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  1. Hi guys, it's been years we discuss the "track ir stutterring" issue, here and on other forums. The main fact that we have to consider is the camera refresh rate: 120Hz for the TIR. So, if you want to pan around in your cockpit (aircraft, cars, space ships etc....) with the TIR: YOU HAVE TO CAP FPS @ 60 or @ 120. If your rig is unable to sustain constant 120 fps, you'll have to cap @ 60. In DCS, even after 4 years of tweaking, my only solution is to cap @60. In Elite dangerous, AMS2, IL2: @120 (my rig is able to never drop under 120fps) I precise that I have a 165G-SYNC monitor, I7 8700K, 32 GB RAM, 1080Ti. In conclusion: with TIR, it's impossible to remove "pan around stuttering" except @60 or 120Hz. Some people say that they don't have any stuttering but the truth is that they are unable to detect it. I am really sensitive to stuttering and other people like me should cap @60 or 120. NB: It's useless to remove g-syng or to activate/deactivate V-Sync. The only solution is the FPS capping tweak. And for capping, you can use either RTSS (I encountered some conflicts between RTSS and Launchers since last DSC updates and Il2 updates...) or you can use NVIDA Control Panel (there is an option to cap FPS that appeared 6 months ago or maybe One year). Hope it helps you guys. Sorry for my bad English Dam from France
  2. Pour info je viens de résoudre mon souci en désactivant Rivaturner (RTSS) qui me sert à bloquer DCS à 60fps. SI ça peut aider qqun
  3. salut papamike, tu peux me dire exactement ce que tu as fait stp? J'ai le même souci que toi...
  4. Hi, I would like to share my first video on DCS. I filmed all of the video during one mission with my French teamates. As I was the Mission Commander, I spent 95% of the mission on the F10 view, so the video doesnt't show the objectives of the mission (and what really happended) but it shows what is possible to do when you fly with friends in an immersive mission with SRS and realistic radio contacts. Sorry for my bad english. hope you will enjoy this 4 minutes of DCS flight Dam
  5. Hi, for the same reason as you (TIR5) and with my144Hz GSync screen, I have tried all the solutions above and, for me, the best one to cap DCS at 60fps is to use RTSS (rivaturner).
  6. Hi Uboats, for sure I will buy your JF-17 day one! You made a great work! In the next video, I would like to see the aircraft also from different external views (F2 and F3) with a little bit of zoom. I don't need a "teaser" but I assume I need some hype with looking at this aircraft just flying. Thank you and keep pushing.
  7. I performed a test flight one year ago with Borchi_2b "Sven", as I am a military heli pilot in armée de l'air. I flew the real Gazelle at the beginning of my career and now I am on the As555 Fennec with 3000h+. Sven is a very nice and comprehensive guy. I still wonder why the Polychop French guy (Patrick?) didn't speak to me even once. It could have been easier for me to explain my complaint about the FM. I left Polychop Discord after weeks because there was no more answer. I met some Gazelle pilote to try to help Polychop because we are really looking forward to take pleasure with the Gazelle but it is impossible with the current FM as it is so weird and the cyclic is not coded like a helo. Armée de l'air is very very very interested in DCS. It is a great software for us because it allows to perform COMAOs connected together from our respective air base. For the helos, we will use DCS for the formation of our future leaders, mission commander, for the CAS and CCA qualifications and so on .. So maaaany on. Unfortunately we can't use the Gazelle for that. So we will buy a lot of licence of the UH1 and the Mi8
  8. The "lack" of buttons is solved with "modification button" (the orange ones) that are behind the throttle. It's very useful and I don't use the keeboard except for the view buttons (F1 to F11). I don't recommend the X56 because of the neutral of the stick which is very weird. The T16000 is very precise thanks to the "Hall effect" So my advice is : T16000+Twcs+rudder (the best price quality ratio) or if you have more money: The Warthog or Virpil or VKB. In DCS, Rudder pedal is mandotory to fly choppers but not mandatory for airplanes
  9. Hello, I had the TM X like you and I have now the TM T16000 + Twcs: it's night and day in term of precision. So with the warthog it will be even better. FYI I am real military pilot and the T16000 is for me précise enough to feel like IRL.
