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  1. I would like to add a request that has just come up recently. Can we have Jester NOT switch us out of LANTIRN to the AXX-1 when hostile air is nearby? It didn't used to happen before, but I've noticed lately that it does. Just yesterday I was in hot with only 5 seconds left to drop the bomb and a bandit who was not close enough to be an immediate threat came around and Jester immediately switched the LANTIRN to the AXX-1 and trashed my drop. I dropped anyway and luckily the bomb still shacked the target, but it could have been worse and it has been. Sometimes, as the pilot, you are willing to take that extra second or two to make the drop and ignore the bandit until you've finished your run, but this Jester behavior doesn't allow for that. Thanks, v6, boNes
  2. OK here is another one. I had Jester select Paveways, even told him to select the stations for it as a safeguard, then he talked me onto the target. When he said to pickle, I did...but nothing happened. Everything checked out---master arm on, weapon selector switch on off, A/G selected, ORD in HUD, etc. I noticed in the ACM panel, the indicators for what weapon station was selected were all blank--no checkermarks. I jumped into Jester's seat...and he had all the correct stations selected. He also had the proper GBU showing in the drum, and it matched that shown in the bottom center of the LANTIRN display. I also hadn't taken an battle damage or hard manuvering. So, what gives? v6, boNes
  3. Well, when I launch, I immediately try to get 1000 ft below the target ASAP to minimize that so not a problem. Perhaps but it seems like 30000+ is the agreed best altitude for best loft so I guess again I just have to get the feel of things with all factors considered. v6, boNes
  4. Well, I was being factious actually... I see your point there! I was being facetious but I see what you're saying. All I was getting at was that if a missile is supposed to be a long rang missile, shouldn't it be? 22 nm is not really long range. I'd say the missile is more "long range compatible/ready." But semantics aside... Understood. So, when a target is how low do you get how close? That's what I'm trying to get the feel for, and ultimately, how to decide how to set myself up to emply in the best way possible. v6, boNes
  5. I did a few tests in the Devil's Edge mission. 30000 ft shooting at targets at below 10000 at 30 nm. 50% kill ratio, but I finished them off with Sparrow and Sidewinder. Will do more checking. v6, boNes Thanks. I actually have both books, will look it up. I also eas listening to the F-14 Tomcast about it and there were some points of interest there too. Thing is, if I'm waiting until 22nm to fire...well, for one, what was the point of having a Phoenix then (now wonder they were pushing the AMRAAM so much, haha!) and also, now I am nealy in the bandit's kill zone for his missiles. Seems like getting in close like that defeats the purpose of having a long range missile. v6, boNes
  6. Really great discussion, and a great question about the missile beaming itself. I'll play around with this and see what happens and post back. v6, boNes
  7. Thanks. OK, but then at what range/alt should I fire? If I'm at say 30 nm at 30,000 ft and he's at 5000 ft, that's a huge volume of air to have to fly through with the air densities throughout than say if you were at 20 nm at 30,000 ft (or maybe better at 20 nm at 20000 ft). I saw that even HB remarked in a situation like this that that is 25000 feet down through air that gets denser and denser that the missile has to fly through and doesn't help its PK. Also, would the Phoenix know that it doesn't have to loft as high if it was fired say with the bandit at 5000 ft and you at 10000 ft with only 20 nm between you? It seems as if if it goes all the way up to 30000 then back down, it's wasting alot fo energy going all the way up then losing it all the way down than if it only lofted up a little bit then came down again. Of course that would mean it's doing it in more dense air in the latter case than the former. v6, boNes
  8. So usually you want to fly high (30,000+) to employ Phoenix. But what if the target is down low such as 5000 AGL or below? That's 25000 ft of altitude and thicker air for the Phoenix to fly through to hit. So what is the best way to employ Phoenix? I was thinking get in close, so at least the horizontal distance is not so bad...but then how close is close? 20 nm? Thoughts? v6, boNes
  9. 800 ft level in the initial into the break. Remain level until established in the downwind then when established on downwind, descend to 600 ft. v6, boNes
  10. He does, but for air to air. Even if I cycle the HUD mode switch for air to ground, he still in the back has changed the camera to TCS--not that I expected changing mu HUD mode will do anything, but who knows? On the plus side I was 4 for 4 for non-assigned targets with the LANTIRN and Jester at my last test...so thanks again! v6, boNes
  11. You know, you're right. I think I've just forgotten that I DID used to do that nuance. I tried hitting A as you described and whilst doing it, it did kind of seem familiar to me. IN any case it worked, and so thanks for reminding me! Now the only thing now is I've noticed that if I'm on a bomb run and there are enemy air nearby, Jester switches over to the TCS. I can't get him to switch back even if I jump in back and switch it myself, he'll switch it back. This is a problem because I could be say 5 seconds from drop then he'll switch it, even if my wingmen are on the bandit, or if the bandit is far enough away that I could get a bomb dropped before he actually can get a shot on me. Kind of annoying. Anyway, thanks again! v6, boNes
  12. Thanks. I've never had to do that before for it to work, but maybe that's one of the things that changed. I'll give it a try and report back. v6, boNes
  13. I'm actually using VAICOM Pro. But I'm using the same technique that I have ever since Jester and LANTIRN started working with eyeballs etc. Up until recently, the technique worked. I would be able to have Jester designate and drop on anything I wanted and if he couldn't (say like on a control tower), I'd be able to go in the RIO seat and do it for him, then jump back into the pilot seat and he'd leave it designated. Now with the new updates, as soon as I get back in the pilot seat, he drops the designation and goes looking elsewhere. Or he goes back to the first target designated that has already been destroyed. Or he does weird things like the TTI countdown and lasing even though the bomb didn't drop--all things he didn't used to do. So I can't tell officially if it's the updates, if it's VAICOM Pro not keeping up with the updates,myself, or something else. I'm still testing out what works and what doesn't but wanted to ask around here too to get more answers and explanation if any. v6, boNes
  14. I tell him to designate every time. In the worse of scenarios, I do eyeballs>designate>head control>designate But I notice then that the symbology and TTG doesn't appear. If I say track designation, he goes back to the already killed target I designated. v6, boNes Honestly, all I've been saying is for him to select stations 3,4,5,6 even if I'm carrying 2 Phoenixes and he drops without a problem. I think also that if I just tell him to select Paveways, he will turn the drum to the proper GBU but also select the proper stations. In the front seat I have seen the non-Phoenix stations go checker, and hopping in the back to micro manage him haha I see the right station switched are also flipped. v6, boNes
  15. Well, I dunno what else to say. All I know is that all the times BEFORE the patch when I failed to drop the bomb because of say master arm was off or I hit the wrong button or whatever, the TTI timer kept going and Jester didn't say squat and didn't lase. I've been dropping bombs with Jester for well over a year before the improvements even and he's never continued a countdown or lased when the bomb did not drop. Personally I think there was some glitch in the server or maybe I was below the staple (although I don't know that being below the staple would inhibit your drop) because it hasn't happened much since. But it was an occurance before. Now what I'm experiencing, even in SP, is that I will tell him to designate a target and he does, and after we kill it, if I designate another target via eyeball and head control, then tell him to track designation, he always go back to the 1st killed target. If I tell him reset LANTIRN and try again, he still goes to the first killed target. I have to jump in the back and designate the new target myself then jump back in front before he will track the new target. Now I will say that I am using VAICOM Pro with AIRIO and that may have something to do with it, but that's what I'm trying to figure out. Plus VAISOM doesn't explain him counting down without a dropped bomb when he didn't all those times before. v6, boNes
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