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  1. We already utilize Discord, and have been using it since the beginning of the MiG-25RBT project in 2017. However, it's an internal "eyes-only" team server that we have since plans were to make a new/separate public one once we had more to go off of but.. yeah. I do actually have a GitHub, you can find it here: https://github.com/goverfl0w. We also have an organization on GitHub but the repositories are kept private (don't want our alpha code being seen by people! :P) that can be found here: https://github.com/vapourlabs. My Discord is fl0w#0001.
  2. Hey guys, I think it's only out of respect now to be complete transparent about what's been going on with the project. My name is Sirius and I am the "Lead Director" which is some title I gave myself 2 years ago working on the project before realizing owner would be better fitting. I supervise all of the development aspects of the Vapour Labs team and what goes on with the MiG-25RBT. There have been a lot of reasons towards why we have been unable to be good at providing information; COVID giving us a belated welcoming gift of making many of us work full-time jobs as well as stressing our communication abilities internally. I want to be the person who makes the apology to the modding community and rest of the DCS community in masse because of this. We all have personal reasons that we can give to explain each and everyone's absence in the project. What's the status of the MiG-25RBT mod? Right now it's in a current state of limbo -- it's not dead but it's not really alive at all either, and that's because the whole team in vogue has been very busy with their own lives and other interests at this time. COVID-19 made us stub our toes on everything since, which subsequently led to having problems with being able to hold internal weekly meetings again, communicating on what's being progressed on and vice versa. Me, myself? Above with all of the other reasons, not even I myself have had the time to make any basic attempt of communicating to the other team members. My public relations person, Cosmic (who I personally trust and had trusted to the time) was the one who posted everything because I was afraid of ever revealing myself. Over time, I began to realize that my fear retroactively affected communication itself to the community. Since 3 years ago joining the modding community and prematurely leaving it, I continued to wear my heart up high on my sleeve, wanting to show that quietly working on something and actually doing it the "right" and proper way would show that I changed. But since, I believe that is all but a little silly except the "don't show something before you can say you have progress" mentality, which I still adopt to this day. How far is the MiG-25RBT in development? I can give a fairly confident answer on this that a lot of the basic systems, e.g. the landing gears, hydraulics, electrical, (+ buses and circuitry components) controls and cockpit have been already coded in their entirety. The development of the mod is broken down into these areas: - Systems Programming - Flight Model Programming - Documentation Translating - Modeling, Animation and Graphics - Testing The team in total used to be around 13 members in size, but because of COVID as mentioned and other interests, it eventually dropped down to 5. We had brought along an aerospace engineer, a very good 3D modeler who used to work for a 3rd party of DCS and native Russian speakers who could give us the most authentic results when we were trying to translate the documentation on flight performance, the engineers manual and a (stupidly censored) pilots manual. I went out of my own way to personally make flights out in Ohio to go see one of the last preserved models of the Foxbat in a museum. What's going to happen to this project? We've honestly heard a lot of feedback and requests for us to take the 3rd party route. I've never been against the idea of the Foxbat being potentially buyable, although I've really liked the idea of having something made by the community; for the community. The reason's for this are pretty simple: 1. I don't feel like I deserve to be a 3rd party developer with my history and skills. 2. We don't have the technical employment requirements to be registered as such by Eagle Dynamics. We have also considered before to do one of two things: 1. Continue the development of our mod independently as the team currently stands, and/or find more members to join our team. 2. Join forces with another modding team. I have not really made a decision on either, but I am sure that I will give more information as time goes on. I would like to thank everyone for the strong support and unwavering commotion to our progress on the development of this mod. It really means so much to everyone on the Vapour Labs team, not just me. I hope to post more soon. If you guys have any questions, concerns or suggestions/feedback, please don't hesitate. We value everyone's words equally here as all we want to do is make a good mod for you.
  3. Hey guys! Due to the recent ED forum engine change, the table has lost its original formatting. Because of this, I spent a small amount of my time to re-format it here. Happy painting! MAP SLOT NAME CHANNEL PURPOSE / FUNCTION DIFFUSE 0 BASE COLOR NORMAL 1 Normals/Depth and Depth Affects (ie Rain/Scratchs on Glass) SPECULAR 2 Surface Properties for Surface Flare Intensity, Width and Reflection (Replaced by RoughMet Map w/ DCS 2.5) DECAL 3 Decal Layer, a opacity layer for adding Decals w/ out changing the base color layer. DIRT 4 Layer used for Dirty Build Up on an Object DAMAGE 5 Layer Used for Procedural Damage Volumetric (Small Scuffs -> Bullet Holes -> Large Holes -> Removed Surfaces) PUDDLES 6 Used to Place Water/Puddles on Surfaces (Puddles on Runways etc) SNOW 7 Used to Place Snow on Surfaces (Snow on Buildings/Bunkers/Runways etc) SELF_ILLUMINATION 8 Used to Make a Texture Self Illuminated (Diffuse = Color, Alpha = Strength) AMBIENT_OCCLUSION 9 Used to Place Ambient Occlusions on Models (Replaced w/ RoughMet Map w/ DCS 2.5) DAMAGE 10 Used to Place Damage Diffuse Color (Appearance of Dirt/Burn Marks around Damage) <UNKNOWN> 11 <UNKNOWN> 12 ROUGHMET 13 Used for Surface Properties, (Ambient Occlusion, Microsurface, Reflectivity) OPACITY 14 Used for Surface Opacity (Mainly for Glass)
  4. Great work guys! Glad to see the recognition.
  5. Hello, everyone! As a quick reminder, users are still able to join our server at this time, receiving temporary direct access to our text channels for the Heatblur Livery Competition. The link is down below: https://discord.gg/kVWcKmN Sirius.
  6. I have a job! Does that count? :(
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody has to make!
  8. It's been a hot minute since I have ever touched stuff like this. There are 2 problems I believe are coming with this: 1. The Su-25T has no point helper for the 3D model for DCS to recognize the tail hook. 2. If you would like to try and make the tailhook work, you'd likely need to receive the support of FC3 avionics, such as the Su-33, or taking binaries of the F/A-18C. I am not sure if are possible anymore since ED locked them for piracy concerns. Hope that helped! Sirius.
  9. Hello, everyone. We have updated our discord server! A lot of changes have happened, with the contribution of now monthly screenshot competitions, a gallery of livery artwork, and much more. Come check us out! Sirius.
  10. fl0w

    PAK-FA Project

    Isn't this my old code from when I was working on the MiG-23UB?
  11. The current Growler mod isn't anything more than a re-skinned F/A-18C the last time I have seen posts about the development of it.
  12. I'd have to argue. I think the only 3rd party with enough VTOL experience to attempt it is RAZBAM, and it's also a rotary aircraft so it would have its own interesting characteristics.
  13. ED could make the best move right now as to not give any release date, which is exactly what they're doing with the Supercarrier because it eliminates any pressure and expectation from the user fanbase. However, users like being updated about the progress of the game, and more so appreciate an idea of when they get their hands on something, so it will always be a tricky pair to balance.
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