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    Making a return to the forums after 6 to 9 months of real world tasking, and................................................... BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP. Would still love to see this (or at least see an update from an ED dev/mod) added. PS. Great to hear the change to the A10's engine after getting DCS up to the most current OB version. Having a play with all the new toys for the Viper and seeing all the work that has been done over those past 6 to 9 months. Great job, looking forward to seeing what else is incoming. v/r Ziptie
  2. Press and hold on the OSB that is highlighted (where the MAV would be displayed after the "swap" would have been performed). Then select MAV as the display that you want in that place. Voila, you are good to go and can proceed through the training mission. That is the short and sweet version. I think you are also asked to display the TGP on the opposing page, which can be done by the same method (press and hold OSB, select appropriate sensor to display, etc). I spent a short time looking for the other thread, gave up - figured it would be the least I could do, to give a basic rundown in case you might have been unaware that you can actually "customize" each MFD to display what you want it to. Cheers, Ziptie
  3. You can progress progress, you simply need to put the MAV display on correct MFD. No, it isn’t “fluid” now with the correct HOTAS implementations being reflected in DCS - but you absolutely can progress and complete. I posted the steps to do this, in another thread bringing this issue up. Yes, it would be great if they update the training mission, but they’ve got plenty of their plate at the moment and undoubtedly this is a low priority item for their team. Cheers, Ziptie
  4. Yup, mouse wheel scroll works on rotary knobs for me in the Hornet as well. Cheers, Ziptie
  5. As another stated, this is no longer a realistic function. Coolie switch aft/down is how you SOI HMCS. Cheers, Ziptie
  6. Also a big THANK YOU! I had the same issue (although my "border" was blue). Your modification of line in the .lua file worked for me. Guessing they will fix this in the future. Clouds are still very jittery for me, but baby steps I suppose. I'm sure they'll all be fixed when I get back in a few months. Cheers, Ziptie
  7. They are in his signature... Cheers, Ziptie
  8. Maybe this could be of use to one or both of you. Not my image, all credit goes to the creator. Cheers, Ziptie
  9. Oh, well if you sorted it out then I won't bother running the mission again. I just briefly scanned the link you attached - and for sure, if range is too far out when trying to created a SPI via HUD, it is invalid. When slewing the TDC with HUD SOI, you can tell if the computer is able to compute a slant range, as it will have an 'x' inside mark or not. If there is an 'x' in the middle, it is an invalid computation. Cheers, Ziptie
  10. Ah. Think I created a mark point via the HMCS at that point - but don't recall. Last time I tried the mission, was when I created the message in this thread giving the step(s) to get past where people were getting stuck initially. The next time I am able to fly, I'll give this mission a quick go again and see if I can provide any additional help/guidance for the issue you are disclosing. Cheers, Ziptie
  11. Eh? I'm not tracking with that..... Are you talking about creating a mark point? Glad you were able to get past the "hang up point" until they sort out their training mission change(s). Cheers, Ziptie
  12. The FLIR isn't displayed on the HUD. It is displayed on a DDI (MFD). I believe this is where you are getting mixed answers from some. When FLIR has TDC priority, the radar antenna elevation is used to zoom in and zoom out. Whatever key bind that you have set for radar antenna elevation control, is what will change the zoom on the FLIR display. Also, RAID/FLIRFOV will change the FLIR from narrow to wide field of view, when TDC priority is assigned to FLIR. Cheers, Ziptie
  13. EDIT: Thought this a comparison of the XSAF server - to another. Disregard, looks like it could be a fun SP campaign. Cheers, Ziptie
  14. Definitely the wrong forum for this "request" - but if you are already utilizing the unlimited weapons "feature (cheat)" - the least you can do is reenter the codes. It doesn't really take that long, and is something you should practice anyways - for once you step up to not using unlimited weapons, as you are required to do it upon rearming anyways..... Cheers, Ziptie
