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  1. I have the MFG V3 pedals and love them, have them set for very low centering force and bought all the available cams/springs so I would have a lot of choices for setup. Smooth as silk, toe brakes are great. My main deciding factor was the small width of my Next Level Racing stand had available, these (with the width kit) fit perfectly, all others (beside my original CH) were too wide to fit.. I also have the damper kit installed.
  2. My scripts are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\scripts, to use the WarthogThrottleALLSwitchPos script you need WarthogThrottleALLSwitchPos.tmc and the targetdx128.tmh in this folder. IIRC i had to add a couple lines to get what I want but it ran as-is..
  3. I have the Lilliput 8" Touchscreens (two USB's each for touch) and I quickly saw they (the touch aspect) were unreliable so I added the TM bezels soon after installing them. I would just get the non-touch 8", TM Bezels, and a powered USB hub. My screens do not have a USB input so as @No1sonuk stated, be sure what model you get does if you go that way. This is running Helios with the "other" F16 sim, I run them in portrait mode and use the extra space for critical gauges..
  4. I have 3 32" Samsung G5's curved (7680x1440 @144hz GSync) and if I was to do it again I would buy 1 Samsung G9 49". With triples comes some distortion in the outer monitors and of course the bezels are there. To say the bezels bother me would be incorrect, they actually "disappear" while playing but when looking beyond the center monitor there is definitely some distortion... use the 28" for a Helios cockpit extraction or to put a manual up on.. and don't forget a TrackIR! Pic is BMS 4.35 but you get the idea..
  5. Noticed something when I created my "AH-64D - GR" profile. Made it from scratch and copied/pasted the MFDs from a profile already made, I have it working fine and both MFDs are showing with no errors in Helios. Went back to see, with all the DCS updates since I made it, if my F-16 profile still worked. Nope, all kinds of errors. Tried re-creating it from scratch with the "F-16 Simulator Viewports" in Helios. 1. New Profile 2. Added DCS monitor Setup Interface, saved. Profile. Status - "Monitor setup files need to be configured" Hit "Configure" button. 3. Here's where I got confused. In the "DCS Monitor Setup File Output" window it shows the setup is "Combined" with the Monitor Setup for the "H_AH64D-GR" Monitor Setup. This time I hit the "-" in the "Monitor Setup 'H_AH64D-GR' " line and now it (the AH64 Monitor line) appears under a new "Separate" category. Not sure if this was the correct procedure. 4. Once again, "Monitor setup files need to be configured" Hit "Configure" button. No errors. 5. Added "DCS F-16C_50" Interface, Saved again to remove the caution under "Profile Interface" window under Interface Status. All green checkmarks. 5. Tried running it, get 4 "UDP Interface created duplicate function ID. (Interface="DCS F-16C_50". " errors. Go back to profile editor and now DCS Monitor Setup says "viewport 'F_16C_LEFT_MFCD' requires patches to be installed". Repeats same error for Right MFCD. I see no way to "Install Patches", hitting the Gear icon takes me to Monitor Layout and there are no errors there... Am I missing something (obviously I am, but what)? Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  6. @hreich, in the Helios Profile Editor click Profile in the title bar menu, the select "+ Add Interface". A window should show as in the pic...
  7. Thanks man, stumbled on that thread and working on it now!
  8. I have the same issue, Bunnys Interface (DCS.AH-64D.hif.json) is installed in x:\Program Files\Helios Virtual Cockpit\Helios\Interfaces (with all the other DCS Interfaces). x:\Documents\Helios (as shown in the error messages ) does not contain an "Interfaces" folder. Creating one, dropping in "DCS.AH-64D.hif.json" does nothing. Looking at the error it seems to be looking for DCS.NAH-64D.hif.json, and renaming the Interface gives the same error. Also, I get 3 errors in Process Control as it is looking for Short/Alarm1/Alarm2.wav files in C:\SoundTest\SoundTest.exe, which does not exist. These I can ignore but I doubt I can ignore the Interface error. Any ideas? This is where I am -
  9. Fantastic finding this thread, just got the AH64 and was hoping someone had created a profile I could "steal" the MFDs and some critical gauges from for my 8" Lilliputs with TM Bezels! Have not used Helios in quite a while in DCS (did set up my F-16 MFDs a while back) but am very familiar with using it in the "other" F16 sim, will re-read through here and hopefully figure it out!
  10. Is their a Helios profile out there (not on Zeen's site that I see) for the Apache? Would really be nice to have....
  11. Don - You've got my finger hovering over the "Order Now" button again, but I still need some sort of mod to allow me to see behind me.. <sigh>... someday!
  12. Don - Been off the Varjo discord since my order got pushed back and I cancelled, how is it coming along, have they fixed some of the complaints?
  13. Have you tried different (direct to mobo) USB outlets?
  14. They do a nice job on ground targets (in IL-2) also!
  15. I'm hoping the "cool new fix" not only negates the need for the WMR tool but also adds a scaling function to headset movement, basically integrating VRNeckSafer into the app itself..
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