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  1. DCS is a great "game". Love it. It is a game, not a true to life simulation. It chooses to have 40 year old aircraft with no up to date technology. Top secret you say...I say BS. F-15EX is full glass cockpit - IRL 2021. You don't need top secret clearances, or classified manuals to make a jets engines go faster, faster, more power captain! Not need for antiquated aircraft unless that's the game you want. Ok, so for the F-18. It is a good ground pounder. It is a dog for air to air. A good air to air - shouldn't need to have to "conserve energy" when you ass is on the line. Push throttle forward and those puppies you head you straight up for the moon, no questions asked with lots of life saving thrust / airspeed to spare (remember - it is only a GAME). Since we know that DCS missles are deliberately hampered to go LESS distance than in real life, and they justify their actions, then we can make the F-18 engines deliberately go faster than in real life. Truth is, should have built the F-18E Super Hornet, not the old slow C model. But what is done is done. Have 1100+ hours in the C model and it is a good one - for ground work. Its the F-22 that should have been put in the DCS A LONG TIME AGO. If I had the skill to do a real to life looking F-22 I would do it myself. That is the premiere glass cockpit air to air superiority fighter. Where is the IRL looking F-22 with monstrous engine power and super tight air to air maneuvering. Remember, at the end of the day, it is just a "game" not an IRL simulation. My 2 cents. Yours may vary.
  2. As in real life: 1. I always fly with 2 engines, not one. 2. I have 1200 hours and change in this hornet, not about to start all over flying another incomplete model. Sorry.
  3. 1. My bad for the repeated same waypoints. Did not understand to use the map to move the red dot to selection point. Dot stayed in the same place, while I used my mouse pointer for waypoint selection. Of course, all waypoints would then be the same. Sorry. 2. But...it would be VERY usefull if you could import elevation somehow. I would help you if I could, but I'm not a programmer. Anyway, very much thanks for what you have accomplished for us in the DCS F-18 community!!!
  4. I have it installed and running. I can get the points on the map selected just fine. My problem is when I go to transfer it to the F-18, the data does not start entering on the waypoint I have selected, sometimes it repeats the first selected waypoint for all waypoint entries, and none of the waypoint entries show a change of elevation - all 0. I go to /menu/hsi/data/select the first waypoint with no data entered and then select the transfer button.
  5. So dim, MAP is completely useless in VR. Been that since day 1 that it came out.
  6. Excellent response. Just what I needed. Thank you.
  7. I need some help from someone knowledgeable regarding the DCS F-16C block 50 and the DCS FA-18C block ? Comparing the overall technological capabilities of both aircraft, which one's systems are considered more advanced. For example, the FA-18C has a moving map display, the F-16C does not. But that does not necessarily mean the F-16 is technologically older than the FA-18C. Can someone with a technical understanding of these planes help me understand the differences. I would like to move to a more technically advanced aircraft, with updated systems, less old school hard work in the cockpit ... so to speak. I have a lot of experience with the FA-18C and I also own the F16C, but I don't want to put all the hard work into learning to fly the F-16 if in the end it ends of being older that the FA-18. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thank you Thol... Played the video, stopped repeated in the jet. Still nothing... Problem solved: genius pilot had range set too high at 80nm. Changed the range down to 40nm or 20nm and there you go...problem solved. Thank for your help guys.
  9. I am not seeing any bomb guidelines at all. No circles. No pizza slices. I know it is something I am not doing, I just don't know what it could be that is preventing these from showing up on the HSI.
  10. I downloaded and am using the first mission of Operation Saber Thrust, a campaign configured for the super carrier. Having been out of DCS for a year, I am a little rusty, but then again, maybe not with all the changes. Basic GBU-31 gps guided bomb mission. Use in either TOO or TPP modes. Problem: I am missing the inner (min range) and outer (max range) rings of the target area of the gbu-31 on the HSI. What might I be doing wrong. I have watched many videos, they all seem straight forward, and all show the targeting rings on the HSI. For some reason I cannot. Any ideas. My brain hurts from trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  11. I followed "A Hamburgler's" advice to the letter. My fps went from 29 to 60.
  12. I am currently using the PIMAX 5k plus. Just upgraded to the latest PiTool software that gave me more options. I am comfortable with running the headset at 60Hz, but usually use 90Hz. With the new PiTool option of 120Hz, I find the experience very smooth. Using a few tweaks that pass integrity check in DCS from a fellow pilot, I found my FPS jump from 29fps to 60fps. For me this would be a perfectly acceptable VR experience, were it not for the visual clarity. I watched an exhaustive review of the PIMAX 8k X, almost 2 hours, and the reviewers conclusion was, now with native dual 4k, a person could substitute their 4k monitor for the headset and still be comfortable using the desktop. Although I do wish the price were lower, the PIMAX 8k X for me, is promising to be the most affordable solution for the very best available visual clarity, at this point in time. That seems to be the word from several reviewers. So in review, for me at least: VR has the refresh rate nailed down. VR seems to be affording more acceptable fps rates, 60 and above. VR seems to be moving into the visual clarity where I don't have to use my glasses, squint, or rub my eyes constantly. I am waiting for a true eyepiece, made of optometric quality material, like my current glasses, not an add on over the fernel lenses. Fernel lenses were a good starting point, but now its time to mature. This is my mileage, yours may vary.
  13. I agree with DCS decision to delay release until bugs can be addressed. That is common sense. DCS charged me about $19 US if I recall correctly for the Super Carrier pre-purchase. At that price, I'm not about to complain about anything.
  14. My 2 cents I came across DCS about 3 years ago. Started in the F-5E Tiger II, because that was our squadron's training aircraft. (Will not land well on a carrier LOL). Then I started learning the AV-8B Harrier, because of the advanced avionics it provided - although incomplete, I could still fly an accurate ILS approach at night. (Discovered I absolutely hate VTOL). Then I transitioned to the M-2000C Mirage, to learn to dog fight while strapped into a high performance platform. (Had to mod it to English.) Never really appreciated this one, although there are others who sing its praises. I had about 200 hours combined flight time in the above modules, when the FA-18C Hornet arrived. I put 1000+ flight hours on this aircraft the first year I owned it, and I logged every flight, every landing and every trap. Did not fly anything else. It does well what it does. (I had a RL carrier pilot friend come over to jump into the VR immersion.) My problem with the DCS FA-18C is the same as the RL FA-18C, under powered. Too much bleed off for dog fights. Get too low on the power curve and there is no coming back. Give me twice the engine thrust and I'd never leave this cockpit. At about 1100 hours in the Hornet, the F-14 came out. I only put a few flights on this one, as I prefer modern upgraded aircraft as opposed to retro. It does however, fly like a rocket, and I loved every minute at altitude in this bird. I bought the F-16 Viper right after it came out. In DCS as in RL, the F-16 has the climb rate and turn capability without excessive energy bleed off. It flies like a nimble bird with good visibility. I like the avionics, and will patiently wait for its maturing, as I did with the Hornet. For performance reasons, this I think it will be my go to bird from now on, although I will miss the carrier ops. My ultimate is the F-15 Eagle that Razbam is supposed to be working on. I am old enough now to have learned never to hold my breath. It comes out when and if it comes out. Otherwise I'm all in the F-16 cockpit. This is my mileage. Yours may vary.
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