  15. v3 AI has been introduced - and oh boy, sets the bar even higher. Well done Pravus, well done. Big thanks to all our community members, for assisting with the testing to flesh out any of the hiccups along the way. Team work, couldn't ask for more. Cheers, Ziptie
  16. We use Syria map (will be having a Caucasus variant again, once 2.7 drops). Give our mission a look. Be advised - this server is unlike any other out there, and it is imperative that you understand the premise of the mission (limited resources) - which is all covered in the rules, mission overview and mission features channels of our Discord server. Don't let it be an intimidation, if it is (for some it can be) - just keep it in mind. Cheers, Ziptie
  17. Have you tried employing on an attack run of this type - with your HUD SOI, slew the TDC over your target visually, TMS forward long (SPI should read IFFCC). It's more "old school" than TGP SPI - but allows for quick attack runs, especially of this type (at least it does for me). It's not as precise as TGP SPI, but close enough for an attack profile of this type. Anyways, figured I'd throw that out there - might be a new tactic for you to try/practice. (Of course, you can also use the HMCS to quickly slew the TGP to your ground target and adjust it). Cheers, Ziptie
  18. You cannot get "stuck" - if you follow my advice above. The training mission isn't "as intended" with the changes to HOTAS commands, but you can still complete it, just see: Literally a handful of posts from above...... Cheers, Ziptie
  19. Indeed, I just prefer to keep my "HOTAS." The OP might prefer that method though, who knows. Cheers, Ziptie
  20. Maybe this is what you were/are looking for - or is close enough to get you pointed in the correct direction...? Neither of these are my documents, and I do not own them. All credit goes to the creators of these, not me. Cheers, Ziptie Hornet HOTAS Guide.pdf
  21. As Razor stated - HMD LACQ mode is activated, when in A/A master mode and RDR ATTK display is SOI. If you are unaware of what LACQ is: LACQ is a 40nm range, and shares the same characteristic of HACQ (where the radar azimuth sweep follows the HMD - where you look, that is where the radar is looking). This is a very "generic" description - but should get the point across. Cheers, Ziptie
  22. This is actually not correct, but close. If your wings are "unlocked" - NWS HI gain will not require you to hold NWS button. You can simply unlock them and don't have to fold them. If your wings are "locked" - you do have to hold NWS button to maintain NWS HI gain. Cheers, Ziptie
  23. Occlusion point (where the HMCS will "blank" or disappear when encroaching with the HUD). Comp BS is not modeled in DCS (that I can tell, at least not yet). Message page is unable to SOI, that is normal. To interact with the MSG page, you need to use the UFC or CDU keys (to type letters for message and receiver) - and use OSB(s) to interact with fields/functions of the MSG page. Not currently modeled in DCS (at least not yet) - but I do believe there is a thread somewhere here on the forum that is has been "reported/acknowledged" as a lacking feature at this time. Do not believe there was an estimation on when/if it will be implemented for DCS. Cheers, Ziptie
  24. If you wanted to change from a CCIP release of a CBU-97 or GBU-12, to a CCRP release of either of those weapons: i.e a surface to air threat has arrived or been noticed and need to minimize the risk of weapon employment by staying at higher altitude (just one example). The lack of a data cartridge in DCS, currently. It's been rumored/discussed/teased for quite some time now, but no update(s). Could be in two weeks, who knows....... In regards to how many live weapons have been fired, in real life, compared to DCS. I'd be willing to bet that the number of real life weapon employments is dwarfed by the weapon employments performed across all the pilots of DCS. There are many more pilots who fly the A10C/CII on DCS, compared to real life - and many DCS players take very unrealistic weapon loadouts (i.e 6 Mavs and multiple TERs of 500 lb'ers). Aside from UPT, you then go to weapons school, IRL - threat scenarios, weapon employment training, simulator use - are all performed and completed, exhaustively - so "they do not get endless hours of experimentation as we do" is not accurate. They have more than DCS players do - while being much more thorough, varying situations, and with a much narrower window of success "acceptance" than DCS players do. Cheers, Ziptie
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