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  1. I had added the 5 settings to my Black Shark profile and the latest driver reset them. I had to re enter them.
  2. I’ve been quiet here, being one of those who wanted to but could not see any differences. Took several approaches, new profiles and use of the existing profile, and nothing. Finally cleared everything and edited the DCS Black Shark profile as suggested by Supuma on page 4 and bingo. Just flew the route on the instant action AH 64D mission on Tinian, and was blown away by the 3d imagery. That has very special meaning for me as my dad was a Navy medic in WW II and finished on Tinian after action on the surrounding islands. He was there and watched when the Enola Gay took off. It was all secret but they could tell something unprecedented and terrifying was happening. I don’t want to get into the morality of it all on this forum, but it is special to me to be able to fly a helicopter around the island where my dad ended his 4 tough years of service.
  3. Actually I’m rather glad this is not real life, or I would have died long ago. A definitive answer from someone who knows, that is not based on classified info, would put this issue to rest one way or the other.
  4. I use smart plugs to turn my G2 headset and auxiliary computer cooling fans on and off. It’s easy with a smartphone and you don’t have to crawl around plugging and unplugging every time you fire up the computer.
  5. Do you need to first enable NIS in the Nvidia control panel to use the openvr 2.0 NIS setting? If so what setting are you using on the sharpening slider?
  6. We are running SOH ragged these days because he is so helpful, but I’ll throw in my two cents while you wait for his answer. I noticed a slight degradation in clarity with FSR as well, with the same settings. However I thought it was worth it given the improvement in performance. Unlike SOH, I also use Reshade using the settings SOH tried. I find it adds enough sharpening that I am happy with the combined result. I also run Kegety’s shaders.
  7. As another retiree who just benefits from all the work you guys do, wish I could buy you a beer! In any case, thanks so much. It is greatly appreciated.
  8. I was running basically the same set of mods as you and was also happy with the performance. I was experimenting to see what mods still run and had the same error with Simplex, which I had never used before. Turns out I had version 2.0 in my files. 2.1 works, as given in the link be SOH.
  9. I have been waiting for this since Janes AH64 D Longbow. I played the entire campaign with my two sons, one on each knee. One was 4 one was 6. Original Thrustmaster controls. They are in their early 30’s now and I won’t tell you how old I am. But I feel like a kid in a candy store, lol.
  10. I mainly use the mouse though I also have the right and left mouse buttons bound to keys on my throttle. I also put little squares of the fuzzy side of Velcro on important anchor points on my keyboard, like F1, F5 and F10.
  11. It works fine with G2, I use it all the time. Info here:
  12. Probably just a last fix before the stable release is updated. I think the F16 updates are next month.
  13. I upgraded from the Rift S to the G2 this summer for the exactly the same reason as your post. I thought VR was a game changer but was frustrated because I couldn’t easily read the gauges and dials. So I kept shifting from flatscreen and Track IR when I was learning something and went back to VR when I had it down. Frustrating. The G2 made all the difference, I am 100% VR now. All the above caveats apply though. I had to significantly upgrade my CPU and GPU and I had to fiddle with the WMR and Steam VR software plus add a few shader mods before I was happy. But you are lucky, @speedofheat has made a guide about how to optimize performance with the G2 and he keeps it up to date. That should save you a lot of time and frustration.
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