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  1. Did we get the new belts with this update? It looks like we got a more pronounced smoke trail on the tracers.
  2. The trains in MP are not showing up in the same location for all players.
  3. Maybe for you but it WILL not on my machine.
  4. You must be in a plane not in the menu.
  5. Some motherboards can not supply enough power through the USB port for the headset display. Using a powered USB HUB will correct this problem.
  6. Short answer: "NO" has been this way for years.
  7. Try deleting the contents of the “Tracks” folder. If not cleared out occasionally this file will become quite large and slow down your loading time. It saves every time you go into Multiplayer.
  8. A year, A YEAR…. This company should NEVER wonder why the WW2 community gets frustrated with them…. Yes the P-51 to them is ancient and may not bring in the big bucks like the Jets but come on a year for something that the heavy lifting has already been done…. Rant over
  9. Also even with the Battery turned off... This has been reported just like many other problems that just stay...
  10. DO NOT setup the Thrustmaster TPR pedals in Windows. You must download the drivers and TPR setup from Thrustmaster. If you did it through windows you MUST uninstall it there and re-install with the Thrustmaster software. Failure to do this will result in the function of the Brakes to not work as they should. Also NEVER do a calibration of the pedals in Windows.
  11. Working this is what I found: When entering MP server download completed Mission Load then world just halt until windows timed out with Game Not Responding message. If you waited after a very long pause something else was downloaded from the MP server. This never happened before this last update. I could not read what the download was after the mission load as it downloaded so fast. Whatever it is it appears to have been added with this last update.
  12. Plays fine in SP but hangs up trying to enter servers. No log file this started after todays update. Loads all the way up to entering server and sits there. clicking on game and windows responds with Game is not responding error.... Ran repair... NO JOY
  13. Callsign112 the bold text came from Here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/newsletters/f7b5d5b99a8eb17f6b3c809685aa982d/
  14. This plane has been out since 2012 and the only visual item worked on for improvement was the cockpit years ago. Yet in the new information about warbirds what is listed, “We are currently working on visual improvements to the external models and cockpits of the Thunderbolt, Anton and Mosquito.” This is just great meanwhile the P51 still to this day has NOT had the skins updated to your own new texture format. It is just great that the skin for “Big Beautiful Doll” looks like someone poured milk all over it. We also don’t want to talk about the missing LOD’s that have been missing forever do we. Go to your own site and search the reported bugs for this plane and then are listed by you as Reported and compare that with what has been fixed. We had to live with a popping engine sound for 3 months until it was fixed. So don’t wonder why I ask the question in the heading….
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