (only) a few tweaks in terms of sizing. The most "important" one is the height of the footwell. The current cockpit it's a little too low, so I can rub my shins on the edge sometimes. Anyhooo... Back to designing
  9. Great! Thanks dude! Yea off course, If I do end up changing some of the switches, some space there is always nice for cables and stuff.
  10. Oh yeah, I also upgraded to a Virpil stick few weeks back
  11. Time to drag this out of the depths that is the Home Cockpits dungeon... Some updates! PC has received an update. GFX card has been swapped from a GTX970 to an RTX2070 little over a year ago. Also, a few weeks ago I upgraded the MB/CPU/RAM to a X570/i7-11700K/32gb set and am seeing a nice increase in performance. Now the more interesting part... A good while ago I was working on a new design for the cockpit itself. Then I had the idea to work with 44x44 wooden beams. But I've had the wonderful idea to introduce aluminium extrusion profiles to this design. This allows a higher part accuraccy and nice versatility.
  12. Having owned a TM WH since it was released and recently switched to a T-50CM2 (base+stick+extension) my thoughts are: If budget is somewhat smaller, the WH is a sound way to go. However, if you're okay with spending more for the Virpil, you should go for that one. The gimbal makes a LOT more sense (in a few aspects), and the build quality is great. For build quality they are both on par in my opinion. The TM has a few "usual suspects" which might occur over time. It has no dust cover for the internals and due to the gimbal design sticktion (can!) become an issue. Disregarding ergonomics (i.e. stick design); in terms of flight experience, the virpil wins hands down, due to the better gimbal mechanic. Regarding ergonomics: that's a personal thing I think. The WH stick and CM2 stick both feel good for me. My preference does go to using the CM2 stick, because of the increased functionality (more buttons, lever, flip-down trigger,...).
  13. Also, would you be willing to share the 3D file for the spacer you used underneath the throttle? STL and/or source file?
  14. HOLY HELL... Now THIS is something I'm taking on some day... So, for me the LED lighting doesn't need to be connected to anything. Am I correct in assuming... The PCB board which connects the Fuel Flow, Engine oper switches, you cut away completely, except the pin connector and connected the switches to the pin connector?
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