  10. I have 154hours of real flight in the Gazelle and 3000h + in other helicopters. I am helicopter instructor since 15 years on French helicopters. The DCS Gazelle has big problems considering FM. First of all: A steady cyclic displacement on the right or the left side doesn't correspond to a roll angle of X degrees like it is IRL. In DCS the Gazelle never stop rolling until fly on the back... IRL if you displace the cyclic x cm on the right, you will have a x degrees roll angle (it's a little bit simplified but too hard to explain in English for me) Just compare the MI8 and the Gazelle in DCS. Fly both at 120km/h (or the speed you want) and displace your stick 3cm on the right or left and maintain it. Just look at the behavior of your helicopter ������. The MI8 is realistic, the Gazelle is.... I agree with comments on the VRS in DCS. If it was like that in real life I wouldn't be able to write a comment on Ed's forum: I would be dead. Sorry for my English. There are some other weird things on the FM of the DCS Gazelle. I explained all of them to Polychop guys. They are working on it.... Or they are working on the next chopper and maybe... Maybe one day they will work again on the Gazelle. I am angry because Polychop never made a statement on the problem of their FM. They know all the mistakes they've done thanks to real pilots feedbacks but they don't speak about it and still earn money based on a lie. Some guys tell that ALAT pilots were happy with the FM when testing the Gazelle on DCS. It's normal because when you test a Sim for the first time when you are also a real pilot, you miss the real sensation of flight that you are used to. And you pilot the Sim in response to the instant behavior of the module. I made the same mistake during the first 2 hours of flight with the Gazelle. I was like a child when I saw the cockpit for the first time, it was like 15 years ago when I learnt to fly in ALAT school at Dax. But passing the first 2 hours trying to apply curves on axes to have a realistic feeling, I never succeeded to reach a realistic FM. Then I searched for the mistakes and I have discovered some. After that I performed a test flight with Polychop guys and now we are waiting for the new FM. Perhaps one day. Fingers crossed.
  11. Wonderful job, thank you very much!!!!!! I think there is a little mistake page21. The landing pattern that you describe is the one when pilots are training for carrier landing on airfields.
  12. @Fragbum I don't want to rewrite all the things already done in other posts on the Gazelle.(and I remember that you and me have already spoken about it on other thread) I spent à lot of time working with Polychop, now I am waiting for the FM review "this year" If the new FM is realistic I would be the first to congrats the hard work done by Polychop. You wrote:" This doesn't seem to be correct, cyclic displacement is rate of roll not an amount of roll??" In real French helicopters I repeat: x cm displacement of the cyclic on a side correspond to a x degrees of roll angle and not correspond to a never ending roll at x degrees per second like it is in the DCS Gazelle. This is the first big issue in the Polychop FM. So hovering with the DCS Gazelle is absolutely not realistic. I don't know why but when you trim the cyclic of the DCS Gazelle with x cm of displacement on a side, the never ending roll stops and the behaviour is right. But IRL, trim or not is the same because Trim is only a sort of magnetic brake which block your cyclic in position (in fact it's more complicated and I am unable to explain it in English)
  13. Hello, in fact the FM has a LOT of problems... Polychop is supposed to work on that but they are now focused on their next helo and don't want to loose time with the Gazelle because they won't earn money anymore with it.... I have worked with Polychop trying to help them to fix the big FM issues. I performed a test flight with them and I exposed 4 big issues in the FM which are nonsense for a helo. Just try something: you fly the Gazelle at 100km/h and apply a 2cm right input on your stick and maintain it. The Gazelle is never stopping rolling on the right!!!!!!! THIS IS THE FIRst BIG ISSUE. They have coded the FM without considering that it's a helicopter!!!!! À steady x cm displacement of the cyclic is equal to a steady roll angle IRL for the Gazelle and the Fennec and the Puma etc.... (I only fly on French helo IRL) I am fed up with working with them now. I flew the Gazelle 150hours IRL when starting to learn to fly 15 years ago. Now I have 3000h of fight and still continue to fly every day IRL. I have asked some current Gazelle pilots to join me in order to help Polychop but Polychop seems to be deaf. When I read that ALAT Pilots told the FM was good I really want to meet them because we are a lot of French helo pilots (French air force and Alat) to find the Polychop Gazelle sooooooo bad with the FM and sooooo unrealistic. I you want to fly a helicopter which seems to be realistic, take a look at the MI8. We are having a lot of fun to fly it. Only the Vortex seems to be overrated. IRL With the MI8 in DCS, the Vortex is binary coded.... But apart from this weird behavior with Vortex, the MI8 is realistic enough. I would love to fly the Gazelle in DCS but it's impossible today for real pilot to have fun with it in a simulation. Perhaps in arcade mode it would be fun, but we are playing DCS for simulation experience
  14. the difference of fuel consumption is not huge but it really exists. I thought like you before performing a test (don't hesitate to zoom on your fuel flow indicator to read the precise value)
  15. Hello Vu733, TIR is working at 120Hz (camera) so in game, TIR is only smooth at 60fps or 120fps. If you want to play DCS with TIR, you have to cap DCS at 60 fps or 120fps. On my rig, TIR is smooth between 60 and 62fps. After many many hours of test, today I cap DCS at 62fps with Nvidia Inspector. In game sometimes fps drop between 61 and 62 (only because of fps capping which is not steady, in fact with no capping, my fps are always above 80fps). If I cap fps at 60fps, I have little stutter (jittery experience) when fps drop to 59 due to capping which is not steady (59fps during half a second every 2mn when panning view)
  16. Hi, this post questioned me. Like Diditopgun, I saw it in the kneeboard and thought that it was a bug. Super Grover you tell us that Y is more natural to air-air modes. Is it only for the Tomcat? I ask you that question because I use Tacan in air-air mode every week IRL during formation flight with helicopters (I am Pilot in French Air Force) and we use either X or Y mode with no difference and no restriction. Y mode is simply not used in DCS or was it the Tomcat that never used X mode? Apart from that question, let me use this post to directly say something to your HB team: CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tomcat is so "alive"! The Tomcat seems to be so real! I am sure 2019 March 13th became THE beginning of a new Era in aviation simulation. Cheers Dam
  17. Thank you very much for your great mod Mustang!
  18. I completely agree with GOA on all points. Don't loose your time GOA with people like that. All my friends with différents rigs have the same jittery experience between 60 a'd 120fps, we are all obliged to cap DCS at 60 or 120 for those who are able to sustain 120fps. We all have exactly the same problem in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 (both caped at 120 fps). And yes the jittery problem is only visible when panning. If you look in the same direction and fps are changing, there is no problem. Hope Natural Point will find a solution....
  19. First problem: the DCS Gazelle is never stopping rolling when you move your cyclic and maintain a steady position, for example 3cm left from neutral position). In the real Gazelle (and in most part of French helicopters) a displacement of the cyclic of x cm is corresponding to a steady x degrees roll angle of the helicopter. This first big issue explains why real helicopter pilots like my friends and I are unable to take pleasure with the DCS Gazelle. We only fly the Mi8, UH1 and KA that are both great with their FM except the Vortex which is so much overrated... There is also the weird rolling behavior when you move the collective lever in the DCS Gazelle.... And so on...
  20. We are some IRL Gazelle pilots or former Gazelle pilots in contact with Polychop. I made a test flight with Polychop in Fall 2018 because I had a lot of complaints against the FM (I am helo instructor in the French Air Force and I learnt to fly helos on the Gazelle 15 years ago). Since my test flight, I have asked some Gazelle pilots to join me in order to help Polychop to recode the FM of the DCS Gazelle. I am so much disappointed about that FM... Polychop guys are aware about the issues on the FM... ... and my little finger tells me that they are probably working again on the FM...
  21. Since the 2.5.4 I also have fps drop with the Mig 21... And not only in cockpit view, external views have the same problem. I didn't have that problem before the 2.5.4 update. I run DCS capped at 60fps (because of Track IR which is only smooth at 60 or 120 Hz but it's an other problem in another topic) and when flying the mig I have intermittent fps drops in all conditions (ground, in flight, Caucasus, PC etc...). My fps are doing this every 3seconds: 60fps then 57 then 60 then 53 then 60for 3sec then 53 etc.... When using all other modules I am steady capped at 60fps in all conditions. My rig: I78700K. Gtx 1080Ti. 32GB Ram. 144Hz Gsync monitor
  22. Hi! I wanted to try DSR in DCS with my 1080Ti but this option is not listed in my Nvidia control panel... It is only listed in global mode(for all the softwares but not in 3D parameters for DCS) Even with Nvidia Inspector I don't find DSR option. Is there a trick for that?
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